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Chevron Havoline OilThat’s a question we hear quite often. And the best answer is “whichever oil your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends.”

But if you’re like us, you want to know what’s going into your engine. So, here’s a quick rundown of the four main types of motor oil and their benefits.

Conventional Oil: Yes, conventional oil is formulated to protect your engine, withstand heat, and maintain proper viscosity (thickness). However, it doesn’t include the additives that help it last as long and perform as well as synthetic oil. For that reason, conventional oil is typically the least expensive option.

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Full Synthetic Oil: Unlike conventional oil, synthetic oil is man-made. Additives improve its ability to lubricate engine parts. While it does cost more, synthetic oil lasts much longer, so you’ll need fewer oil changes. Full synthetics also:

  • Reduce friction better, which can improve fuel economy.
  • Maintain their viscosity at very high temperatures.
  • Reduce engine deposits, the by-products of engine combustion.
  • Last longer because they’re more stable.

Synthetic Blend Oil: If you tow heavy loads or drive in the mountains frequently, you may want to choose a synthetic blend oil. It combines conventional oil with high-performance fluid additives. It’s that blend that delivers extra protection against oxidation. It’s also recommended for:Check your oil

  • Stop-and-go traffic.
  • Long driving times.
  • Fluctuating or extreme temperatures.

High-Mileage Oil: If your vehicle has been driven more than 75,000 miles, consider a high-mileage engine oil. It's made with a special blend of oils and additives in order to extend the life of vehicles that have been around the block more than a time or two. High-mileage oil helps prevent friction, oil burn-off, and the build-up of sludge and other deposits.

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