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Tire Facts

1) Do you know why tires are black? The rubber used to make them contains carbon black, a material that's also used to create the black pigment of mascara, as well as printing ink and toner.

2) Rubber isn't the only material used to make tires. In fact, there are more than 200 materials in each tire, including steel wire, cobalt, titanium, sulfur and zinc oxide, plus polyester, rayon and nylon.

3) About 290 million tires are discarded in the U.S. each year. Fortunately, 80% are recycled. Many old tires are re-purposed for use as an industrial fuel source, in asphalt or as a gravel substitute. Old tires can also be shredded and used as garden mulch and wastewater filters.

4) Tires are relatively large compared to your vehicle's other components, but only an area about the size of a postcard touches the road surface at any time.

5) You may already know that NHRA Top Fuel dragsters use a lot of fuel in the 4 or 5 seconds it takes them to drive a quarter-mile (about 23 gallons), but they also go through tires quickly. The giant "racing slicks" as they're called must be changed every four to six runs, which means they're only used for about 2 miles on the track.

6) Tires that are six years old or older are more likely to fail due to tread separation, sidewall bulges or other problems.

7) At 70 miles per hour, tires with 1/32" of tread will take 300 feet - or 18.3 car lengths - to stop on a wet road. That's almost twice as long as it takes new tires to stop under the same conditions.

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