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Ramon, Le, and Efrain
I have an old '81 280 ZX that needed to be repaired. It's my favorite car of all time. It's old, but I hate to see it die a horrible death. I brought it to Mountain View to get fixed. I'd bought a set of tires there a few years ago and remembered what good service I got.

Ramon Villasenor greeted me with a pleasant smile. He was all about helping me. It sure was a welcome change from the "Ah, what do you want?!" scowls I get from some mechanics. He got me an estimate. I thought it was fair. I came back a few days later and he had his mechanic Le Hung work on it. Well, it turned out to be more work than was expected. It took a while troubleshooting to find out exactly what was wrong and what to do about it. Le had his hands full, I know. But he kept on snooping around for what was wrong.

In short, he FIXED it. This obviously makes me very happy because I can't afford to buy another car so I try to keep this one in good repair. It runs better than ever now. AND, he did this all on his mechanic expertise alone, because you can't hook this car up to any computerized diagnostics to find the trouble.

Efrain Lopez, the store manager, is also a happy sort of fellow. He made my visit a pleasure.

The three of them - Ramon, Le, and Efrain - were all very helpful. And pleasant about it. They were just concerned that I got the service I came in for. With the trouble my car was having it would have been too easy to blow me off. But not these three. They made it go right, fixed my car, and had a smile on their face when they did it.

They are a huge asset. And I commend them. I'd go back for service anytime. And I'll be recommending them to my friends!

All too often a customer is quick to complain about something. Not often enough do they commend a job well done. That's why I took the time to write this. That, and the fact they were very helpful.

Mike Manoogian
North Hollywood, CA

Tire purchase
TO OWNER AND MANAGEMENT: Excellent service today from young lady (didn't get name). I went in a few days ago to get price on new Silent Armor tires and even though she couldn't match the price I had gotten off the Internet, she went out of her way to see what she could do to purchase from Mountain View. Only thing she didn't know is I've purchased about 12 sets of tires from her store for personal and work vehicles. Excellent service. Mountain View needs to get more employees like her or consider her for upper management training in the future.

Great Service from Yuliana at Mountain View Tire North Hollywood!
I've been bringing my wife's 2003 Volvo V70 wagon to Mountain View Tire North Hollywood for all its tire and suspension needs for the past 4 years. I've always received prompt, courteous and professional service. This past Sunday, November 11th, I received the best service ever from Yuliana. I am in the Coast Guard, and it being Veterans Day, aside from the usual great service, I respectfully requested a small "Military Discount" from Mountain View in North Hollywood, if available. Yuliana never made me feel as if I was asking for special attention or treatment. She simply thanked me for my service to country, and reduced the total price of my complete tire purchase by a symbolic "thank you" amount. I don't know if this review will get her into trouble for doing so, but let me be the first to say that Mountain View Tire North Hollywood's appreciation of my Coast Guard service on Veterans Day will mean that I will continue to exclusively return for all my tire and suspension needs for as long as I am stationed on the West Coast. Thank you Mountain View Tire, and thank you especially to Yuliana, a GREAT employee! As we say in the Coast Guard, "Semper Paratus!" ~ Mike D (USCG)

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