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At Mountain View Tire and Auto Service, we promise you the WOW Experience, but you might wonder how we deliver on that promise.

It begins with a philosophy of providing remarkable customer service; one that requires remarkable people who are committed to putting that philosophy into practice.

Mike Bakalian is one of those people.

Mike (pictured in the center) is the manager of our Granada Hills store. He's been a member of the MVT team since 1996.

"I've been working with cars since I was 12 years old," Mike said. "I started at a Mobil gas station; worked there for five years, and then went to Mark C. Bloome Tire."

Along the way, Mike earned his ASE certification in automotive engine repair, brakes, front end, air conditioning, and service department management.

"I keep up with changing technology by reading information from tire and parts manufacturers, and talking with tire company reps. And all of us stay current with Goodyear's online training."

One of Mike's responsibilities is hiring new automotive techs for the Granada Hills store. "When I'm interviewing, I look for experienced people with a lot of automotive knowledge, but I also want a friendly, positive attitude." That up-beat approach is one you'll find in Mountain View's dozens of stores throughout southern California.

"I like to take care of customers from the beginning of their visit, deliver what we promise from start to finish, and exceed their expectations," said Mike.

As a result, "It's fun working with our regular customers. We've gotten to know them through the years, and the trust is there."

"We want customers for life," Mike said. "So our philosophy is to make sure our customers stay happy."

He doesn't have much free time, but Mike still helps out his church when he can.

"Last year, I volunteered for the kitchen staff during summer church camp. It was for 10 to 15-year-olds. I also got to teach the little kids how to fish. It was their first time fishing. You should have seen their faces! They couldn't wait until the next morning so we could go fish again."

Mike finds that same warm feeling at work. "The Mitsoses appreciate what we do. Everyone is close. It's like a family here."


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