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You affect how far your vehicle can travel on a tank of gas.

Sure, there are factors you can’t control, such as the weight of the car, it’s body type and aerodynamics. But with minimal effort, you can improve your fuel economy.

Start with these basics: keep your tires properly inflated, limit stop-and-start driving, and take the fastest route to your destination. Then, add these…

1) Use Your Cruise Control - Continually accelerating and decelerating during a long trip burns more fuel than necessary. By keeping your speed consistent, cruise control prevents surges of higher gasoline consumption. It can boost fuel economy by as much as 14%.

2) Replace Old Spark Plugs - Worn plugs can cut fuel efficiency by a whopping 30%. The experts at the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence suggest that bad spark plugs are usually to blame when gas mileage drops suddenly. We can fix that problem for you.

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3) Shut Down Your Vehicle - This is an easy one! If you’ll be idling for more than 10 seconds, turn off your engine. According to the California Energy Commission, idling costs you about five cents per minute. That may not seem like much, but it certainly adds up over time. Shutting it down also reduces the amount of pollution your car generates.

Schedule an Appointment4) Have Your Alignment Checked - When your tires aren’t perfectly pointed in the direction you’re driving, they don’t roll as easily as they should. That causes drag, which can lower your MPG by about 10%. Misalignment reduces the service life of your tires, too.

5) Cut Back on the AC - On very hot days, running your air conditioner can slice your fuel economy by 25%. So, to keep your car’s interior cool, park under a tree or in a garage, or use a sunshade. Leave your windows down until you reach highway speeds. Then, when driving faster, use your AC, but try to keep it set at a warmer temperature.

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