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Car battery being replaced

Dead batteries are an easy fix, but if you wait too long to replace an aging car battery, you may find yourself stranded at the most inconvenient of times. Here are some handy tips to keep in mind.

The Best Time to Buy a Car Battery

The folks at Consumer Reports got it right when they wrote that “the time to think about buying a new auto battery is before the old one fails.”

The reason: once you've been left stranded by a dead car battery, you’re not likely to spend the time necessary to shop for the new battery that’s best for your vehicle and your wallet. Chances are you’ll settle for any model just to avoid spending more time being stranded.


So, as soon as you notice signs that your battery is on its way out, bring it in to any Mountain View Tire & Auto Service location in the Los Angeles / southern California area and we’ll conduct a load test to determine if it’s still capable of holding a charge.

Signs It May Be Time for a New Car Battery

Your battery may be reaching the end of its service life if it’s exhibiting any of these symptoms:

  1. Hard starts: Your engine is taking longer than usual to “turn over.”
  2. Stains or corrosion: They can signal an irreparable leak.
  3. An unusual smell: A dying battery may smell like rotten eggs or as if it’s burning.

You also should know your battery’s age. If it’s more than three or four years old, bring it into us for testing, especially before a long road trip or if you’ll be parking the vehicle for quite a while. Long periods of inactivity can drain a car battery, as can consistently short trips that don’t allow the alternator to fully re-charge the battery.

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Battery Service Throughout the Los Angeles Area

From Burbank to Winchester, Mountain View Tire & Auto Service has dozens of stores to serve you. We proudly carry Exide batteries. They deliver consistent performance and long life, as well as high cranking capacity and high reserve power. And because Exide batteries feature heavy-duty construction, they tolerate vibration and temperature extremes, and provide the power you need in all kinds of weather.

Make an online appointment for a load test or a new battery installation here.

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