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Endless Motor Oil
Several months ago I took my 2010 Dodge Charger for a routine oil change. The following morning I noticed that my car was leaking oil, mind you my car never leaked oil. Called MVT & spoke with MGR. He asked me to take my car back in so he can take a look. His finding was that the oil pan screw was worn/stripped. He threaded the screw, I believe. Or maybe he replaced it, so he said. My car hasn't stop leaking oil since. Endless oil. I recently took my car to try to get an oil change when the tech said who ever changed your oil last, screwed up (no pun intended ) your oil pan. What a disappointment! Hopefully MVT will rectify my problem. Stay posted.
Owner's reply

Our District Manager David Miller contacted our customer, Jerrie. Here's what Jerrie wrote in return:

Just want to say thank you again! It's good to see that quality customer service is still a priority. I appreciate you rectifying the problem without the hassle we customers often experience. Because of my experience with you, I will continue to depend on Mountain View Tire / Eagle Rock as my automotive service place. Have a great weekend!
Best wishes, Jerrie

- Chris Mitsos, Vice President / Mountain View Tire and Auto Service


Eagle Rock
I had a flat in my Cadillac on the 134 fwy. AAA towed me to this store and I am a registered nurse and I commute from Palmdale to Lynwood needless to say I need good tires. The salesman at the front desk assured me that Dunlops were good tires and I bought brand new tires all around (so I thought). The salesman did say he only had two in the store and had to call another store for the other two tires, this happened in May, In August I had two blow outs on the freeway again, I could have injured myself and others but thanks to God I was able to get to the side of the freeway, I couldn't believe this was happening to me again...I really feel in my heart I was sold some rotten tires, or seconds (tires that have set up too long and were just plain no good, defeated) and that I was cheated because I was a woman by myself doing the transaction.
Owner's reply

Our District Manager David Miller spoke with Ms. Gardner. He said that, when she is ready, she will contact him and then come to our Eagle Rock store to evaluate and/or replace her two other tires. - Chris Mitsos, Vice President / Mountain View Tire and Auto Service


Super Friendly and Amazing Staff!
I went here to get my tire patched up and Kosta was the nicest guy. He was very informative and made me feel very comfortable with everything. Definitely coming back and recommending all my friends! (:

Awesome Service and Blessed to Had Come Here
I just want to say thanks to the employee who helped me today. His name is Costa. He went above and beyond customer service, helping me out with my tire issue. He not only made my day; he helped turn a bad day into a good one, and I'm blessed to had came here. I will definitely come back. Thanks again for your awesome service.

Makes me wonder...
I have gone to this location a few times. This last time I went for an alignment and oil change. The mechanic said he could not do the alignment because I needed tires and shocks/struts all the way around. The guy at the front desk said my car was not safe. Well I had a bad feeling so I left. Took my car to a mechanic and it was the bearings. So, I would have spent over $1500 for nothing.
I think they saw a female and tried to get one over on me. Unhappy and will never return.
Owner's reply

Our David Miller reached out to Samantha on March 20th. He emailed her to let her know that he had read her review, and that "We are a family-owned business and take our reputation very seriously." He pulled the invoice from Samantha's 2/26/15 visit and saw what our team suggested and documented. At this point, we are standing by our Eagle Rock team's recommendation, although we are continuing to look into the matter. David asked for Samantha's telephone number so they could talk in real time. We'll keep you posted. - Chris Mitsos, Vice President / Mountain View Tire and Auto Seervice


A Very Positive Experience
I just wanted to express my appreciation to Andy and his crew for the excellent mechanical and customer service I received recently. Their persistence in dealing with my vehicle's problem until it was fully resolved speaks highly of their professionalism. This is not the first positive experience I have had at the Eagle Rock location. I would also like to thank service manager David Nussbaum for his fair and honest treatment on previous visits. It is refreshing to feel you are dealing with people who have the customer's best interests in mind.

John Nilsson

Nail in 1 tire = 4 new tires
I just left the Eagle Rock store. Although I left with 3 tires more than I needed and $800 less than I walked in there with, I'm very happy.
I received very good service and customer care from Sarkis. I went in with a nail in my rear passenger tire - I unknowingly drove on it and caused significant damage. Sarkis pointed me toward a well valued & good performance tire. Once he got my car on the lift, he pointed out my other tires weren't wearing well and they were approaching their 50k mile max. After weighing the pros & cons, I decided on four new tires.
I will be back for service and rotation visits. Glad I stumbled across this store today. They really made a stressful experience quite easy.

Exceptional Service and Dedication
The management and staff at Mountain View Eagle Rock went far beyond what was required to make sure my vehicle was in top shape. Their work was excellent and the customer service top notch.

I recommend Mountain View Tire Eagle Rock for tires, tune-ups, repairs and fair pricing.

Flat tire emergency!!
I had a flat tire on the 134W and the freeway roadside assistance would not change my tire because they said the spare did not fit! I got towed to the street and my husband called the nearest tire shop to look for tire prices. We called so many places that either sold the tires for too much or didn't have them in stock. Andy, the manager, was such great help! He gave us a great deal on two tires and everyone was extremely polite. I definitely recommend Mountain View Tire. They have great customer service.:)

Assistant Manager Sarkis - Horrible Customer Service
I will start by saying I am a local resident and business owner and have been taking my business fleet and personal vehicles to this location for the past nine years without a single incident. I bring my business back to this location mainly because of the manager Andy, who has provided excellent customer service time and again. That being said, today I have endured some of the worst customer service I've ever experienced from the assistant manager, Sarkis. I came in for a very small job to have some tires dismounted and new tires mounted on some newly refinished wheels. At some point during the process, the custom valve stem caps were either misplaced, or discarded by accident. The techs were kind enough to look for them but couldn't find them. I stopped by a few days later to see if they'd turned up, but they had not. Since these were custom caps, I asked the assistant manager, Sarkis, would they be willing to offer a store credit for new caps, and provided a receipt which came to $18.00. For some reason, Sarkis, the assistant mgr became agitated and irate with me and told me I was accusing his techs of stealing and that "if he were the store manager, he wouldn't offer me anything such as a store credit" and accused me of lying and that he could get the caps for half of what i paid for them! I told him that with that attitude he would probably never be manager. I must say that the actual store manager, Andy, was very professional in diffusing what could have been a volatile situation. As a business owner, I find Sarkis' demeanor completely unacceptable as I do not tolerate that behavior from my own employees. I'm not sure if he was having a bad day or not, but I suggest that management send this guy to some customer service training before he is allowed to interact with customers again in this fashion. I did not deserve to be spoken to in that manner by an employee, as I am a loyal, long time customer of this location, but this incident has tarnished my view of this establishment.
Owner's reply

Our customer, Austin, was absolutely right to be upset with us. Our District Manager Tim Squires spoke with him to see if we could make the situation right. Austin accepted our refund of the oil change purchase price, as well as an apology call from Sarkis on November 7, and thanked us for addressing the situation.

Austin, I would like to thank you for bringing this matter to our attention, and I appreciate the opportunity to re-earn your business. Please stop in any time we can be of assistance. - Chris Mitsos, Vice President / Mountain View Tire


Sarkis Garabedian (Service Manager) at Eagle Rock, CA
Just wanted you to know how appreciative we are that Sarkis took care of our tire and wheel needs. He is most appreciated!!!!!

We will do business with your company again and refer individuals to him and your company.

Jerry & Daniel Hansen

Steering Repair Collapse
Fortunately no one was injured tonite. I just had my car towed back to Mountain View Tire in Eagle Rock.I spent $1500 today which included a new Rack and Pinion assembly VPS Power steering fluid exchange,new front brakes, among other items. After I picked up my car my wife drove the car and the steering column collapsed. AAA towed the car where it awaits an explanation first thing in the morning. It is very disturbing to think what might have happened as we are prepared to drive to Sequoia National Park in the morning. I expect a full refund and explanation as to how this negligence could have happened. In addition after the repair work is performed I insist on a third party inspection of the work performed.Clearly their is something fundamentally wrong with the repair service/supervision and quality of workmanship.To be continued.... Patrick Nickell 8:20 pm July 16 2012.
Owner's reply

After Mr. Nickell's car was towed back to our Eagle Rock store, we inspected the new rack and pinion system and learned that it had failed as the result of a gear connection that separated. We contacted the part's supplier, and one of their representatives came to inspect the rack himself. We had a new rack shipped overnight and installed it Friday morning, July 20th. We replaced the steering coupler as a precaution, and test drove the car for an hour. We then replaced the gas and cleaned the car. Our District Manager, Tim, spoke with Mr. Nickell, who accepted our offer of a 25% discount on the part. The customer thanked Tim for our professional response and the courtesy of our crew. - Chris Mitsos, Vice President / Mountain View Tire


Great Service and Very Helpful!
Thank you all at Mountain View Tire in Eagle Rock for the great service and help you gave my wife and me with her car. This is the third time I've been back and you have always provided stellar care. Very helpful in giving me different options that I could choose from to save money or take care of what really needed to be done as opposed to do everything! I'll continue to recommend and use you for all the cars in our family.

Really Nice People
I bought four tires the other day. The price was good, the service was quick, and everyone was very nice and went above and beyond, but I was not aware of what nitrogen-filled tires were. At first, when I looked it up, I was quite upset that I got some sort of strange tires. I wrote a bad review pending talking to MVT (Andy) when I found out I was a total doofus. The tires are exactly what I wanted. The only thing different was they had nitrogen instead of air inside. If I want to I can put air in them instead. Apparently, nitrogen is better. I totally overreacted, and based on my experience and the kind attitude of the staff, I do believe "excellent" is the correct rating. I would definitely have more work done on my car at MVT in Eagle Rock.

AWESOME service!
This store provides excellent service and will go the extra mile to provide you with the best customer experience. They are EXTREMELY respectful, polite, professional, and treat you like your business is the most important thing on their schedule. Their manager Andy Garabedian went well beyond my expectations, providing me options and price quotes at all levels, and just went the extra mile to earn my business. I have replaced three sets of tires including some high performance and some run-flats and have been very satisfied with the prices and quality, but my satisfaction with the customer service could only be rated at an 11 on a scale of 1-10. Good job!

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