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Consumers Beware!
I went to have an oil change on my 2015 Ford Focus ST on 05/31. I asked that they use Mobile 1 synthetic and check all fluids and top off if needed, as well as rotate tires. I waited for about 35 to 40 minutes and then was told that I needed new tires. I just bought the car 6 months ago and it had 20K miles on it. I was informed that it would cost $1100 for all four tires. The tires my vehicle came with were Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 with a 45K mile warranty. I declined the new tires and if that was true that my tires were worn already they should be covered by Goodyear's warranty as it had just reach 20K miles. So anyway, after I declined the new tires to which I didn't need they returned my vehicle. So the following week I had a message or alert that said my washer fluid was low. So I became suspect and started to look closer at my vehicle. When I opened the hood my latch was broken off and just hanging there. I checked my oil and it was as black as night and I've never seen oil that black before in a brand new car running synthetic that was just in for service. THEY DIDN'T CHANGE MY OIL! I don't know if they did it on purpose or not but I would be very cautious. I don't trust them working on any of my cars ever again. It sucks because it's so close to my house and convenient.
Owner's reply

It took a while, but we were able to reach our customer. We are paying for his new oil pan, which he will be installing because he is a mechanic. While we did not cause the problem, we should have informed the customer of how bad the threads were on the oil pan drain plug before we started this job. We didn't communicate as completely as we should have. - Chris Mitsos, Vice President / Mountain View Tire and Auto Service


Jonathan is Awesome.
A big thanks to Jonathan for great service today. I went in and was expecting a big sales pitch and too much money. I didn't get either. In fact, Jonathan looked up our account and found out the tire we blew was under warranty. He even high-fived me and then rotated the tires, too, which was also part of the warranty I didn't know I even had. He never tried to talk me into any extras. I'm so pleased with the service and will go back. Thanks Jonathan!

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Needed Tire Plugged
Just wanted to thank Jonathan at MVT Winchester for service outside of normal operation. My wife noticed a bolt in our tire while at Auto Zone and she quickly took it to Ramona Tire that was near by. The guy there said our tire was too worn to plug and quoted her $200.00 to replace the tire. I told her to bring the truck home because I knew the tires had plenty of tread left. It was 5:45pm on Friday before Memorial Day weekend and I called MVT in Winchester and spoke with Jonathan. He told me to bring the truck in and I got there at 5:55pm. His crew repaired the tire at no charge and said there was plenty of tread left, over 5 mm, as I viewed it as well. Thanks to MVT Winchester. You saved my Memorial Day weekend.

My husband took our car in for 1 flat tire and suddenly we need four new tires and front and rear brakes??!! and for 1800??!! I felt this way the last time we dealt with this place and didn't want to go back. Unfortunately, we had to go somewhere close because of the flat. We should have gotten the one tire and taken our car to the place we trust that's honest and not overpriced. Our fault for agreeing to it.

Misunderstanding with a mother and her kids
I would like to take back my previous statements in regards to the service I received from Jacob and the crew at Mountain View Tire in Winchester. After talking to Jacob and explaining the situation, he was more than happy to make things right. I will definitely return for future services and would recommend them to all my friends and neighbors.

Scare tactics with a mother and her kids... Shame on you!!
We had just recently moved to Winchester I had noticed there was a mountain view tire location very close by and my wife told me the tire is low on air light is on. Based on previous experiences with other locations I told her to go and have them put some air in the tires. Next thing I know I am getting a call from my wife telling me that two of the tires need to be replaced. I knew they were almost ready so I said to proceed. Then I get another call stating that the rear brakes are down to the base of the pad and need to be replaced immediately. I said no thank you and they proceeded to try to scare me and my wife into the service. After replacing the brakes myself I noticed they were not as bad as stated. In fact the car could have easily gone another 10000 miles without an issue. I will never go there again and would recommend anyone needing an honest service to go somewhere else. Shame on you for trying to scare and take advantage of a mother and her kids.
Owner's reply

We have contacted this customer and he was satisfied with our discussion. The gentleman told our store manager that he would post a follow-up review. - Chris Mitsos, Vice President / Mountain View Tire and Auto Service


Hello there. My name is Cory Hardison and I've been taking my vehicles to your Winchester location since it opened. I've seen many managers come and go over the years. Some I trust more than others. Jacob has been by far the best manager that location has ever had. He has fantastic customer service and above all is honest. Customers trust him, which is important in a business where they expect bad news regarding their vehicles. I was sad to see him go to a different location last year as I'm sure many customers were. I can't tell you how glad I am that you decided to bring him back. I myself am a retail manager and can't stress enough the importance of customer loyalty. I've referred my friends, my family and my employees to that location over the years because of Jacob. Without him it just wasn't the same. I don't know what you're paying him, but I can guarantee that it's not enough. I can't remember ever writing a review before but just wanted to make sure that he gets the credit he deserves. And no I'm not related to him. Thank you for your time.

Will definitely return!
John & Jacob treated me so well. They talked with me, not at me and got me out of a bind! I usually do my own work but this time needed additional assistance on a job that wasn't going well. These guys could have gouged the heck out of me but they did not! I got out of there at half the cost of other garage quotes. I will return for future service as this experience went so well I would recommend to anyone in the French Valley area!!!

Want to replace parts that don't need to be replaced? Want a diagnosis that includes them replacing perfectly good parts and never fixes the problem? Want a group of lying, excuse making morons working on your car? THEN YOU FOUND THE PLACE.
Owner's reply

As always, we want our customers to be more than satisfied with their experience. So, we contacted this customer to determine the specific reason for his negative review. We're very happy to say that the issue was resolved to his satisfaction. - Paul Mitsos / Mountain View Tire


Okay, so I'm a average individual tired of being played by different establishments within the Temecula / Murrieta areas. I needed an alignment for my car and, after getting the runaround from three different places, I was done. Until I remembered there is a Goodyear next to my house. I called and Omar said, "John bring it in now." No hastles or strains. I was impressed with my service and timing of work done. I have never been so moved by the efficiency and professionalism given by these hard workers. The dealer wanted my arm and my leg for an alignment on my Honda Accord LX. I got a great deal with a coupon they offered and I was out in less than twenty minutes. I am definitely going to bring my car back to this particular Goodyear. I have been to many places and never was I treated with such professionalism and respect like these guys. Some businesses just don't understand if you treat the customer like he or she were they only client, you would have a customer for life. I was so busy today but since they made such a huge impact on me I decided to write this. Thank you once again. You have this customer for life. - Mr. John A Vigil III

Great Service
Jake and his staff almost always do a great job - if they don't, they make it right with no hassles.

Jake always remembers me by name and is very friendly. I highly recommend them for automotive service.

Customer Service
I did hear from the owner and wanted to say thanks to Mountain View for helping. I will continue to bring my car/truck in for service to this location. Thanks.


Pricing too high
I was in a bind and worried about the tires since being reported that they had shown wire. So I bought the tires out of fear of having an accident. The problem was the pricing was about 90 dollars a tire for 2 tires with an oil change and I am out 299 dollars, how many damn fees does it take to add another 100 dollars. That was ridiculous, on top of that I could have gotten tires for 20 dollars less for each tire with a 50 dollar rebate from Big O tires. Very annoyed.
Owner's reply

We spoke with Mr. Koza, and then made an adjustment to his bill. - Chris Mitsos, Vice President / Mountain View Tire

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