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tire-serviceMountain View Tire & Auto Service is your home for automotive tires in the Los Angeles / southern California area.

We carry 15 tire brands, including Goodyear, Cooper, Dunlop and Michelin, and we maintain a huge inventory of tires at all times, so you can be confident we have the tires you need. By the way, you can use our online tire selector to check our tire prices any time. 

Why Buy Tires at Mountain View Tire?

Three reasons: Selection, price and service.

  1. At every Mountain View Tire & Auto Service store in and around Los Angeles, you’ll have access to a great selection of tires. That means that, whether you’re looking for a certain brand or tires that are designed for a specific type of driving, we’re sure to have them.
  2. We’re always competitive on tire prices. In addition, we offer money-saving promotions each month through Goodyear, Cooper and our other tire brands. You’ll also find tire-related service coupons here on our website.
  3. You’ll get something more at Mountain View Tire & Auto Service. We call it The WOW Experience! It’s our promise of friendly, dependable service; that we’ll respect your time; that we’ll always explain any problems with your vehicle and present all available solutions; that we’ll go out of our way to deliver any help you may need; and that you’ll be treated so well, you’ll want to recommend us to your friends and family members.

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Tire Size: What Those Numbers and Letters on the Sidewall Mean

Tires are manufactured in many sizes to fit a variety of vehicles. Tire size is measured in height, width and diameter, and is listed as an alphanumeric code on the sidewall. For instance, the code might be P185/65R 14. In that case…

185 = The tire's width in millimeters

65 = The ratio of the height to the width as a percentage

R = Means the tire is a radial

14 = The diameter of the rim in inches

The Importance of Tread Depth

When you drive on a new set of tires you may feel a sense of confidence and safety. The reason: the tread depth.

Typically, a new tire will have a tread depth of 10/32nds or 11/32nds of an inch. The higher the tread depth the more effectively the tire can funnel water through the treads. Once the tread depth has been reduced after many miles, there is much less room for water to pass under the tire. In that case, the vehicle can lose contact with the road and literally ride on a sheet of water. That’s known as hydroplaning, and it can cause a driver to lose complete control of the vehicle.

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Tires with full tread depth also feel as if they “grip” the road better, which can make the vehicle feel more stable. That’s especially important when turning sharp corners.

For tires or automotive service in Los Angeles and throughout southern California, visit a Mountain View Tire & Auto Service location near you.

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