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Nitrogen Tire Inflation

Formula 1 race car drivers. NASCAR drivers. Pilots.

What do those people have in common?

  • They all put their vehicle's tires through extreme conditions.
  • They all count on properly inflated tires to keep them safe.
  • They all use nitrogen in their tires.

Coincidence? Nope.

When filled with nitrogen instead of compressed air your tires are far more likely to stay properly inflated.

In fact, a Clemson University study showed that “nitrogen-inflated tires can maintain pressure 74% better” than shop air-inflated tires under normal operating conditions. “As a result,” the study continued, “nitrogen-inflated tires produce about 70% less rolling resistance than air-inflated tires.” ( defines rolling resistance as “the force required to keep your vehicle's tires rolling at a given speed.”) 

When your tires stay properly inflated longer, they last longer, your gas mileage improves, and your vehicle handles better.

And unlike compressed air, nitrogen won't add moisture to the inside of your tires. That moisture can lead to rusty rims and valve stems. If enough water accumulates, it can even throw your tires out of balance.

To learn how much money you can save with nitrogen tire inflation, use the Savings Calculator on the home page of the Get Nitrogen Institute's website. The site also includes plenty of research that supports the benefits of filling your tires with nitrogen.

When you're ready to make the switch to nitrogen, pull into your nearest Mountain View Tire and Auto Service location.

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