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bridgestone-logoBridgestone Americas' corporate family (BSA) traces its roots to the establishment of The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company in August 1900. It was then that 31-year-old Harvey S. Firestone started tire production with 12 employees in Akron, Ohio.

On the other side of the globe in 1931, Shojiro Ishibashi (1885-1976) created Bridgestone Tire Company Ltd. (later renamed Bridgestone Corporation). He fashioned the company name by reversing the English translation of his own: "Ishibashi," which literally means "stone bridge" in Japanese.

Bridgestone Corporation purchased Firestone in 1988 for $2.6 billion, transforming the companies' combined operations into the world's largest tire and rubber company. The operations in the Americas were renamed Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc. (BFS) and became the largest subsidiary of Bridgestone. As part of its integration with Bridgestone's existing U.S. operations, Bridgestone/Firestone moved its headquarters from Akron to Nashville in 1992.

The Bridgestone family of companies is a world leader in tire and related technologies. The collective entities utilize the tri-polar research and development centers in Tokyo, Akron, and Rome to produce advanced tire technologies for products that meet consumers' needs. Bridgestone Americas operates world-class proving grounds in Ft. Stockton, Texas; São Pedro, Brazil; and Acuña, Mexico.

Often, the race track is the company's test center. Bridgestone companies' participation in Formula One and IndyCar Series racing advances their technology. From the race track, to the interstate, to the street where people live, the knowledge gained from developing race tires benefits their customers.

Tires make up the largest part of Bridgestone Americas' business, accounting for approximately 70% of annual revenues. BATO develops, manufactures, and markets tires for almost every kind of vehicle. In fact, the company sells more than 8,000 different types and sizes of tires - from a 13-foot-tall giant radial for earthmoving equipment to a kart tire that stands only 10 inches high.

In addition to tires, BSA is also engaged in retreading operations throughout the Western Hemisphere, and is recognized internationally for producing a variety of quality products, including building and industrial materials, natural rubber, and industrial fibers and textiles.

Today, 47 Bridgestone Americas facilities are certified to internationally recognized quality and environmental system requirements. New facilities are certified within two years of construction or acquisition. All facilities work every day to continuously enhance their operations, resulting in continuous enhancements to the products they manufacture.

Bridgestone Americas is committed to being a good corporate citizen nationally, regionally, and especially in the communities where BSA has manufacturing plants, sales facilities, retail locations, and offices.

Since 1952, the Bridgestone Americas Trust Fund has supported charitable and philanthropic endeavors in three major categories: education, the welfare of children, and environment / conservation. This annual, multi-million dollar effort has provided innumerable benefits. Bridgestone Americas adheres to the Bridgestone Way, the global Bridgestone group's corporate philosophy to build not just better products, but better communities.

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