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Back in October, we told you about Alice Gratias, the 93-old Mountain View Tire and Auto Service customer who lived a lifelong dream when we were able to arrange a ride for her aboard a Goodyear blimp.

A TV crew representing CBS’s Sunday Morning was there to cover Alice’s flight. Her story is part of this piece called “The Next Generation of Goodyear Blimps.”


Havoline OilWe’ve made a change. An oil change.

Wait. Let’s clarify that.

We’ve been performing tens of thousands of oil changes for customers each year for decades, but now we’re changing their dirty oil to clean Chevron / Havoline brand oil.

See? An oil change.

“We like that Chevron is a California-based company,” said MVT Vice President Chris Mitsos. “And even though they’re considered to be the industry leader in oil technology, their products don’t cost more.”

Another change: we’re now using BG Products chemicals for brake, differential, power steering, cooling system, and transmission fluid exchanges, as well as for engine and fuel system treatments and cleanings.

So, when you need an oil change or other automotive fluids replaced, stop into any one of the Mountain View Tire and Auto Service locations throughout southern California.


Chris and Mike at Scheu Family Y

(Mountain View VPs Chris Mitsos, left, and Mike Mitsos, right, present a check to Farzad Yektafar and the Scheu Family YMCA of Upland.)

Being named one of three Top Shop finalists in the country by Tire Review Magazine came with some nice benefits, including a check for $500.

We decided to donate that $500 to an organization that's doing some wonderful work - The Scheu Family YMCA of Upland.

Pull QuoteFamily is very important to us, so we wanted to support people who work to strengthen families in our area. The Scheu Family YMCA provides a safe spot for kids to play and make friends. It's a place where grandparents can connect with other seniors. And it's where entire families can work out and get healthier together.

“Everything the Y does is in service of making us - as individuals and a community - better,” wrote Farzad Yektafar. He's the Branch Director of the Scheu Family Y. “Thank you so very much for choosing us for your generous donation.”

If you live in or around the area, please check out The Scheu Family YMCA of Upland. You'll find a workout facility, three fitness studios, a basketball gym, and an indoor soccer field. The Y also offers a child watch program for members, as well as classes and programs for people of every age. Visit

MVTAS ArticleIt’s a great feeling to be recognized for the work you do.

It happened to us again in late September when we were named one of only three Top Shop Finalists in the United States by Tire Review Magazine. (You can read the full article here.) The competition honors independent tire dealers that epitomize the attributes and values of a successful business.

And while there’s only one name on the trophy, we know that there are so many people who contribute to our success.

We’ll begin by thanking you. Without you - and the tens of thousands of other drivers who choose Mountain View Tire and Auto Service each year - we wouldn’t even have a business! You make it possible for our family and nearly 300 other hard-working people to make a living and raise our children by doing work we truly enjoy. We know you have many choices when it comes to tires and automotive service, and we truly appreciate when you call us or walk through our doors.

Thank you to our valuable partners and suppliers, including Goodyear, Cooper Tire, NAPA Auto Parts, and all the other companies we’ve built strong relationships with over the years.

Thank you to our office staff. This dedicated group of people keeps our business humming along, taking care of everything from ordering, scheduling and payroll to hiring, training and so many other responsibilities.

Thank you to the Mountain View Racing team, who represents our name well at NHRA-sanctioned drag racing facilities all over the country and on national television more than 20 weekends every year.

Thank you to the men and women at each and every Mountain View store: the managers behind the counters and the technicians servicing vehicles in the bays to keep our customers safe and rolling down the road.

In the end, life always comes down to people working with and caring for people. And we feel very fortunate to have so many wonderful people in our lives. Thank you for all that you do for us.


We don't see too many DeLoreans pull up for new tires or automotive service these days, especially DeLoreans with flux capicators.

But on October 21st, 2015 - Back To The Future Day - a DeLorean did pull into our Lakewood store.

Read the story below that ran in Tire Review magazine's online edition. Our thanks to Goodyear for making the car's visit possible. 

Back to the Future Day









Alice and the Goodyear Blimp

Alice Gratias is 93 years young. She has a boyfriend - Rod - and a bucket list.

Scratch that.

She had a bucket list - until October 7, 2015.

That's the date she was able to cross off the last item on her list. That's the date she rode in the Goodyear blimp.

“Alice has been a customer at our Granada Hills store for many years,” said Mike Mitsos, one of MVT's Vice Presidents. “About a year-and-a-half ago, she told the store's manager Mike Bakalian about her bucket list. She asked Mike if there was any way that she could ride in the Goodyear blimp.”

At the time, all of the blimps' schedules were too full to accommodate Alice.

But then, Goodyear announced that they would be retiring their current fleet of blimps to make way for new airships.

To celebrate that occasion, Goodyear allowed Mountain View Tire and Auto Service to award several blimp rides to customers and employees. Alice Gratias was one of those lucky customers.

And, as it turned out, her blimp trip took place on her 93rd birthday. Alice called the experience “fantastic” in the very nice thank you letter she sent to us. (Read it here.)

A crew from CBS This Morning was on hand to record the event. Their story is scheduled to air on the national program in November.


Top Shop Mountain View Tire and Auto Service has been named one of only three nationwide finalists in the 2015 Top Shop Award competition, presented by Tire Review magazine.

What does that mean to you?

It’s another reason to trust your vehicle to the Mountain View team. 

The Top Shop winner and finalists are celebrated for their commitment to customer service and retention, employee training, professional standards and conduct, appearance, solid business management, community involvement and other factors.

The contest recognizes “dealers of all sizes and types, and spotlights independent tire dealers that best epitomize the key attributes and values of a highly successful business,” according to

“More than 100 tire dealers and auto service centers across the country entered this year’s competition,” said MVT Vice President Chris Mitsos. “So, to be named a finalist really says a lot about what we do for our customers every day.”

“Congratulations to Mountain View Tire and Auto Service,” wrote Jim Smith, editor of Tire Review. “They have clearly demonstrated that, by focusing on world-class customer service, top-flight employees, and a deep devotion to the community, they can be more than competitive in a tough market.”

Tire Review is the world’s oldest, most widely read business-to-business magazine serving the tire industry. The magazine is published by Babcox Media Inc., based in Akron, Ohio. Tire Review will run an article about Mountain View Tire and Auto Service in late October 2015. 

Nick and Irene 1964Our commitment to family begins at the top!

Fifty-one years ago - August 16, 1964 - our eventual founder and president Nick Mitsos married a beautiful young woman named Irene Papajohn in Brooklyn, New York.

Over the past half century, Nick and Irene have raised three sons, moved across the country to start a new life, and built a business that today employs about 300 people throughout southern California.

When they first met as teenagers at the Kimisis Theotoku Greek Orthodox Church youth club in Brooklyn, New York, they couldn’t have imagined all the adventure that was in store for them; the challenges and triumphs, the joy and heartache and, ultimately, the wonderful success that is their life together.

Nick and Irene are inspirations to us, and they serve as a constant reminder of the importance of a strong family.

Thank you for that. And happy anniversary, you two. 

Our family cares for your familys cars

When you need good advice from people you trust, you turn to your family, right? 
They care about you. They want to help you. And most importantly, they tell you the truth. 
The Mitsos family opened Mountain View Tire and Auto Service in 1987, and is well into their second generation of serving southern California drivers. Nick, Chris, Mike and Paul all know that their name is on the line with every customer we serve, so they work very hard to make sure you feel welcome and that you receive the care you expect.  
There are also brothers from different families who wear the Mountain View colors, including:
Your family doesn’t steer you wrong. And neither will ours. We make sure of that with our customer-centered philosophy, and our commitments to ongoing training and long-term relationships. 
Doing a great job is important to us, so we work to keep you and your loved ones safer on the road and to earn your trust. That’s why we say “our family cares for your family’s cars.” 
Visit us soon. We’re open seven days a week.
EL1-250One of the many benefits of running a business for a long time is the chance to get to know and work with some truly wonderful people; people like Efrian Lopez, our second 20-year employee.
Efrian is now the manager of our North Hollywood store. He began his career with us in 1995 as an automotive technician, but his interest in cars was sparked long before that. “I started working with cars at 15 years old,” said Efrian. “I liked getting my hands dirty.” 
These days, he enjoys working with our customers. “The best part of my job is teaching people about their vehicles.” And if the testimonials we receive are any indication, our customers enjoy working with Efrian just as much. A few examples:  

  • “Efrain Lopez is a happy sort of fellow. He made my visit a pleasure.”
  • “Efrain and Joe took really good care of us. Efrain showed us everything that was wrong, and he was very detailed in his description. He was clear with what our options were, and what we should prioritize. He was honest and didn't push us to do anything.”
  • “Very helpful and pleasant about it.”
EL2-250Efrain said, “I’ve had customers thank me for my honesty and thorough service. I take my integrity very seriously.” That's a huge part of the WOW Experience we work to provide for all of our customers.
After 20 years on the job, Efrian has a few stories, but this is his favorite. “A family was on their way to church when they came in with a blown-out tire. The lady’s son was going with her to church for the first time, and she was very happy with his decision. She had been struggling with her son for many years. He was involved with gangs and drugs. But, we were able to get her tire fixed quickly, and the whole family made it to church. Their lives were changed from that day on. She called me back later, thanked me for the fast service, and let me know they had made it to church just in time.”
And Efrian knows how important it is to help kids tangled up with drugs. He volunteers as a youth ministry leader. “I work with teens and young adults who have problems with drug abuse, gangs and other issues that inner city kids have to deal with.” Yet another reason we're proud to have Efrian as a member of our team. 
Thank you, Efrian Lopez, for 20 years of serving our customers and our community. 


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