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Transmission RepairThe transmission is your vehicle’s most complex system, which means it also can be the most difficult and costly to fix. As with most other types of car problems, the sooner you have your transmission symptoms diagnosed and repaired, the better the chances you can limit any damage and the cost of repairing it. That’s why it’s important to see us as soon as you suspect something is wrong with your transmission. Here are a few of the typical symptoms.

Signs Your Transmission May Need Repair

  1. It doesn’t react properly. A manual transmission may “pop out” of gear, or you may notice that the engine revs higher after shifting up, but your car doesn’t move as fast as it should. Automatic transmissions may not slip into Drive or Park as quickly or easily as usual.
  2. It doesn’t sound right. While unusual noises coming from the rear of the vehicle don’t always add up to transmission problems, a clunking sound during shifting is a pretty good indicator of tranny trouble. With an automatic, listen for humming, whining or buzzing sounds.
  3. It doesn’t feel right. If you drive a stick, you may notice that you’re “grinding the gears” a lot, even when you shift with the clutch fully engaged. Drive an automatic? The transmission should shift easily and quietly. If the transition from gear to gear is clunky or feels more violent than usual, see us as soon as possible. (We provide reliable transmission repair at each Mountain View Tire location.)
  4. It doesn’t smell right. When checking your automatic transmission fluid, smell the dipstick. But be careful! It may be hot. If the fluid smells burnt, there may be too much friction goin’ on within your transmission. Another possible cause: you may be overworking the tranny by using your vehicle for purposes it wasn’t designed for, such as racing or towing.
  5. It’s leaking. Automatic transmission fluid - also known as ATF - is pretty easy to spot. It’s typically red and has a sweet smell. Even if you only notice a few drops of the fluid underneath your vehicle, pull into any Mountain View Tire location in the Los Angeles / southern California area as soon as possible. Driving without enough ATF can cause serious damage to your transmission. (By the way, that sweet smell can attract household pets and other animals. Ingesting transmission fluid can be fatal, so clean up any trace of the ATF on your garage floor or driveway as soon as possible.)
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