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Murrieta Store Mountain View Tire and Auto ServiceThe worst in people often brings out the best in people.

We saw that again in Murrieta when several community members joined together to help Colt Miller, a deployed Marine.

Someone stole a wheel and tire from Colt's car a few weeks ago. When his neighbor noticed the theft, she notified Colt's roommate, Leah.

Leah responded by alerting her neighbors to the crime via a closed Facebook group. Her intent was simply to warn others that their cars might be in danger too.

But something unexpected happened: people in the neighborhood came forward to help.

So, Leah came to our Murrieta store and talked with our manager, Elio Napolitano.

After hearing her story, Elio volunteered to help too. He offered Leah a discounted price on a new tire and wheel, and then donated $100 of his own money to Leah's fundraising efforts.

For Elio, helping Colt - a man he had never met - was an easy decision. “Guys over there are fighting so we can watch football on Sunday," he said, "and someone steals his tire."

It didn't take long to raise the money for Colt's new wheel and tire.

Thanks to Leah, her neighbors and Elio, Colt Miller won't have to worry about his car, because while he's away looking out for our country, his neighbors were right here, looking out for him.

(This post was inspired by Amy Zahn's article in The Press Enterprise.)

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MVT Techs
The word “apprentice” isn’t used too much anymore. It suggests an older approach to teaching the next generation.

But we like the word. And the idea.

When aspiring automotive technicians come to work for us, they must first master the work of the tire installer, lube tech and alignment tech.

Then, they move up to the position of apprentice tech. While we don’t have a formal apprentice program, our concept is still the same: less-experienced techs work side-by-side with our seasoned automotive experts, learning, improving, and building skills and confidence day by day.

“The success of an apprentice tech is almost completely dependent on the individual,” said Vice President Mike Mitsos. “The common quality in each of our successful apprentice techs is a desire to advance their knowledge and careers. And they tend to learn quickly because of that desire. They bring an enthusiastic attitude because of that desire to progress.”

But for each apprentice to thrive, there has to be a master auto tech willing to teach.

“It’s a unique relationship between master technician and apprentice,” said Mike. “The younger techs quickly learn how valuable an experienced pro is to their development. And our older guys get a lot of help from the rookies, plus a genuine sense of pride for helping them advance.”

It’s a nice partnership that benefits everyone, including our customers. We’ve found that the apprenticeship model produces better automotive technicians and builds a tighter brotherhood along the way.

"Hands-on, real-life experiences in the field is the best form of training an aspiring technician could want," said Mike. "That’s where the learning comes from."

Pictured above, left to right: Randy Jimenez, Nathan Naccarato, Jose Perez and Juan Quintanilla

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Goodyear NASCAR Troops TireFor more than a century, Goodyear has supplied the U.S. military with tires and other equipment that support and protect our nation's troops.

G.I. Jobs magazine has recognized Goodyear as a military-friendly employer. In 2014, the company exceeded its goal of hiring 1,000 veterans over a three-year period, and it has already committed to hiring another 1,000 veterans.

And for the seventh year in a row, Goodyear will produce a special version of its Goodyear Eagle racing tire acknowledging our country's armed forces. The “Support Our Troops” message will replace the Eagle logo on all tires used in May's NASCAR races at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

“These tires are a reflection of our deep respect for all military branches,” said Stu Grant, Goodyear's General Manager of Global Racing. Goodyear is the official tire of NASCAR.

askpattyOne of the ways we deliver more value to you is by participating in the Ask Patty program. is an online resource for women who want reliable information on car care, tire sales and other related services.

The Ask Patty team also provides training for their clients - like us - to help them better serve their female customers.

Ask Patty Certified Female-Friendly® locations...

1) Provide women with an automotive service experience based on relationship building, trust, respect and improved communication.

2) Aim to surpass women's expectations and win their lifetime loyalty by providing the highest level of customer service.

3) Deliver an automotive retail experience that's safe and comfortable.

4) Commit to providing the highest quality repair and maintenance service.

Ask Patty also helps our team stay sharp by providing a library of webinars, articles, and other online content.

They monitor our client reviews and social media feedback, too. If they notice a complaint, they provide a formal incident report to us and offer coaching on how to resolve the matter.

And aside from a chain of oil change shops in our area, Mountain View Tire and Auto Service is the only tire and auto repair company in southern California to invest in the Ask Patty program. We think that says a lot about our commitment to our customers.

MVT Glendale
We're in the business of helping people. Usually that means servicing our customers' cars and doing what we can to keep them safe on the roads.

But every now and then we get to help in a different way.

It was Thursday, April 21st. Thong Ly, a technician at our Glendale location, noticed an elderly woman walking on the sidewalk near our store.

She turned and walked through our parking lot, and then approached the service bay where Thong greeted her. The woman began talking with him.

Our store manager, Razmik Agababian, was looking on and thought that the woman seemed a bit confused. He recognized the situation. Raz has experience with Alzheimer's disease because one of his family members struggles with it.

He quickly intervened, asking the woman a few questions to see if she needed help. The only thing she seemed to know was her first and last name. So, Raz called the police. After the officers arrived, they were able to locate the woman's family.

Turns out, she lives in Ontario, California, about 40 miles east of Glendale, so it took her family 45 minutes to get to our store. Both the family and the police were very appreciative for Thong's and Razmik's help.

While we don't know how the woman got so far from home without anyone noticing, we're glad that this part of her story had a happy ending.

We're also very proud that we have guys like Raz and Thong on our team who step up to help others in their time of need.


We celebrated Presidents’ Day 2016 with a very special guest: “faux-mer” president Abraham Lincoln. Despite his hectic schedule, he spent a couple of hours at our Eastvale store.

Mr. Lincoln, of course, is no stranger to hard work, so during his visit, he pitched in behind the counter, in our service bays, and by splitting a few dozen rails out back. (Turns out, he carries his own axe.)

Abe told us he had a “splendid time,” during his stay, but admitted he was a bit baffled by the TV in our reception area as you’ll see in the video above.


MVT Don and Jose

If you've been to our Long Beach location, you may have met Jose Tejeda and Don Murphy.

As of February 2016, both Don and Jose have been a part of the Mountain View Tire and Auto Service family for 20 years!

And “family” is a word they both use to describe MVT. “I appreciate that the company is family owned and very family oriented,” said Jose.

Don agrees. “I've always felt like part of the family here, not a number.”

They share a mutual respect for one another, as well. “Mechanically, Jose is awesome,” said Don. “He's also very honest, and always there to help anybody. He's not just a co-worker; he's a true friend.”

Jose described working with Don as “a great adventure. He's funny, friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand. I can always count on him. My family and I consider him a part of our family.”

There's that word again.

But it's easy to feel like family when you share common goals and experiences, and when you work together all day to help people. “We genuinely enjoy making the day go better for our customers,” said Jose. “We make sure they leave satisfied and feel comfortable coming back again.”

What are the best customer compliments the guys have received?

Don: “I like when people tell me that they've taken their car to different shops and I'm the one who was able to diagnose the problem and repair it. That's always rewarding.”

Jose: “I really appreciate when customers come to me and tell me that they trust my professional opinion. I also feel great when our customers' children grow up and bring their cars in for me to work on.”

The two men do good work in their communities as well. Jose supports the East Los Angeles Boys & Girls Club, and helps out friends and neighbors with home and car repairs in his spare time. Along with giving to his church, Don organized a group years ago that collects and distributes food for the homeless.

And, of course, we had to ask about their dream cars. “A 1957 Ford F-150 with a wrap-around rear window and a full tank of gas,” for Don. And for Jose: “A black 1934 4-door Chevy Deluxe with Goodyear tires, of course!”

Thank you, Jose Tejeda and Don Murphy, for 20 years of skillful service and for taking such good care of our Long Beach customers. We're lucky to have you both. Happy anniversary!


Abe LincolnAbraham Lincoln saved the union from high tire prices!

Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch, but you can meet an “Abe Lincoln” at our Eastvale store on Saturday, February 13th from 2 to 4pm AND save on new tires.

It’s all part of our Presidents’ Day Tire Sale, happening at every Mountain View Tire and Auto Service location, February 13th, 14th and 15th.

If you know you need new tires, this will be a great time to buy. 

Even if new tires are a few months down the road, stop in and let us check your tire condition, tread depth and pressure. It’s free, and it might help you avoid an inconvenient flat or even a dangerous blowout.

If we can answer any questions for you, call 1-877-MVTIRES or pull into any one of our southern California locations.


Smog Checks
We’re proud to announce that our Palm Desert / Monterey store provides Smog Checks (TEST ONLY).

If your vehicle has failed or is likely to fail a smog check because of excessively high emissions levels, it’ll need to pass an inspection at a SMOG station before the state will renew your vehicle registration. 

If a smog check or bringing your vehicle within compliance of state standards presents a financial strain, you may be able to receive help from The Consumer Assistance Program. The program provides eligible consumers with up to $1,500 to retire a vehicle or up to $500 in emissions-related repairs. Ask us for more details.

To schedule your smog check, please call our Palm Desert / Monterey store at (866)865-2068.


Vincent Nobile Camaro
The anticipation as the drivers inch up to the starting line. The explosion of power a millisecond after the green light. The quarter-mile of distance devoured in just over six seconds. Driver and machine working together to create speed as efficiently as possible.

Those are just a few of the reasons we love NHRA Pro Stock drag racing.

Now, we have even more reasons to be excited about Mountain View Racing’s 2016 NHRA season, including a recent affiliation with the Elite Performance team, and an even-more-experienced Vincent Nobile behind the wheel of our Chevy Camaro.

Read this great story about Vincent in Drag Illustrated. It includes an anecdote about Vincent showing one of his college professors why he had to miss a class now and then during his rookie year as an NHRA driver.

The 2016 NRHA season begins February 11 in Pomona, California. See the full schedule here. And look for us all season long on FOX Sports 1.

(Photo by Gary Nastase.)


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