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Timothy J. Webberby

Front Tire in a Ditch
Mountain View gave me a great deal on tires and it was smooth for 5,000 miles. Then I turned into a 2.5 foot ditch and after that my steering wheel had a bad case of the jitters. I made it to Mountain View Tire in Camarillo about 3:00 PM on a Saturday and told my sad story to Christopher at the front desk, and he checked with Joseph. It was late and they were short-staffed; however, they dropped me off at my home. They changed my oil, rotated my tires, fixed my alignment, changed my air fiter, replaced my wiper blade, picked me up at home before 5:30 PM, and were so friendly they made my day and weekend. Wow! Sincerely, Tim Webber

Happy Customer
I recently stopped by the store where I was addressed by a very delightful store manager who not only helped me with my tires, but did not make me feel like he was taking advantage of a woman in distress. The store was inviting and the service was great and I was in and out of there in no time! I'm glad to see there are still decent salespeople in the world.

Very Disappointed
My wife and I have been Goodyear Tire customers for over 30 years (Los Angeles & Camarillo) and in that time we taken no less than 10 different vehicles in for service. For the most part we felt we were treated well and generally pleased with the service we received. However, in the past few years, we have become less and less pleased with the service and treatment at the Camarillo store. There seems to be quite a bit of turnover in the staff, in addition to a feeling we've been taken advantage of price wise because of our loyalty. In the last year we chose to have more work done at the dealership, mainly due to price, than in any previous year.

Our decision to submit this review, stems from our most recent visit. On Nov 13, we brought the car in because a new radiator core recently installed by the Camarillo store began leaking. The store quickly accepted responsibility and offer to replace it at no charge. It was at this point our frustration came to a head over a missing left hand screw from one of the cooling fan units. The car set in the shop 4 days, while multiple attempts by us and the store to procure a screw were explored. Finally, after almost a week without the use of the vehicle, a new fan unit was purchased and installed into the car.

We realize that "stuff" happens, but in this case, both the wife and I felt that our "non-revenue generating" repair took a backseat to paying business. Right or wrong, this after years of loyalty just might be the end of our doing business with Goodyear.
Owner's reply

Our District Manager David Miller called our customer on 11/26/12 and spoke with his wife. David apologized for any inconvenience and explained what happened: After another shop worked on the car and installed a wrong part, we attempted to install the right part. We called the dealer, several parts stores and machine shops, but it became clear that the minor part was unavailable. So, we were forced to replace the entire larger part. We only charged the customer for the cost of part, not our labor, but the client was not satisfied. Eventually, we arrived at a settlement that left the customer happy, and she said that she would be returning to our Camarillo store in the future. – Chris Mitsos, Vice President / Mountain View Tire

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