MVT Ernesto Castaneda
“The best part of working for Mountain View Tire and Auto Service is the peace of mind; knowing that I’m with a reliable and caring company.”

Those are the words of Granada Hills automotive technician Ernesto Castaneda, but that sentiment is shared by so many of our other team members. Maybe that’s why so many of our employees have been with us for 20 years or more.

On August 18th, 2017, Ernesto will join that two-decade club.

Two keys to his success: keep a great attitude and keep learning.

“I stay up-to-date with new automotive technology by reading online,” said Ernesto. He’s also grown and improved in other ways over the years. “I’ve learned to be patient and respect everybody I work with so everyone can have a good day.”

That’s a pretty simple idea, really, yet it’s so important to the success of our team environment.

“I like to see customers leave happy,” Ernesto said, “especially when they come in worried that a repair is going to be expensive and we’re able to fix it for less than they expect.”

As a long-time automotive technician, Ernesto has taken care of countless vehicles, so he has a few recommendations. “Keep the correct pressure in all your tires,” he said. “Check all fluids before a long trip, and check your headlights and brake lights so you can be seen on the road.”

Thank you, Ernesto, for all that you’ve done for the Mountain View family and so many of our customers. Happy 20th.

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MVT Sam Kim 20 Year Anniversary

“Wow! I can't believe it's been 20 years since I walked into our Rancho store and started as a technician.”

But it’s true. Sam Kim has been a part of the Mountain View family for two decades. And he can confirm that time flies when you enjoy what you’re doing.

Sam has been the manager of our Rowland Heights store for many years.

“The best part of my job is the interaction with our customers,” he says. “It’s the satisfaction of being able to help them and earn their trust and positive referrals.

“I want our customers to know that we’re a company that cares for their well-being; that we go above and beyond their expectations to accommodate their needs.”

A key aspect of that care is staying current with technology. “Our management team provides us with constant updates on automotive repair,” Kim says.

And it pays off. “Being here for so many years, I’ve seen more than my share of loyal customers. I'm extremely grateful when they come in and tell us that we’re the only automotive shop they trust.”

Sure, modern vehicles provide constant updates on their various systems, but Kim likes to remind drivers that “many problems can be solved by routine maintenance: checking tire pressure, wheel alignments, tire rotation. Many people rely too much on their vehicle to tell them that something is wrong,” he says. “But being proactive can help prevent costly repairs down the line.”

An avid golfer, Kim says, “I love the game because there are always things to improve on.” Working at Mountain View Tire and Auto Service is kinda’ the same. “Our focus on customer service is second to none,” says Kim. “We try to be empathetic to our customers’ needs.”

That’s a skill we work to master every day.

Eddie Reyes, Jr., manager of our Duarte store, shares a story about Michael, a seven-year-old boy who looked to him for a special form of "permission" and guidance. Take a look at the video above.  

Cris Lepe Long Beach
As of May 19th, 2017, Cris Lepe has been a member of the Mountain View Tire and Auto Service family for 20 years!

The manager of our Long Beach store, Cris works to leave customers with a very specific impression: “We want people to know that we will be there for them whenever they need us. It's about the WOW experience, and making sure our customers know that they’re talking with a friend who’s going to help them.”

We asked Cris if he has a favorite customer service story that comes to mind. “There's a new story every day,” he said. “Honestly, there is. I believe we go out of our way to help our customers every day, and I know they appreciate it.”

And the best part of his job? “The people,” Cris said. “The crews that I've worked with throughout my career here; the guys in Culver City, Lakewood, Long Beach, all of them. Also, the people at corporate. Everyone works together as one big family. I love it!”

Those people are the same reasons Cris doesn't hesitate to recommend Mountain View to his friends and family when they need tires or auto service. “We're honest, and we don't steer customers wrong.”

When he's not serving our customers, Cris likes to hit the road himself. “I've traveled to races in Mexico and Italy. So I've been able to combine both of my hobbies into one.”

Thank you, Cris, for all that you do for Mountain View Tire and Auto Service and our customers. Happy 20th anniversary!

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Higher Level of Car Care
You may have heard us talk about that “higher level of care” in our radio commercials.

And it's not just talk.

Yes, it's one thing for us to say we deliver better service every day, but it's another thing entirely when our customers say it - again and again and again!

Check our Testimonials page.

Check our Yelp page.

You'll see they're both full of unsolicited glowing comments from our customers; people who have taken time out of their busy days to write often detailed emails and online reviews about their great experience with Mountain View Tire and Auto Service.

That's important to know when you're looking for an honest, dependable automotive service provider.

Delivering a higher level of customer care every day is one of our founding principles! And we must be doing it well, because 2017 is our 30th year in business.

Make an online appointment with us here, or find the nearest Mountain View location here.

We're ready to show you car care with a higher level of care.

Dam 250We wouldn't be celebrating our 30th year in business in 2017 if it weren't for our great employees.

So we're happy to announce that, as of April 11th, three more Mountain View team members have joined our 20-year club!

Dam Huynh (left) and Emilio Galeazzi (below right) serve as auto technicians in our Glendale store, and Rod Sowell (below left) works as an auto tech at our Culver City location.

Rod especially enjoys engine, brake and suspension work, as well as electrical repair and computer diagnostics. Staying current with all those systems “keeps you knowledgeable,” he said.

“I take pride in every vehicle I service,” Rod said. “It’s important to listen to customers and ensure that all of their questions have been answered. When I recommend MVT, I know that the customer will receive the service they’re expecting.”

Emilio Galeazzi“Emilio is a front end specialist,” said Dam. “He's also friendly, charismatic and always lending a helping hand.” Emilio loves any type of suspension work, too. He says he gets great satisfaction out of “making ride quality better” for his customers.

“Dam is a brake specialist,” said Emilio. Plus, “he's a great listener and always looking for a way to make people smile.” Dam finds great joy in his work as well. “I feel happy knowing that I helped a customer get back on the road safely,” he said.

And all three men understand the importance of serving customers in need.

“A few weeks ago,” Emilio remembered, “a stranded customer needed a jump start about three miles from here. We don't usually do roadside assistance, but we still found him and helped him.”

There’s the story of how Dam assisted a customer with a flat tire after hours - a situation that has happened many times for the Mountain View crew. “It was past closing time, but the customer was stranded two hours away from home.”

Rod Sowell“A customer came in and was expecting the problem to be much worse with her vehicle,” said Rod, “but she only needed a minor brake job. She was so excited that we were honest with her. That brightened my day, knowing that I had relieved her stress and represented MVT well. She came back later and told me that she recommended two of her co-workers to us.”

Thank you, Emilio, Rod and Dam, for twenty years of serving the drivers of Southern California as members of the Mountain View Tire and Auto Service family.

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Highway Hero David Webb 2017
Goodyear's annual Highway Hero Award celebrates an idea we pursue every day: serving others in need.

While traveling in his car with his wife last summer, truck driver David Webb of Billings, Montana noticed a dump truck swerving in another lane. As the drifting truck slowed, Webb stopped his own car, ran after the truck, jumped onto its running board, opened the door, and applied the brakes.

With the help of another motorist, Webb pulled the unconscious dump truck driver from the cab and administered CPR, while Webb's wife Carol called 911. The truck driver survived and no one was hurt during the incident.

“David took immediate action to save a fellow truck driver and stop an out-of-control truck that could have injured others,” said Goodyear Marketing Director Gary Medalis. “For his quick thinking and courage, we are proud to name him our 34th Goodyear Highway Hero.”

At a March 23rd ceremony in Louisville, Kentucky, Mr. Webb received a special Highway Hero ring, a $5,000 prize, and other items.

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Vincent Nobile Mountain View Racing
Ever wonder what it's like to drive a Pro Stock car down a drag strip at 200+ miles per hour?

“It’s almost indescribable!” said Vincent Nobile. “It’s really something you need to feel to believe.”

Vincent drives the Mountain View Racing (MVR) team's Chevy Camaro at drag racing events across the country. And since his professional debut in 2010, he's earned a reputation as one of the most exciting young drivers on the NHRA circuit.

“There’s no street car that even comes close to comparing to a Pro Stock car. It’s almost like strapping yourself to a rocket,” said Nobile. “The very first time I made a launch in a Pro Stock car, I immediately shoved the clutch pedal back in because I could not believe how hard it accelerated! It really scared me.” 

Vincent and John NobileVincent is tight with the Mitsos family - the owners of MVR and Mountain View Tire and Auto Service. He's also very close to his dad, John Nobile (at right with Vincent), who's an important member of the MVR team, too. “Being able to work with my father and drive for the Mitsos family has been a dream come true,” he said. “It made learning a thousand times easier because there was no pressure. The family environment made it much easier to learn and be as good a driver as I can be.”

That family connection has been key to the success of Mountain View Tire and Auto Service as well, not only at the corporate level, but in several of our stores where a few sets of brothers and even a father and his sons work side by side.

One of our responsibilities is keeping families safe while on the road. So, we asked Vincent if he has any driving tips. “One thing drag racing has taught me is how fast things can happen,” he said. “Naturally, everything happens 10 times faster in a race car, so you have no other option than to be 100 percent focused on what you're doing. But there's only one other driver on the race track, and thousands of other people on the road, so you need to be just as focused while driving down the highway. Not only do you need to pay attention to your own driving, but you need to be aware of everyone else around you in order to stay safe.”

And what are Vincent's goals for the 2017 NHRA season?

“I have the same three goals every year: have a safe, fun and winning year. Other than that, our team wants to win a world championship. I predict this year will be one of the most competitive years ever for Pro Stock, so it'll be really fun to watch and compete in. I have a lot of faith in my team, and I think we're going to do a lot of winning this year!”

We're very lucky. Every day we get to make a difference in people's lives.

We understand that when you walk into one of our stores, you'd probably rather not be there. Maybe your vehicle has broken down or one of your tires picked up a nail. Maybe a belt snapped or steam started pouring out of your radiator and now you're stranded. 

Yeah, we get it: car troubles can be very frustrating.

So we try to ease that frustration as best as we can. We work to turn your bad experience into a WOW experience. Friendly people who put you first. Skilled automotive technicians. A willingness to go above and beyond. Great tires and easy financing options that make buying them easier on your budget. And a commitment to earning your lifelong loyalty. That's how we do it. 

And then, when we get letters like this, we know all that effort is worth it. 

MVT Corona Letter

We’d like to invite you to join us for our 2017 Presidents’ Day Tire Sale, February 18th, 19th and 20th at all Mountain View Tire and Auto Service locations.

Now, you might wonder why we’re holding a three-day tire sale during Presidents’ Day weekend.

Turns out there are many connections between tires and presidents. For instance...

1) Thomas Jefferson invented the first tire, but not for use on a vehicle. He thought it would make a swell pool toy.

2) To save money on college room and board, Lyndon Johnson lived in a pile of tires for five semesters.

3) Many presidents have had “spare tires.” Ya’ know, mid-sections that resemble a Goodyear Assurance TripleTred All-Season tire. The difference is that most presidents’ bellies don’t look great while providing confident traction in changing weather conditions.

Teddy and Tires4) Contrary to what you would have learned at a late 18th century puppet show, President William Henry Harrison did not die of pneumonia. He passed away shortly after eating a steel-belted radial on a dare.

5) To raise money for his U.S. Senate campaign, Dick Nixon wore a funny hat and juggled a set of Dunlops in a circus side show.

But seriously, we hope to see you at our 2017 Presidents' Day Tire Sale, where you can save money on every tire in stock.  

Schedule an Appointment with us today!

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