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Happy_MVT_CustomersWe're so pleased that so many of our customers take the time to write to us about their Mountain View Tire & Auto Service experience. That confirms for us that we're doing something right.

If you ever have any feedback - good or bad - that you'd like to share with us, please write to us at Mountain View Tire & Auto Service, 8548 Utica Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Here is a small sampling of some of the letters / emails we've received. The more recent testimonials are near the top of the page.

North Hollywood Testimonial ImageGood Afternoon,

I was at a [Mountain View Tire and] Auto Service Center in North Hollywood, CA. on Monday, January 20, 2014.

We received the most outstanding customer service. I am drawing a blank on the name of the gentleman that helped us. He was very professional, honest and caring with us. We had gone in because the sensor light went on in my daughter-in-law's vehicle. It turned out that it had a nail in it and the tire was going bald.

We were on our way home to Arizona. We had our tires checked before we left AZ and the guy at Discount Tire shop had told us all was okay. I'm glad that we got the nail stuck in the tire because we could have had a blow out on the freeway home because of the bald tire.

I really wanted to extend some gratitude on the treatment given to us. From my experience, some mechanics try to take advantage of women when it comes to tires or anything that has to do with the car. That did not happen at all.

We also found out none of the valves had covers and they replaced them for us. Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service. It was very much appreciated.

Jazmin Carpio

Upland Testimonial ImageDear Sirs,

I write this email regarding your employee Jimmy (Tinajero) at the Mountain View store in Upland.

I came in the store to purchase brakes for my 2005 Cadillac STS. After talking to Jimmy, I found he was knowledgeable about the type of brake pads and told me with sincerity why he thought the pads he recommended were the best buy.

After listening to him I told him that I received a good quote from Pep Boys on a set of Korean tires. Jimmy asked me the name and I gave it to him. He said he could not find my size of that particular tire in his system, but he asked me to give him a chance to find a comparable tire. I did so and he found me a good quality set of tires at a very competitive price. Jimmy also gave me a 5-day exchange time because the tire brand was new to me.

After the brakes and tires were installed, both my wife and I were amazed at the smooth and comfortable ride they gave. The braking was also very smooth and quite.

Jimmy did a good job and I will be bringing in my Mazada SUV for a set of tires very soon.

Charles Perry

Tarzana Testimonial Image

Knowing my Honda Civic was 16 years old, I wasn't surprised at the squeaks and creaks it had been making. However, driving home from work the other day my car started making a pretty obnoxious noise I had never heard before.

I drove it directly into the Tarzana Mountain View shop where Al greeted me with a smile and said his technicians would give it a look. Turns out, I needed new brakes and also had them put on two new front tires, balance the wheels, change the oil, the filter, etc. The car now runs great! I have to say my experience at the shop was hassle-free - and being a woman, they didn't make me feel stupid.

I also initially got a ride home and was picked up when the car was ready. I highly recommend you give them a try!

Shelly Szpak

Burbank Testimonial Image

We are from Las Vegas. We were in Burbank the weekend of 9/15 and were in the process of getting ready to drive home. As I started down the road my low tire pressure light came on.

I immediately went to my navigation system which directed me to a tire store nearby. It was a Sunday so that shop was closed.

I returned to the navigation system and found your store. I called to see if you were open and, thank goodness, you were. I drove there and was greeted by Yuliana. She took my car in right away, found a nail in the tire and repaired the hole - all done at NO CHARGE.

We were back on our way in less than an hour. Yuliana was exceptional! She understood the importance of making sure my tires were safe for a long drive home, and for that I am greatly thankful!

Laurie Stapleton
Henderson, Nevada

Newhall Testimonial Image

To the Staff of Mountain View Tire,

In August of this year, I had the opportunity to take a vacation in California and took my wife and children to the Six Flags Magic Mountain, not far from your location in Newhall on Lyons Ave. Due to issues with the construction on the I-5, I received a flat tire on my rental car.

After spending over two-and-a-half hours waiting at your competition down the street, they told me I would require a brand new tire, and I would have to come back the next day as they had to get this standard-sized tire from their warehouse.

Feeling totally fed up, I drove the ½ mile from the competition to your facility. Arriving at about 12:15, they had brought my car in right away and, within 30 minutes, had the flat tire repaired and put back on the car. Total cost of around $20.

Thank you so much for being a light of sunshine in my vacation. If I had to spend another minute at your competition or pay the ridiculous $160 + they were quoting, I would have blown a gasket.

Thanks again,
Darrin McCaffrey

Tustin Testimonial Image

Dear Mountain View Corporate:

My name is Ron Nilson, and I am now one of your satisfied customers.

I'm writing to compliment one of your store managers, Steven Benedetto.

While en route to the Tustin Post Office on August 6th, I took my vehicle to your center to ask if a tire could be repaired. Steve was working at your customer service counter and was happy to check my tire to see what could be done.

To my surprise, Steve pointed out some serious damage that was on the interior sidewall of that particular tire. All of my tires were getting close to replacement, and thanks to Steve's overall discussion, he convinced me that it was time for all 4 tires to be replaced. Potentially, he saved me from a possible serious auto accident.

I had asked him to comment on a variety of my options, and he was pleased to do so. And, as a result of his knowledge about tires, I had agreed to his recommendations and had all of my vehicle's tires replaced; plus, thanks to another of Steve's recommendations, I also had my vehicle's front end alignment done by your center as well.

Over the years, as an entrepreneur, I had averaged over 400 employees annually, running various companies that I owned and operated for more than 30 years. Therefore, it is easy for me to spot a winner as one of a company's team players. Plus, besides Steve, I had the opportunity to say hello to a couple of your other staff members at this center and was most impressed with them as well.

From curiosity, I had asked Steve more about Mountain View. He was happy to share his enthusiasm about the wonderful, "family-owned company" that Mountain View [is], stating how proud he was to be one of the staff as well!

Of course, I had gone online to see how your prices compared to the industry, and as Steve suggested, yes, Mountain View's prices are competitive.

And, thanks once again to Steve's knowledge, this time regarding "run-flat" tires, your center will probably be installing 4 very expensive "run-flats" on my fiancée's high-performance Corvette.

In closing, please be sure to thank Steve for his great services thus far! Hopefully, he is recognized as the wonderful staff member that he is, representing your company as well as he does.

Because of the winning attitude that he offers a customer, I will be anxious to recommend Mountain View's overall services to my friends and colleagues as well!

Respectfully yours,

Ronald Nilson, President and CEO
Sea View Enterprises, Inc.

Montclair Testimonial Image

I am taking the time to tell you how very happy I am with Oscar and his team, especially Robert, and the highly skilled and talented Ricardo at Mountain View Tire (Montclair).

I drive a lot, about 3,000 miles a month, and am well aware of the risks involved. For my personal safety and protection, I have trusted this crew above anyone else as they do the best job, in the most pleasant, straightforward, and honest way I have yet experienced in an auto shop.

Not only this, but the quality of their work is, in my experience, outstanding! Thank you, Oscar and your team. You have made a customer for life! I highly recommend Mountain View Tire to anyone looking for auto services.

John Walker

Orange Testimonial Image

Bob Harris (Orange) went above and beyond in helping me clear up my brake problems and some other items.

I went to the GMC store first and wanted to check out that what they said was true. Bob said the front brakes are okay, but the back [brakes] are bad. The dealer said the front was good and the back was bad.

Bob also cleared up my belt problems. I will use your service from now on because of Bob Harris.

William Braun

Huntington Beach Testimonial Image

I wanted to thank Mike Kisslan and his crew at the Huntington Beach store. My family and I were given exceptional service July 1, 2013 on what could have been a tragic day.

We were heading back home to Phoenix, when temperatures were reaching the 116+ degree mark. As we inspected the tires before the trip back, I noticed that the front passenger tire was beginning to show the belt.

Not knowing the area, I went online and found the Huntington Beach store. I explained the situation regarding the timeframe for getting back to Phoenix, so Mike said to come in and he would see what he could do. Within minutes of arriving, the van was on the lift, and we looked at the tires.

While looking at the tires, [we] noticed that there was a small and slow drip coming from the radiator. The mechanic and I couldn't locate [the source], so he said he would do a pressure check to see what the problem was. Unfortunately, it turned out that the radiator was cracked. Being that it was noon, my first thought was finding a place to stay for the night. Instead, I was told the radiator could be there in about an hour, and he would get the tires and alignment done in the meantime.

We were back on the road to Phoenix within 3-1/2 hours from first arriving at the store. Had the crack in the radiator not been caught, my family and I could have been stuck on the side of the Arizona roads during the hottest weekend this year.

To top it all off, Mike called me on July 2nd, to make sure we got home okay. It is this type of customer service that you don't see very often, and I want it to be known that it is greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you,
Charles Broadwick
Phoenix, Arizona

Tarzana Testimonial Image

Hi. Saw the comments about your other stores on your website and thought I'd give a shout out to the guys at your Tarzana store, especially since I was there today for new struts and plugs.

I've been a customer at your Tarzana store for 15 years and can't imagine going anywhere else. I've come to know and trust managers Al and Tom implicitly, and have total confidence in the crew at their shop. They are professional in every sense of the word, and are always up front about costs, time involved, and what repairs need to be made immediately vs. what is on the horizon. They run a great shop.

Ron Epstein
Woodland Hills, CA.

Norco Testimonial Image

I wanted to let you know what a nice professional young man Rick is (Mountain View Tire Norco). He was so very helpful and so sweet. He helped me to understand the work needing to get done on my car. He gave me a ride home and was such a gentleman. I am so impressed with this man. I would have gone somewhere else if it was not for him. He worked with me and got me to understand the importance of the work needed.

Thank you so much,
Edna Grosman

Winchester Testimonial Image

I just wanted to drop a quick note to tell you that Jake and his team at the Winchester store are fantastic!! I have been a customer there for the past 4 years. We get all our cars serviced there, and the customer care could not be better.

Please keep up the great service!!!

Phil Paule

Granada Hills Testimonial Image

Dear Chris Mitsos...

I have lived in Porter Ranch for over 35 years, and I am a teacher at a nearby school. My vacations are very important to me.

I have an RV that I left sitting in front of my home for too long and, on Saturday, my mission was to get the tires checked and an oil change and not have it take the whole day so that I could head north to the beach for a week. Someone said that Auto Zone offers these services, [but] when I got there I found out that I was given misinformation.

Disappointed, I began to pull out of that parking lot, and right in front of me there was a sign that said, "We check your air."

I pulled in. I was greeted by clean-looking, happy employees. The service manager came over and began washing my absolutely filthy windows. He did a fabulous job, and he too was impeccable, courteous and eager to get the job done right.

Before leaving I decided to have the oil changed, even though I could have gone to one of those cheap places. I spent a few more dollars but felt good about it because of the tremendous service and kindness I received. It was a pleasure to pay my bill.

You have a new customer...and I will spread the word about your great business. This location, the manager and employees deserve some applause!!

Sandy Dorfman

Tustin Testimonial Image

I have been going to the Tustin (Prospect/Main) Mountain View Tire for years. Recently, a co-worker asked for a recommendation about where to take her car for squeaking brakes. I gave her your name. She apparently went to your shop and was happy with the outcome. She said everything went well, and she didn't need new brakes.

I knew from the past that the guys at the Mountain View Tire store would treat my female co-worker right. Thanks for making it a pleasant outcome, so I looked good, too.

Best regards,
Paul Curran

Camarillo Testimonial Image

Joe Garcia, Camarillo store manager, restored my trust in Mountain View! I am very pleased with his efforts to save me money and still make my daughter's car safe to drive. He is a credit to your organization.

Thank you.
Ray Komar

La Quinta Testimonial Page

Hi guys,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you so much for fixing our van on Friday.

My friend and I are on holiday from Australia. We were on our way to the Coachella Music festival when the van we hired broke down. We were in a foreign place, eager to get to the festival, so we needed the van fixed quickly!

In normal circumstances, the van would not have been ready until the next morning, but Gus said they'd get it done for us! Kelly, the technician, worked hard and had us back on the road in no time.

Thanks to Gus, Kelly and the guys at Mountain View Tire & Service (La Quinta). They got our holiday back on track!


Fontana Testimonial Image

I just wanted to let you know that recently I had a flat tire due to a screw being picked up on the road.

After having the Auto Club switch to the spare, I went to the Fontana store on Baseline near Cherry. The fellas were VERY FAST, EFFICIENT and took care of everything so promptly, and I was on my way so quickly that I forgot to note the names of the guys that took care of everything. [There] was no charge to repair the flat!

We know Paul Mitsos and I had not had an opportunity to let him know about the great job they did for me. I also had my last flat taken care of promptly last November at the Rancho Cucamonga location on Foothill near Rochester, when we needed to purchase a new tire.

Marilyn Hicks

La Quinta Testimonial Page

Thanks Adam and Jim (Managers) and special thanks to Jim and the repair staff who did an excellent repair job on my 1999 Chrysler. All are a credit to Mountain View Tire.

Thank you,
William J. Greene

La Quinta Testimonial Page

You have a great team in La Quinta. I recently purchased new tires for my Audi A4 Cabriolet. Adam did a great job of presenting your products and services in a professional manner. I called other tire retailers for pricing and intended to call more, but Adam's efforts caused me to order the tires immediately.

Your team at the store efficiently made the change, aligned the car and got me on my way.

I have told friends of my experience and hope they'll buy from you as well.

Dennis Miller

Fontana Testimonial Image

I wanted to make note of good service by your store manager at your Baseline and Cherry Ave. location in Fontana, CA. My wife and I would like to make note of your store manager Sam.

Our 2007 Hummer had to have major engine service done. We have had our vehicle serviced at this location since we purchased it 5 years ago and it was disheartening to hear. This is my wife's car and it has sentimental value to us. Sam recognized this and made every effort to ensure we were comfortable and understood every aspect of what had to be completed.

Since then, we have received our truck and Sam followed up with a call to ensure the truck was okay. This is why we will always be customers of Mountain View Tire. We would like to thank you for the exceptional service.

Mr. and Mrs. Fuentes
Upland, CA.

Lakewood Testimonial Image

Hello, I am writing to let you know what an outstanding employee you have working at your Lakewood store on Clark Street.

Conrad was absolutely amazing during my recent visit to the store. Hopefully, this type of feedback is valued and weighs heavy on promotional consideration for your employees.

Patti Miller

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