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Burbank, CA | Tires & Auto Service

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Long-Time Customer
As a long-time customer of Mountain View (our whole family brings their cars there), I wanted to praise two of their best: Yuliana and Nicole.

Exactly one year ago, my wife and I dropped off our Honda for service and went holiday shopping. Much to our dismay, my wife had lost her checkbook. As panic started to set in, Nicole called us and related that she had just found our checkbook on the showroom floor. She saved the day!

The other day I brought my Jeep in, knowing that my struts and shocks were heavily worn (60,000 miles on the vehicle, so 10,000 miles overdue). After the service, I had to bring the Jeep back because it was making a terrible noise. It took an additional 90 minutes to find and fix the problem, with Yuliana taking a personal interest to make sure that things were done right. (She even personally took the Jeep out for a test drive.) They kept me updated and did not charge for the additional (minor) repair, so I have no complaints (the vehicle is running great now).

Nicole and Yuliana recognize us whenever we come in, and best of all they do not try to sell us services we don't need (as did prior service centers we had visited before discovering Mountain View). Likewise, they only recommend tires that are best suited for our individual vehicles, not the most expensive ones in the shop. Such integrity really instills confidence in the customer.

We are loyal to Mountain View and will continue to be as long as they have such excellent representatives like Yuliana and Nicole. Thank you!

Steve C.
Burbank, CA

Your workers need a dictionary
Called them 3 days prior, wanted a custom alignment. Asked them 3 times over the phone if they do custom alignments, answered yes with assurance. Asked again prior to the alignment, said yes. Right before the cashier was about to have the mechanic start the alignment, I asked if I should write the specs down on a piece of paper, to which she responded by saying they already have specs for the car, and when I asked (the same person, by the way) what about the custom specs I was talking about, they were confused as if they didn't even know the meaning of the word. That's when I realized how incompetent they are, and left. They should hire people who know how alignments work, and also know what the word "custom" means.
Owner's reply

Our District Manager David Miller called and spoke with the customer. He apologized for the mishap and said he would use this as a coaching opportunity to help our team improve. We refunded the $89.95 that he spent. David told him that our customers and our reputation are very important to us. - Chris Mitsos, Vice President / Mountain View Tire and Auto Service


Oil Change

Rude Manager
The manager at this location, Nicole, was very rude. I went into the store for an oil change at 2pm in the afternoon. She told me that she didn't have any time to take my car since they close at 6pm and there were 3 cars in front of me. She was extremely rude. I've been a customer of Mountain View for many years. I will not be returning because of Nicole.
Owner's reply

Our District Manager David Miller called our customer the following afternoon and spoke with her about her visit. She was happy with the resolution we offered. - Chris Mitsos, Vice President / Mountain View Tire and Auto Service


Dishonesty or incompetence?
Whether my bad experience was due to dishonesty or incompetence, it's safe to say I won't be returning. My experience is exactly what people are afraid of when they fear that they are being ripped off by their mechanic.

I asked the service adviser at the Burbank location to check my car's alignment, since it looked like the rear tires had too much negative camber. I also asked them to check the wear of my brake pads and replace them if needed.

Later that day, I got a call at work, telling me that my "front toe in" was "off by five degrees" and asking for permission to do an alignment. Since I took my car to people who are supposed to be competent at diagnosing alignment issues, I of course approved the alignment work. I did say, however, that I wanted to see a printout from the Hunter machine of the before and after values.

Oh yeah, she also said that my oil was "dirty" and asked me if I wanted to change it. I told her that I had had my oil changed recently and wasn't due. I asked how she knew the oil was "dirty", and she couldn't answer. She also tried to upsell me on a couple of other needless fluid changes (steering and transmission) as well as a radiator flush. I passed.

When I went to pick up my car, the service adviser showed me the printout, and rattled off a bunch of numbers that she was reading, but clearly had no idea what she was talking about. The alignment report clearly showed that my car was already in alignment, and that I had just paid $150 to have a mechanic tweak some values that were already within spec. When I called her on this, the adviser went outside to talk the the tech who had worked on my car, and she came back to tell me that they "straightened my steering wheel", even though my steering wheel was straight when I brought it in.

Unfortunately, she had already run my credit card. When I told the adviser that they had done work that didn't need to be done, she offered me a $20 credit "for the next time you come back". By this time, I was running late for work and didn't want to deal with the hassle, so I just walked out.

With operations like this, it's no wonder that people are afraid to take their cars to a mechanic.
Owner's reply

We spoke with Bill and refunded the money for the alignment.

Bill, we appreciate you bringing this to our attention, and we hope to have the chance to earn your trust again. Thank you. - Chris Mitsos, Vice President / Mountain View Tire and Auto Service


Thank you so much, Bob and Juliana!
There are some new and unfamiliar faces both behind the counter and in the bay, but I always phone ahead to be sure Bob is available. Bob is by far the most skilled mechanic I've ever encountered. I don't ever want anyone else to work on my car. Juliana is so gracious and courteous and efficient behind the counter that I will happily wait until they can take care of whatever I need done, like today. They are the best, and I thank you on behalf of all your customers.

Goodyear in Burbank
I wanted to let people know of the wonderful service we have gotten for the last 9+ years at Mountain View Tire on Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank, CA. Julianna and Charles are amazing! Charles has done a superior job for years fixing problems with our Ford Taurus wagon which he just did again this past week fixing a leak! And when our son began driving his car, he joined the Goodyear team for their fantastic service as well. They do a wonderful job and we wouldn’t go anywhere else and neither would our son. We HIGHLY recommend them to friends and family!

The Nelson Family

Yulianna and the Goodyear team saved me money, time and headaches from my crazy busy schedule. I am very happy with my brake service!!!!!!!!

AWESOME (depending on who's working)
I must admit, I prefer to frequent places where I receive consistent service and see familiar faces.

I've been taking my car to Mountain View Tire in Burbank since 2010. Up until January (when I took my car in for an oil change), I've always dealt with Leville, Hutch or Efrain and have received awesome service. When I took my car in back in January (for oil) and March (for tires), the service was adequate, but not as friendly and personable as I'd experienced before.

Thank goodness when I took my car in last weekend I had the pleasure of interacting with Leville again. He is personal, professional and really provides the best customer service.

I'm not sure where the others who used to work at Burbank Mountain View are, but please keep Leville at this location! He is the best!

Wonderful service
I have found mechanics that I can trust at Mountain View Tire in Burbank CA.

When I decided to keep my car I wanted to have preventative maintenance done on multiple systems and have peace of mind that I would not be stranded on the side of the road.

Sarkis and Efrin treat me and my car well and perform the necessary work to allow me trouble-free driving. During a recent repair, I was called because they found a problem with a wheel hub and [was asked if] I would like it taken care of. After a short explanation, the answer was "Yes," and the noise that I heard from the front is now history.

Their prices are fair and the work is wonderful. My car is as neat as it was when I brought it in. Thanks.

I would recommend Mountain View Tire in Burbank, California to all drivers in the area. Get your car in for preventative maintenance so that you don't become that driver on the side of the road waiting for the tow truck.

Steven Pelletier

Good Bye Firestone !!
After continually being frustrated with Firestone and the awful way they do business, I decided to stop into the Burbank Mountain View Tire location (Gemini Auto Center on Magnolia). After my last visit to Firestone my car was making a horrible vibrating sound under the hood. The manager at Firestone refused to acknowledge there was a problem and wouldn't fix it. In desperation, I stopped by the Burbank Mountain View. Mark, the front counter rep, was very helpful. I told him I was in a bit of a hurry and his staff could take a look and figure out what was causing the noise under my hood. The crew immediately went to work, something I was very impressed with since Firestone always takes what seems to be hours before they pull your car into the garage. Bobby, the head tech was assisted by two other technicians. Within a half hour the problem was detected, corrected, and I was even given a test ride to make sure I could no longer hear the annoying sound!!! I was so happy with their service I decided to get an oil change and new wiper blades. Now my car is running super smooth again. My heartfelt thanks to Mark, Bobby and the rest of the crew!! I'll be giving a lot of business to these people. GOOD BYE FIRESTONE!!

Car Enthusiast, Motorcycle Nut
Okay, I have vast experience in the car world. I needed to get some tires for my girlfiend. After reading about the top-rated Cooper tires for her car, I went on a net search. I found them at a great price. The problem was I had to get them mounted and balanced and service contracted in order to get the deal. Cooper listed Mountain View as a local dealer for the tires I wanted. I gave them the true scoop, and the same deal I was offered. I talked to Leville. He's straight up, professional and knows how to make things happen. Not only did he creatively match up the deal, he went out of his way to get the tires personally from the warehouse. He promised to have them at 10am, and they were there. I advised him in advance that I would only have a half hour to get them mounted and balanced. He promised, and he kept it. If you ever watched NASCAR, I think I had one of the fastest pit stops ever. Everybody chipped in as a team, getting the job done. These guys are truly the last of a great breed. They had fun working together, and put the ego into a group effort. I never write reviews because if I'm disappointed, I never go back. In this case, they deserve my time and to let others know this is the place to go. I will be coming here from now on...and so will all my friends. Thanks Guys! - CrazyD

Good Service and Follow-Up
I'm very impressed with the way Mountain View Tire & Service in Burbank handles customer issues. I recently had some work done that I wasn't happy with, so I wrote about it on-line. I received a call from a District Supervisor within a few hours of my complaint. The Supervisor went out of his way to help rectify the situation, and my car was fixed correctly. I will still be a loyal customer at the Burbank location, as I have been for several years. The company and employees really do try very hard to make the customer happy and satisfied. Thank you!!

Repairs Complaint

In May I went to the Burbank, CA location to have an oil change. At that time I didn't have any oil leaks from the oil pan. Since then I have had continual oil leaking, and have taken it back for them to put in or repair the drain plug. It still hasn't been fixed correctly. My friend who has been a mechanic for over 40yrs was under my car looking at the oil leak yesterday and noticed my front brake rotors had never been changed. He remembered that back in January this year I went to the Burbank location to have my brakes done. I have a receipt from 1/19/11, and was charged for right and left new disc brake rotors at $75.00 each. According to my mechanic friend, he said the rotors are old and weren't even turned or machined, and yet I was charged for new rotors.

I have been a loyal Mountain View customer for many years, and I would like these issues resolved. I would like my money reimbursed for the two rotors I paid for but where never installed, and I would like my oil drain plug fixed correctly so it stops leaking. Thank you for your time.

Sally Adams
Valley Village, CA
Owner's reply

On 7/23/2011, Sally brought her vehicle back to our Burbank location after she was contacted by our District Manager David Miller. Our Service Manager Leville Slayton went to a local Ford dealer and purchased the brand new oil pan and gasket that Sally needed. We installed those parts and changed the oil, all at no cost to Sally. She left our store very satisfied. (See her review from July 26th above.) - Chris Mitsos, Vice President / Mountain View Tire


When customer service matters!!
Efrain, Leville and the whole group of these guys are terrific.

Living in LA you always expect the worst customer service, but I have been a customer at this store for nearly 2 years...they are everything that's great when customer service matters.

Thanks for never letting me down.


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