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What would you do if you noticed a police officer being attacked?

Clinton Blackburn knows what he would do. And he did it.

Mr. Blackburn is a truck driver from Morehead, Kentucky, and because of his selfless bravery in the face of danger, he's been named Goodyear's 32nd Highway Hero.

While on the road last year, Blackburn noticed a police officer driving erratically, and then stopping suddenly.

When Mr. Blackburn looked closer, he saw that Spencer County, Kentucky jailer Darrell Herndon was being strangled from behind by a prisoner he was transporting.

After Blackburn ran to the car, he tried to free Officer Herndon from the prisoner's grip. During the struggle, the prisoner pulled the officer's firearm. Blackburn quickly grabbed the barrel of the gun and pointed it toward the car's dashboard. Herndon was then able to unbuckle his seat belt and roll out of the car. The prisoner tried to point the gun at Blackburn, who turned the weapon around and aimed it at the prisoner.

But the excitement wasn't over yet!

As Blackburn backed away from the car to avoid the prisoner's reach, he realized that the keys were still in the police cruiser's ignition. The prisoner tried to start the car and drive away, but Mr. Blackburn and Officer Herndon were able to stop him, and bring the situation to a peaceful close.

"Clinton [Blackburn] acted without regard for his own safety, literally putting himself in harm's way to save another person," said Gary Medalis, marketing director for Goodyear Commercial Tire Systems. His "brave, decisive actions ensured that [Officer Herndon] would be home with his family that night. He has earned the right to be called a Goodyear Highway Hero."

Mr. Blackburn received a special Highway Hero ring, a $5,000 prize and other items.

Hometown Trucker is a Highway Hero
Goodyear Names 2013 Highway Hero



Today - April 10th - is National Siblings Day, an annual celebration of brothers and sisters, and their importance to one another and their families.

We're happy to have a few sets of brothers working here at Mountain View Tire and Auto Service.

Cris Lepe is the manager of our Long Beach location. His brother Adrian Lepe manages our Lakewood store.

Brothers Mike and Harry Bakalian both serve customers from our Granada Hills store. Mike is the manager and Harry is the assistant manager.

Stephan Mercado works in our Eastvale store along with his sons, brothers Anthony and Giovanni Mercado.

Tony and Ricardo Andrade are our brother team at the Oxnard location.

And when Nick Mitsos opened our first store in 1987, he wasn't thinking that his boys would be running the show one day, but that's what has happened. Brothers Chris, Mike and Paul Mitsos now serve as our Vice Presidents and handle day-to-day operations for all of our southern California tire and automotive service stores.

"It says a lot about our company culture when our employees encourage their family members to join our team," said Chris Mitsos. "Before Mountain View Tire ever existed, my brothers and I were family. The strength of the relationship we have with each other and our dad is the foundation of our business. So, we realize how valuable it is to have brothers working side-by-side in our stores."

Happy Siblings Day from all of us at the Mountain View Tire and Auto Service family.

MVT Oxnard Team

(Above: MVT Oxnard team members Tony Andrade, Joe Garcia and Ricardo Andrade.)

If you need your faith in human nature restored, take a moment to read this.

On Saturday, March 7th, 2015, a woman named Shila pulled up to our Oxnard store to have a flat tire repaired. (We're using Shila's name with her permission.)

Shortly after Shila arrived, a young woman walked in carrying a tire that also needed repair, but her tire could not be safely fixed due to the nature of the damage.

Our Oxnard manager Joe Garcia broke the bad news to the young woman that she would need a new tire.

Shila overheard the conversation, and noticed that the young woman was on the verge of tears.

Seeing this, Shila quietly asked Joe to install a new tire for her, and volunteered to pay for it. Shila also asked Joe to not let the other woman know who had paid for the tire. Joe assured her that he would not.

When Joe told the young woman that the purchase of the new tire had been taken care of, she was overcome with emotion, and thanked him repeatedly.

Once Shila's car was ready, she asked Joe how much she owed for the tire repair.

"No charge, ma'am," Joe replied.

When she asked why, Joe said that he was merely re-paying her act of kindness. Joe also thanked her for being so generous and helping the young woman in need.


It's the beginning of the end for a generation.

A generation of blimps, that is.

Goodyear's Spirit of Innovation is being retired after 14 years of service. That's a long life for one of these graceful airships.

But her replacement - Wingfoot One - brings good news:

• A top speed of 70 miles per hour - 20 mph faster than Innovation.
• The 52-foot longer envelope (the blimpy part) will make her even more visible.
• A gondola that seats a dozen people, instead of seven.
• A bathroom!

Wingfoot One is the first Goodyear blimp of its kind, but it won't be the last. The entire fleet will eventually be switched to this new model, which - hold on to your hat - is not technically a blimp at all. It's a semi-rigid airship. According to Goodyear, it's that semi-rigid internal structure that separates Wingfoot One from previous blimps.

Just as Goodyear continues to develop new tire technologies that better serve drivers, this new airship's speed and improved agility will better serve fans enjoying aerial coverage of America's biggest sporting events.

Watch this fascinating time-lapse video of Wingfoot One's construction. 


You have a lot of options when it comes to automotive service, but isn't it nice when you have a dependable, go-to source for car care? That way, you don't have to worry about finding people you can trust when you need repairs or maintenance in a hurry.

We put together this 22-second video at our Eastvale store to remind you of just a few of the ways that we make car care easy for you. Take a look:

While we had the video camera rolling, we thought we'd tell you about some of the ways we make car care fun, too! We hope you enjoy these less-than-traditional reasons to visit Mountain View Tire and Auto Service. 


Thank you

As we look back on 2014, we're reminded of how much we have to be thankful for, and how much we have to thank YOU for.

Business Is Good

Even during this slowly recovering economy, our revenue was up 3.6% over 2013. And about 7% more customers came through our doors this year.

We can't tell you how much it means to us that you rely on Mountain View Tire and Auto Service, and that you're telling your family and friends about us. (Take a look at a few of the nice comments people shared with us this year.)

We're Growing

We opened our newest store in February of 2014. And it was our second store in Palm Desert! Located at 34-700 Monterey Avenue in the Desert Gateway Shopping Center, it's the first of our locations to provide smog testing.

Competing at the Highest Level

Our Mountain View Racing team earned its fourth consecutive top-ten finish in the NHRA Pro Stock standings this year. Professional drag racing is incredibly competitive and each run down the track is a challenge, but it also sharpens us and reminds us of how we always need to stay focused when serving our customers. Read more here.

Big Anniversaries

A few members of the Mountain View family celebrated an important milestone this year. We'd like to thank the following people for their decades of service.

  • Mike Mitsos - Vice President (25 years)
  • Maddy Gaeta - Corporate Office (22 years)
  • Henry Montes - Manager / Rancho Cucamonga (21 years)
  • Chris Mitsos - Vice President (21 years)
  • Paul Mitsos - Vice President (21 years)
  • Jorge Brizuela - Automotive Tech / Rowland Heights (20 years)
  • Carlos Lemus - Automotive Tech / North Hollywood (20 years)

Thank you again for supporting our family-owned and operated business. We hope that 2015 will be an exciting and successful year for you and your family. 


Goodyear is Military Friendly

There are many reasons we're proud to be a Goodyear tire dealer. One of those reasons is the company's commitment to our nation's veterans.

For the third straight year, G.I. Jobs magazine has named Goodyear a Top 100 Military-Friendly Employer. The company was chosen again because of its military recruiting efforts, its high percentage of new hires with a military background, the retention programs it's developed for veterans, and its policies that support National Guard and Reserve service.

Goodyear has already delivered on its promise to hire 1,000 veterans by 2015, and the company has pledged to hire an additional 1,000 veterans by August of 2015.

Goodyear's relationship with the nation's armed forces dates back more than a century. In addition to being the largest producer of military tires in the U.S., the company raises nearly one million dollars each year for the non-profit Support Our Troops organization through its "Goodyear Gives Back" campaign. Goodyear also sponsors events at U.S. military bases, and provides opportunities for military personnel to meet race drivers and ride in the Goodyear Blimp.

There are many positions within the tire company that are appropriate for those with a military background, including:

• Engineers
• Front-line managers
• Service technicians
• Plus, corporate roles in supply chain, procurement, finance, and human resources

For more information on employment opportunities with Goodyear, please visit


Along with operating dozens of tire and automotive service locations throughout southern California, Mountain View Tire and Auto Service also owns an NHRA Pro Stock racing team. It consists primarily of our crew chief, four car specialists, an appearance / maintenance man, a logistics expert, and our driver, Vincent Nobile.

(Take a ride with Vincent in the video above.)

Each year, our team competes at the highest level of drag racing in 24 events across the United States. We may race in as many as 16 rounds at each multi-day event.

NHRA drag racing is incredibly competitive. Routinely, hundredths of a second separate winners from losers.

Drag racing is expensive. There's a lot at stake each time we take the car down the track, so adjusting, learning and improving are crucial elements of success.

High-level drag racing also demands attention to detail, from arranging cross-country travel, to getting entire teams of people and truckloads of equipment to the track on time, to making sure that every part of the car is race ready.

So, what does all of that mean to you?

It's true that a 1,300-horsepower, 213-mile-per-hour Pro Stock race car with a roll cage and two parachutes may not have a lot in common with your family's vehicle, but we can assure you of this: the commitment and passion that we give to our racing is only a portion of what we pour into our business.

The skill, the knowledge, the organization, the humility and the teamwork that we need to win on the track are also keys to winning your business and providing you with the WOW! experience.

In other words, what we've learned from racing over the years helps us to serve you better each time you come in.

From all of us at Mountain View Tire and Auto Service, thank you for cheering on our Pro Stock racing team and for supporting our family-run business since 1987.


Ivan Vasovic, a truck driver from Rancho Cucamonga, is officially a hero.

In October 2013, Mr. Vasovic was driving in Los Angeles when he saw a double tanker truck plow into the concrete divider of a freeway overpass. The truck then bounced off a wall and came to rest with one of the tankers hanging over the side of the overpass.

Loaded with diesel fuel, the tankers quickly ignited, and the driver of the truck caught on fire. He kicked out a window to escape, but broke an arm and a leg after sliding off the truck and falling to the ground.

Along with another witness, Mr. Vasovic rushed to pull the injured driver away from the burning truck, but the intense heat prevented either man from staying too close to the burning truck for long.

Mr. Vasovic ran back to his truck to pour water on himself. That provided him with enough protection to drag the injured trucker out of further harm's way. Moments later, the burning tanker crashed to the ground.

Gary Medalis of Goodyear's Commercial Tire Systems said that Mr. Vasovic "literally put himself in harm's way to save another person's life. Ivan's decision to interject himself into this deadly scenario is a powerful example of the selflessness exhibited by professional truck drivers. He has earned the right to be called a Highway Hero."

Ivan Vasovic is the 31st truck driver to be named a Highway Hero. Goodyear started the program in 1983 to honor those truckers who risk their own safety to save others from danger.

Mountain View Tire and Auto Service's corporate headquarters are located in Rancho Cucamonga. We also have a store there on Masi Drive. And we're proud to know that Ivan Vasovic is a hometown highway hero.


Mike 3

At Mountain View Tire and Auto Service, we promise you the WOW Experience, but you might wonder how we deliver on that promise.

It begins with a philosophy of providing remarkable customer service; one that requires remarkable people who are committed to putting that philosophy into practice.

Mike Bakalian is one of those people.

Mike (pictured in the center) is the manager of our Granada Hills store. He's been a member of the MVT team since 1996.

"I've been working with cars since I was 12 years old," Mike said. "I started at a Mobil gas station; worked there for five years, and then went to Mark C. Bloome Tire."

Along the way, Mike earned his ASE certification in automotive engine repair, brakes, front end, air conditioning, and service department management.

"I keep up with changing technology by reading information from tire and parts manufacturers, and talking with tire company reps. And all of us stay current with Goodyear's online training."

One of Mike's responsibilities is hiring new automotive techs for the Granada Hills store. "When I'm interviewing, I look for experienced people with a lot of automotive knowledge, but I also want a friendly, positive attitude." That up-beat approach is one you'll find in Mountain View's dozens of stores throughout southern California.

"I like to take care of customers from the beginning of their visit, deliver what we promise from start to finish, and exceed their expectations," said Mike.

As a result, "It's fun working with our regular customers. We've gotten to know them through the years, and the trust is there."

"We want customers for life," Mike said. "So our philosophy is to make sure our customers stay happy."

He doesn't have much free time, but Mike still helps out his church when he can.

"Last year, I volunteered for the kitchen staff during summer church camp. It was for 10 to 15-year-olds. I also got to teach the little kids how to fish. It was their first time fishing. You should have seen their faces! They couldn't wait until the next morning so we could go fish again."

Mike finds that same warm feeling at work. "The Mitsoses appreciate what we do. Everyone is close. It's like a family here."


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