Fontana Highland

We’ve been serving Fontana-area drivers at our Baseline Road store for decades. And since it’s been so successful, we’ve opened a second Fontana store.

You’ll find it at 17040 South Highland Avenue on the southeast corner of Interstate 210 and Sierra Avenue. Look for us in the Highland Village Shopping Center, which is anchored by Sprouts.

The manager of our new Fontana store is Mike DeCeglie, who enjoyed great success running our Eastvale location for many years. Mike will oversee all seven service bays and a team of skilled technicians who provide all types of automotive service and maintenance.

Of course, the new Fontana location will also carry a great selection of tires from Goodyear, Cooper and other trusted manufacturers.

To schedule your appointment, call the new Fontana Highland store at 855-778-6100, or just stop in any day of the week.

John Meza MVTJohn Meza

“I feel that we've been put on Earth to make a difference in people's lives.”

That's the foundation of John Meza's approach to his work and his life. John is the manager of our Upland store and, as of August 2019, he's been with us for 20 years.

“The thing I like most about my job is connecting with people,” John said. “If I'm able to connect with them, I can put something positive into their lives and make that difference.”

The key, he says, is listening. Sharing personal information is important as well. John talks with many customers about his daughters and he knows about many of his customers' lives, too.

The nicest compliments customers pay him? “They say they feel that working with me is like dealing with a family member.”

Pedro Hernandez MVTPedro Hernandez

“I make sure that customers see me giving 110% with their cars by working fast and efficiently,” said Pedro Hernandez, an automotive technician at our Fontana store. He joined our team in the spring of 1999.

Pedro is ASE-certified with additional training as an alignment technician and a tire technician. He loves having the opportunity to work on different types of vehicles each day.

“I have a lot of consistent customers, but one family in particular is my favorite,” said Pedro. “They live near other auto repair shops, but they travel to our shop because they want my service. And another customer promised me that he would never go to a service shop other than ours.”

Jacob Briceno MVTJacob Briceno

“I like to get involved in all aspects of the repairs that a customer may need,” said Jacob Briceno. “And I really like when I can solve difficult problems and get my customer on the road.”

Jacob is also celebrating his 20th year with Mountain View Tire and Auto Service in 2019. He's an automotive technician at our Norco store whose professional training includes the areas of computer systems, brakes, air conditioning, alignments and front ends.

He appreciates when customers tell him that he's “helpful and friendly,” but Jacob really likes it when “customers specifically ask for me to work on their cars.” That is quite a compliment.

Thank you

Happy 20th anniversary to Jacob, John and Pedro! Thank you for serving our customers so well for the last two decades.

Harry Bakalian Granada Hills

“Many customers will ask if I’m the owner of Mountain View Tire and Auto Service because of the way the shop is run.”

That’s Harry Bakalian’s favorite type of customer feedback. And he hears it often.

As the Service Manager for our Granada Hills store, Harry has a lot to do with customers leaving happy.

Here’s an example of the type of stories our Yelp reviewers have told about him.

“I woke up this morning with a flat. I called Mountain View Tire and got a quote [of] $20. When I arrived, I was greeted quickly by Harry. He was very kind, polite and professional. When I went to pay Harry, he said it was on him. When I asked him what he meant, he said, 'Save your money because eventually you’re going to need a new tire.' He did not charge me at all! I've been in the customer service industry for over 23 years and I have NEVER heard of this! I am so impressed, grateful and appreciative of Harry's outstanding customer service!” - Ruben G. / North Hills

A member of our team since May of 1999, Harry is ASE-certified in engine performance and as a service consultant. “I like it when customers come here for a repair or a diagnosis after other shops can’t find or fix the problem,” said Harry. “My favorite part of my work is helping people by fixing their cars right.”

What’s Harry’s advice for taking good care of your vehicle? “It’s pretty basic, really. Check your fluid levels and tire pressure often and follow the maintenance schedule.”

And, of course, see Harry and the team at our Granada Hills location when you need any service or repairs. 

Modesto Abagat MVT

Modesto Abagat is a Certified Public Accountant in charge of Accounts Payable at our corporate office in Rancho Cucamonga. A native of the Philippines, Modesto joined our staff in 1999.

What does he like most about his work? Modesto says, “I enjoy that I get to put my accounting skills to work every day.” He also appreciates the relaxed environment and that MVT management “is very understanding when employees need personal time.”

And what’s the key to leaving customers and vendors with a positive impression of the Mountain View Tire family? “Just be honest. That’s where it all begins,” says Modesto.

In his free time, Modesto enjoys cooking, taking care of chores around the house, and continuing his education. He’s currently attending school to study Japanese.

Thank you, Modesto, for twenty years of service to our team and our customers.

MVR Factory Stock Car

The Mountain View Racing team was featured in an article by Bruce Biegler on Bruce also took the picture of our car shown above. 

Here's what he had to say...

NHRA's SAM Factory Stock Showdown class has a significant new player this season.

Ryan Priddy, who spent the last decade overseeing Nick Mitsos' Mountain View Racing Pro Stock team, has transferred to the driver's seat of Mountain View Racing's FS/XX 2019 COPO Camaro.

Delivered in September 2018, this race car made its initial runs last October as an FS/A car, running very deep under that index and resetting the national record. The Camaro was originally a 2018 model but has been converted to 2019 specs with front and rear trim face to take advantage of the new Magnuson supercharger introduced by Chevrolet for this season.

With the new supercharged 350ci engine, Ryan confirmed the Camaro will be 100 percent devoted to the NHRA's Factory Stock Showdown events going forward.

The COPO, which features associate sponsorship from both NAPA Auto Parts and Havoline, was credited with a super-quick 7.934 run during the record-setting first Factory Stock Showdown event of the season in Gainesville, Florida.

Lavern, California native Ryan Priddy was introduced to drag racing when he was just 3 or 4 years old. His father used to take him to the Pomona Raceway. And for his 16th birthday, his dad got Ryan a 1970 Nova.

“My dad and I worked on it and I used it to race in the high school series at Pomona," recalled Ryan. "I moved up to Palmdale to race and got a little quicker and a little quicker. Then I got a super pump dragster and started racing in that.”

MVR Driver Ryan Priddy 1kThrough a shared love of drag racing, Ryan (shown at right) met Nick and Irene Mitsos, the owners of Mountain View Tire and Auto Service. By 2010, Ryan was running the Mountain View Racing operation.

Today, Ryan is the driver of the Mountain View Racing COPO Camaro.

We asked him if drag racing requires any special personality traits. “I’ve been racing for probably 20 years and to this day there’s not a run that doesn’t get me riled up or a little nervous. But you need to learn to be calm and cool. What helps me is always staying busy. I still work on the car. I help to change the motor. I chill the motor down. That’s how I keep myself focused and motivated. The adrenaline starts to kick in when we’re in the staging lane, a few cars from the starting line. But once I’m at the line, I’m usually pretty cool.”

In 2019, the Mountain View team made the switch to the Factory Stock Showdown Series after racing Pro Stock cars for many years.

“Factory Stock is newer. It’s something we’ve never done before, and it’s a challenge; a lot different than racing Pro Stock cars,” said Ryan. “Also, just like my ’70 Nova, this car does wheel stands and I have to shift it on my own. The other cars are automatic shifts. So, in the SAMTech cars, there’s still a lot of driver ability involved, and it’s just super exciting.”

Chris Mitsos at Line 1kWhen he’s not at the track, Ryan shares his skills in the Mountain View Performance Shop. “We work on cars for other drivers in the Sportsman class. We have our own engine shop. I’ll help with pulling motors, fabrication work, and other jobs.”

He says the strength of the Mountain View Racing team begins with personal relationships. “I love Nick and Irene, Chris, Paul, Michael. They’re awesome people. And our racing team guys Eric and Bobby are just awesome, too. We’ve gelled very well. We always have a good time and lots of laughs. We share the same commitment to excellence as the team in our tire stores. We go at it 110%.”

And Ryan appreciates the opportunities he’s been able to enjoy. “I want to say thank you to Mountain View Tire and NAPA and Havoline for all the support.”

(The video above features action from the 2019 NHRA Norwalk Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio.)

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Mountain View Racing's First Win in NHRA's Sportsman Class

MVT Chatsworth 2A 6 2019

If you live or work in or near Chatsworth, California, we have good news: it’s now easier than ever to treat yourself and your vehicle to The WOW Experience!

We opened the new Mountain View Tire and Auto Service Chatsworth store in June 2019. You’ll find it in the De Soto Square Shopping Plaza at 9183 De Soto Avenue.

Stop in any day of the week for automotive maintenance or repair, including AC service; a new battery or muffler; expert work on your brakes, suspension or cooling system; an oil change, belts, hoses, shocks, struts, headlights or just about any other type of help you need to keep your car running its best.

Of course, you’ll find a great selection of tires, too. (Use our online Tire Selector here.) And we provide all tire-related services, from repair and rotation to balancing, TPMS service and nitrogen inflation. Schedule your appointment now

Thank you for allowing us to provide car care with a higher level of care. We hope to see you soon.

The WOW Experience
Every now and then, we screw up.

It’s never fun to admit that, but not acknowledging when it happens - and not making it right for our customer - would feel even worse.

Here’s the story from Elio Napolitano, manager of our Menifee store.

“A few weeks ago, we installed a catalytic converter that didn’t allow the customer’s vehicle to pass a smog test. The customer was rightfully annoyed. Her husband even questioned her decision to bring the vehicle to the ‘new guys’ in town.” (Our Menifee store opened in January 2019.)

Elio said, “Once we realized our mistake, we got it corrected with no money out-of-pocket for the customer.”

Then, fast forward a couple of days. “Our customer called me and said she was working on a paper for college. One of the topics required her to speak with the manager of a retail location on their ethics and procedures. She asked if she could interview me because she was so happy with the way we handled her situation.”

The moral of the story: “We as managers need to look at negative situations as opportunities to earn lifelong customers,” said Elio. “The true test of customer service is not when things go right, but how they’re handled when everything goes wrong.”

That’s an element of the “WOW! Experience” that Mountain View Tire and Auto Service was founded on back in 1987. Stop in soon and let us treat you to car care with a higher level of care.

Since 1983, Goodyear’s Highway Hero Award has honored truckers who risk their own lives or safety to help others. Here are the stories of the 2019 finalists.

Paul Mathias from Phoenix, Arizona was stopped at a red light when he saw a dump truck crash into an SUV with a mother and her two children inside. Mathias raced over to the accident site and told the woman to perform CPR on her son. He provided comfort to the daughter as she passed away from her injuries. Mathias then returned to the boy and performed CPR on him until medical help arrived. The boy survived.

Darrell Atkins from Alvaredo, Texas was traveling an Arizona interstate when he saw that the vehicle of an elderly couple was hit from behind and then flipped onto a median. Mr. Atkins was able to remove the driver who was suspended upside down by her seatbelt. Then, even with gasoline leaking from the damaged vehicle, Atkins worked to free the driver’s husband and their three dogs who were also trapped.

Don Frederick from Kimbolton, Ohio was on the road when he saw a coal truck flip on its side while turning. After removing the back window of the damaged vehicle, Frederick was able to access the driver and apply direct pressure to his wound to slow the heavy bleeding. Even as smoke began to filter from the truck, Frederick worked to remove the injured driver who was trapped behind the steering wheel. He then continued to administer first aid until emergency medical help arrived.

The trucking industry journalists who select the winner each year named Paul Mathias as Goodyear’s Highway Hero for 2019. During a ceremony on March 28th, Mr. Mathias was presented with a congratulatory trophy, a special ring and other items, plus a cash award.

There's no better time to buy new tires than in late February! That's when our annual Presidents' Day Tire Sale takes place.

The 2019 event happens Saturday, February 16th, as well as Sunday, February 17th and Monday, February 18th.

You'll save no matter which brand, type or size of tires you buy because every tire is marked down for our three-day sale.

And when you buy a set of four tires during the Presidents' Day Tire Sale, you'll get free nitrogen inflation. You'll enjoy many benefits with nitrogen, including tires that stay properly inflated longer. Learn more here.

Visit any one of the dozens of Mountain View Tire and Auto Service locations throughout Southern California to save on your new tires during this once-a-year sale, and then tell a friend or family member so they can save, too.

Schedule an Appointment with us today!

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