Have your car problems fixedWhen I drove into work on Monday, my brake pedal felt soft. Too soft.

In fact, it made for a stressful ride.

I started thinking about how I’d react if my brakes couldn’t stop my car quickly enough or - worse yet - if they failed completely.

I allowed a lot more room between my car and the vehicle in front of me.

As I approached stopping situations, I stayed ready to downshift into a lower gear.

I kept an eye on the side of the road in case I had to steer off into the grass.

It wasn’t a good feeling.

So, I had my brakes looked at right away. Turns out, one of my brake lines needed to be replaced.

Fast forward to 5:30pm Monday.

My trip home was a completely different experience from the drive in that morning.

My stress was gone.

I drove with confidence, knowing that I could stop on a dime if I needed to.

And I enjoyed my hour-long commute and the beautiful weather, thankful for automotive experts whose work keeps us all safer on the road.

Is there a car repair that you’ve been putting off? Or maybe you know it's time for new tires. Is it making you a little anxious or even fearful of driving?

Come in and see us. If money is tight, let us know. We offer payment options, including the Goodyear credit card.

Please don’t put it off. Stay safe out there. 

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Road Trip Savings TipsIs it time to get away for a weekend road trip or family vacation?

If you’d prefer to spend as little money as possible on your travels, consider these suggestions.

1) Discover nature. For a very reasonable fee, you can purchase passes to our national parks. Details here. Or enjoy any of California’s state parks. Find admission info here. Pitching a tent or renting a cabin will be much less expensive than staying in a hotel, and it’ll provide a more unique experience.

2) Pack a cooler. The cost of eating at restaurants can really add up. So, bring your own food, or if you’ll be staying in a motel, make sure your room is an efficiency with a stove and fridge.

3) Give yourself a daily budget. Keep the credit card tucked away, and accept the challenge of living on a certain amount of money each day. It may force you to slow down and look for other options, but you never know where that mindset will lead you.

4) Find the free stuff. Plan your trip around no-cost or low-cost events, like fairs and festivals, concerts in the park, local theatre productions, and minor league sports. You’re likely to find these activities relaxing and charming.

5) Use your gifts. For Christmas and birthdays, ask for hotel, gas station and chain restaurant gift cards that you can use while traveling.

6) Plan the old-school way. Call a travel agent for input on less-expensive destinations, discounts, and money-saving options you might not otherwise learn about.

7) Focus on your family. Rather than stopping at expensive tourist spots, use your time on the road to re-discover your loved ones. Play car games. Recall fond memories. Have those long talks you never seem to have time for during the work week. Simply driving through a new part of the country can inspire some great conversations. Oh, and - dare we say it? - try leaving the electronic devices at home.

8) Avoid unexpected costs. Let us check your vehicle at least a few days before you leave, so your trip isn’t ruined by an expensive breakdown and tow. You’ll also breathe easier knowing that your car is safe and ready for the road. Make an online appointment or find your nearest Mountain View Tire and Auto Service location here.

Tire Safety Week
You don’t need to give gifts to anyone during National Tire Safety Week.

There are no cards to send. No traditional foods to prepare.

But you should still celebrate this annual event.

That’s because it could save you gas, money, and even your life.

National Tire Safety Week is all about taking a few minutes to make sure your tires are in good condition, whether you inspect them yourself or have us do it. (Find your location here.)

1) The sidewalls should be checked for cuts, gouges, bulges, and other signs of damage that could lead to a dangerous blowout. (Learn "How to Survive a Tire Blowout.")

2) The tread depth should be measured to determine if your tires can grip the road and funnel rainwater effectively.

3) Any wear patterns should be analyzed to see if you need wheel balancing, a wheel alignment or another type of corrective service.

4) And, of course, the pressure should be checked since improperly inflated tires reduce gas mileage, negatively affect handling, and wear out sooner.

National Tire Safety Week 2017 is May 28th through June 3rd. Pull into any Mountain View Tire and Auto Service location and we’ll be happy to inspect and fill your tires for you.

And while you’re here, ask us about tire rotation, road hazard protection, and nitrogen tire inflation.

The team at Cooper Tires has put together a video series that's ideal for newer drivers. And even if you've been behind the wheel for a few years, these videos may serve as good reminders. Take a look. 

How To Change a Tire

 What To Do If Your Engine Light Comes On

What To Do If You're In an Accident

What To Put In Your Car Emergency Kit 

Luxury Car ServiceIf you drive a luxury vehicle, we have good news for you: you'll have more options, plus save time and maybe even money at Mountain View Tire and Auto Service.

Luxury vehicles, by the way, are defined as these brands: Acura, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Infiniti, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Volvo.

A 2017 study by J.D. Power found that 46% of luxury vehicle owners are likely to return to the dealer when they need new tires. But car dealers can't match our selection of tire brands and sizes. In fact, we offer 17 brands of tires!

So, if freedom of choice is important to you, please stop in when it's time for new tires. You can also make an online appointment right here.

Other Benefits

“We're less expensive than most dealers on auto service across the board, from oil changes to wheel alignments to brakes, and more,” according to our vice president Chris Mitsos.

“Also, we can generally perform the work and return the vehicle to our customer much faster than an auto dealership,” said Mitsos. “It's very common for a dealership to keep a vehicle for 2 to 3 days. We try to return every vehicle we work on the same day.”

If you need a few more reasons to trust your vehicle to the Mountain View team, take a look at some of the testimonials our customers have sent to us. We invite you to search for us on Yelp as well.

Car Care MonthSpring cleaning may not be your favorite way to spend a day, but isn’t it nice when the work is done and your house is fresh and tidy? 
You can enjoy that same feeling with your vehicle. 
April is National Car Care Month. It’s the Car Care Council’s annual reminder to check your vehicle to make sure it’s safe, running efficiently and - well - fresh and tidy. 
For instance…
How’s your tire tread? If it’s not deep enough to funnel rainwater quickly, you could easily end up hydroplaning and losing control of your car. 
Wipers working? Streaks, that annoying chattering sound, and a lack of full contact with the windshield may mean it’s time for new wiper blades and a better view of the road. 
Are you cool? If your air conditioning isn’t gettin’ the job done now, it’ll be worthless by July. Stop in now for an AC system repair or re-charge.  
Ridin’ rough? If the drive into work seems a little bumpier these days or your stopping distance has increased, you might need new shocks or struts
Any other noises, rattles, shimmies or shakes? If so, pull into one of our Southern California locations or make an online appointment right now.
After we’ve got her back in shape, treat your car to a professional wash, wax and detailing. Just like taking good care of your home pays off, maintaining your vehicle keeps its resale value high, and makes driving safer and more enjoyable. 

Tire Sale
The rain kept a lot of people away last weekend! So, we’ve extended our Presidents’ Day Tire Sale for one more day!

Saturday, February 25, 2017, you’ll save money on every tire in stock at all Mountain View Tire and Auto Service locations in Southern California.

Wet roads are very dangerous when your tires have shallow tread. The grooves in your tires can’t funnel the rainwater fast enough, and you end up riding on a sheet of water with no control over your steering.

Scary? You bet.

Don’t risk your family’s safety. Stop in Saturday, February 25th and we’ll measure your tread depth free of charge. If you need new tires, you’ll save money, no matter which models you choose.

Find your location here. And find your tires here.

As of the date of this blog post, there’s a good chance that Los Angeles will get some rain within the next few days: 80% on Thursday; 60% on Friday; 60% on Sunday.

And February will be here before you know it. That’s Southern California’s wettest month.

The rainy forecast means that it’s very important to have the tread depth of your tires checked as soon as possible.


In drier climates like ours, it’s easy to let your tire tread wear down to unsafe depths because your tires don’t need to funnel a lot of rainwater.

But once the rain comes, you could easily find yourself on a wet highway with very little traction and no control over your vehicle.

The video above delivers good information, including tips on how to handle your car when it starts hydroplaning. You'll need to click the YouTube link within the player to watch it.

Then, pull into any Mountain View Tire and Auto Service location for a free check of your tread depth and tire pressure. It’ll only take a few minutes, and what you learn could prevent a serious accident.

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Drive in the right lane

I’ve got somethin’ stuck in my craw.

I’m not exactly sure where my craw is or what its capacity might be. I just know there’s an irritant firmly wedged in there at the moment. And that irritant is this: drivers who hang out in the left lane refusing to pass.

Actually, “hanging out” in the left lane is probably generous. It seems like they’re more interested in establishing a permanent residence.

I can’t count how many times I’ve found myself stacked up behind a relatively slow left-lane driver lately. It’s as if, all at once, the physical laws governing the functionality of rear-view mirrors no longer apply. Because if they could see me behind them - brights-a-flashin’ - those drivers would surely move to the right, right?

Like the law in 28 other states, California’s says you shouldn’t be in the left lane if you’re driving slower than vehicles in the right lane. Even if you're driving the speed limit in the left lane and vehicles in the right lane(s) are moving faster than you are, you’re still at fault. And, if I may, pure evil.

Here’s the actual text from the California Driver Handbook

“To drive faster, pass, or turn left, use the left lane. When you choose to drive slowly or enter or turn off the road, use the right lane.”

Pretty simple, really.

If you’re not interested in helping to evacuate my rapidly filling craw, you should still keep right to stay safe. Take a look at the quick video below. It explains how slow left-lane drivers - and the responses they prompt from other drivers - can lead to accidents.

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Save on Gas
Want to save more money at the pump? Stop paying for premium gas if your car doesn't need it.

A study released in September by AAA and the Automobile Club of Southern California's Automotive Research Center shows no correlation between the use of higher-priced premium gasoline and improved performance in vehicles that are designed to run on regular unleaded fuel.

Yet, says AAA, 16.5 million American drivers used premium gas needlessly more than 270 million times over the previous 12 months. That amounted to more than $2.1 billion in unnecessary spending.

(Learn how to save money while driving in and around Los Angeles.)

“Premium gasoline is specifically formulated to be compatible with specific types of engine designs, and most vehicles cannot take advantage of the higher octane rating,” said Megan McKernan, manager of the Automotive Research Center.

Only 16% of vehicles driven in the U.S. require premium gasoline. Seventy percent need just regular unleaded gasoline.

To determine which grade of gasoline is best for your vehicle, check the owner's manual.

For more information, read the article on the AAA website.

Schedule an Appointment with us today!

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