Cooper's CS5 Grand Touring and CS5 Ultra Touring tires are the only tires on the market with these four leading-edge advancements.

1) Wear Square Visual Indicators that make it easy to see when the tires should be replaced.

2) The coupled silica compound that improves braking and performance in all weather conditions.

3) 3-D micro-gauge siping that stabilizes the tread and maximizes traction.

4) Stabiledge technology that improves steering and traction on even the toughest roads. 

Cooper CS5 tires are available at all Mountain View Tire and Auto Service locations

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The Cooper Zeon RS3-A is a Consumers Digest Best Buy! It’s an ultra high-performance, all-season tire that inspires confidence and gives you complete control, no matter what the driving conditions…and it’s available now at Mountain View Tire.

When purchased in the U.S., the Cooper Zeon RS3-A includes a premium limited warranty, plus 40,000-mile treadwear protection and a free 45-day road test.

Cooper_Zeon_RS3AA Few of the Reasons It’s So Good

Benefits of the Cooper Zeon RS3-A include increased tread element stability, and improved handling and control, as well as reduced stone retention. The 3-D dimple sipes in the center, intermediate and shoulder elements deliver increased length and more road biting edges.

The square tread footprint translates to more tread-to-road contact. And because there’s more rubber on the outboard tread pattern, you'll enjoy exceptional dry handling and traction.

See why Consumers Digest rates the Cooper Zeon RS3-A a Best Buy! Get your set today at any Mountain View Tire location.

Available Sizes and Our Prices

Want to put Cooper Zeon RS3-A tires on your vehicle? Make an appointment here.

These are the sizes and prices you'll find at Mountain View Tire:

205/40R17 - $112
205/45R17 - $117
205/50R17 - $123
205/55R16 - $112
215/45R17 - $124
215/45R18 - $171
215/55R16 - $113
215/55R17 - $125
225/40R18 - $158
225/45R17 - $133
225/45R18 - $182
225/50R16 - $116
225/50R17 - $130
225/50R18 - $178
225/55R16 - $118
235/40R18 - $179
235/45R17 - $137
235/50R17 - $136
235/50R18 - $185
235/55R17 - $134
245/40R18 - $187
245/40R19 - $225
245/45R17 - $143
245/45R18 - $197
245/50R19 - $225
245/55R18 - $198
255/35R19 - $249
255/40R19 - $228
255/45R18 - $213
275/35R18 - $231
275/40R17 - $161
275/40R19 - $249

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