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continental-logoCTNA, formerly Continental General Tire, is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina and is a subsidiary of Continental AG. Continental Tire North America acquired General Tire in 1987.

Continental is the number one tire maker in Germany. They're number 2 in Europe and number 4 worldwide.

In 21 plants around the globe, Continental produces more than 90 million passenger car tires and more than 6 million commercial vehicle and two-wheel tires each year. 

One of the finest testing facilities in the world is the 5,000-acre Uvalde Proving Grounds near the city of Uvalde in southwest Texas. The Uvalde Proving Grounds offers a variety of courses and surfaces, including three multimillion-dollar state-of-the-art facilities:

  • The Vehicle Dynamics Facility with an innovative wet handling pad, curving, twisting dry road course, plus a ride evaluation course with various surfaces.
  • The Traction Testing Facility with both concrete and asphalt surfaces for wet testing, a dry asphalt test surface, and a lane for hydroplaning tests.
  • The Wet Grip Testing Facility featuring a curving serpentine wetted asphalt surface course for subjective/objective evaluations; a small 55-meter asphalt circle for lap time measurements and subjective tire behavior; and a large 200-meter asphalt circle for lateral hydroplaning and lateral acceleration using a water trough 20 meters in length.
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