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Gasoline Affects Performance

Just as your body uses food to create energy, your car converts gasoline into the power it needs.

If you eat low-quality meals, your body will respond negatively. And if you use lower-quality gasoline, your vehicle’s performance will suffer.

In fact, testing conducted by AAA has shown that using higher-quality Top Tier gas can make a “significant difference” to your engine.

According to a AAA article, Top Tier gasolines meet specific standards for “robust engine cleanliness and performance specification.”

Gasoline brands that did not meet Top Tier standards left 19 times the amount of deposits in test engines after only 4,000 miles of simulated driving. That type of gunk can affect fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers, and harm a vehicle’s performance and responsiveness.

AAA suggests using Top Tier fuel. “Consumers can reverse some engine deposits simply by switching gasoline brands,” said Greg Brannon, AAA’s director of Automotive Engineering. “After a few thousand miles with Top Tier gasoline, performance issues like rough idling or hesitation during acceleration can often be resolved.”

Here are the gasolines that meet the Top Tier standards.

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