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Happy_MVT_CustomersWe're so pleased that so many of our customers take the time to write to us about their Mountain View Tire & Auto Service experience. That confirms for us that we're doing something right.

If you ever have any feedback - good or bad - that you'd like to share with us, please write to us at Mountain View Tire & Auto Service, 8548 Utica Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Here is a small sampling of some of the letters / emails we've received. The more recent testimonials are near the top of the page.

Orange Testimonial Image

Hi Manny - I was just in earlier [at the Orange location] with the Kia Sedona. You replaced 3 of the tires on the van and found a spare for the spare. Thanks a bunch.

I'm taking some band kids from El Modena High in a few weeks in the van over the Grapevine and into Fresno. It is a sigh of relief that we didn't go on the bad tires, especially the one in the front ready to blow! Please thank the other guy at the counter who did the finishing paperwork.

Peace of mind. Thank you,
Lori Lonski

Winchester Testimonial Image

Jake Richard and his current team are the reason I continue to bring my vehicle to Winchester, CA - Mountain View Tire & Service. If I have an issue with my van, Jake has the knowledge and expertise to get the job done. [He has the] emotional intelligence needed to ensure that the customer's satisfaction is not only met, but, on several occasions, [he has exceeded] expectations. [He's] not only business smart, but he emphasizes all safety features that need to be addressed with a positive outcome for both the company and returning clients.

This team is a well-oiled machine with customer service, reputable service and a friendly environment which has many returning.

Cliff Grant

Winchester Testimonial Image

Dear Sir:

I just had a great experience at the auto repair service center called Mountain View Tire and Service [Winchester], and I want to compliment Jacob Richards.

I heard a loud thumping sound in my car engine yesterday, and I called Mountain View Tire and Service today, because I just moved into the neighborhood that is only about 4 miles from there. Jacob answered the phone. I told him what happened, and that I wanted to make an appointment to get my car checked out next week, because I don't have any money until October first.

Jacob said to come in right now, and he would check my car's oil level for me. He said he would check it out for free. I was so amazed at how kind and caring he was. You can't really pay an employee to be so professional and helpful.

I just now went in and he checked out everything for me on the scope. He also checked the oil for me himself at no charge. He got me right in. It turns out nothing was wrong with it. My car had plenty of oil. So he said it must just have been some bad gas I got recently at a cheap gas station.

I am going to need all new tires and an oil change soon, so I am coming back to Mountain View Tire and service for all of my auto repair and maintenance. I am going to tell all of my neighbors and family how great the service is there too!

I just had to let you know how much I appreciate Jacob's help today!

Sharon Taylor
Winchester, CA

Duarte Testimonial Image

I just want to let Corporate know that I've been a loyal customer of your Duarte location for over 5 years now. Today, Yuri went above and beyond for my daughter's car. Without an appointment, he was able to diagnose the issue and get it fixed by closing! I now live in Huntington Beach but consider Duarte my only home, and this means even for both of my cars.

Thank you to Yuri and the rest of the guys for always making me, the customer, the priority, and resolving any issues I come in with!

Ema Sadek


I just had to tell you how awesome your Palm Desert location is.

I am from out of town and had a tire blow out on Highway 74. The AAA guy told me how to find you and I immediately went there. It was after 5:00 and I was worried no one would want to help me. Boy, was I wrong.

Not only did they have a new tire on my car within 30 minutes - at a fair price - but Doug Matsuhiro totally de-escalated me. I was so stressed out about the situation, but I walked out of there feeling like a new person. I told him that I paid for the tire but got free therapy. He is awesome.

We are not from California, but, as I told him, if I am anywhere near there when I need the rest of my tires replaced, I WILL find Doug and buy tires from him.

Thank you for your wonderful service!
Tracie Clang


Hello, my name is Daria M. Sullivan. I just wanted to let everyone at Mountain View in Corona know how much I appreciated how wonderful they were when we needed help.

A.J. took such amazing care of my son and his car. They were quick, yet they made sure that the car was running in perfect condition before he left the shop. They were very conscious of the time constraint that we needed to get the car back.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mountain View Tire in Corona for all your car's needs. I will certainly return to Mountain View for any care that the car requires.

I believe when a job is done and is done well, recognition should be given to those deserving. In this case, it is the team at Mountain View in Corona led by A.J.

Best Regards,
Daria M. Sullivan


Sarkis in the Burbank store provided me with excellent customer service on April 30, 2012. He and his team answered all my dumb questions and are extremely courteous and very professional. I was treated fairly and with respect. This was not my first trip for tires, balancing, etc. to the store, and you can see why I keep coming back

Well done, Mountain View!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dawson Mays


I just wanted to let you know that I received outstanding service today from Jack Nunez and Rudy Escobedo [Tustin location].

Jack was very efficient and friendly in the front office, even though he was very busy. I was only getting a single tire repaired, [but] Rudy went the extra mile in making sure that all of my tires were filled properly. Most importantly, he made several attempts to make sure that my spare was lifted into place properly.

Even though I would have no idea if the spare was in place securely, he made extra sure that it had a tight and secure fit. I'd hire either of those two guys for my team in a heartbeat. I've bought several sets of tires from your company, but have recently leased newer cars and haven't had to buy a new set of tires for a while, so unfortunately I've been dropped from your database.

Jack and Rudy have converted me from returning customer to raving fan. Nice work in training and keeping good people. I know how hard that can be.

Best Regards,
Tom Hunt


I called your Newhall store yesterday and spoke with Enrique. I told him that my vehicle was being towed to his location, and I would be there within 20 minutes. My "check engine" light had come on and I was afraid to drive the vehicle. When I arrived at the Newhall store, I was immediately greeted by Ray, and he opened the door to the reception area and told me that Enrique was expecting me. I felt like a VIP!!

Ray ran a diagnostic and discovered the problem. He did a temporary fix, but wasn't sure that it would last. Enrique said that if the "check engine" light came on again, I could still drive my car, but I should take it in for the necessary repairs. I know Enrique from the North Hollywood store. He is there part of the time, and at the Newhall store part of the time. He was mentioned in my first testimonial sent to Mountain View a few months ago, along with everyone from both the Newhall store and the North Hollywood store. I work in North Hollywood and live in Canyon Country. I usually take my vehicle to the North Hollywood store and they drive me to and from my office.

Both Ray and Enrique were wonderful. Enrique did not charge me for the diagnostic, as he knows that I am a very good customer. I tried to give Ray a little something for his efforts, but he would not accept anything from me. He was so gracious.

My experience with Mountain View Tire is that the service is exemplary. From the customer service reps to the mechanics to anyone in-between, the Mountain View employees are top notch. In fact, my company has all of our trucks (20) serviced by Mountain View Tire because of me.

Robin Swerdlow


I couldn’t ask for a better service experience. While the job took a little longer than excepted, it was done right! This shop takes pride in the work it performs. They could have taken shortcuts and given my truck back to me earlier. Instead, they chose to do it right; even when it cost the shop time and money. I am truly impressed with this location and I will be returning in the future.

Kevin Scharfenkamp
Winchester, CA.


Like to mention the excellence service that I receive at Mountain View Tire. Jake and Brian are top notch and I ALWAYS receive quick and professional service. I am a field engineer and travel all over the southwest putting on about four thousand miles a month. I have the opportunity to take my corporate truck to many locations in three states for service, but as I get the BEST service from Jake and Brian at the Winchester location, that is where I take my truck! Service sells and these guys make it their top priority. Thanks again for the great service and see you at the next 5,000 miles service.

Daniel Farey
Echostar Field Engineering


I had a great experience at your Lakewood store today. It was to my satisfaction. The manager was pleasant and informative. I had never heard of Mountain View Tire & Service, Inc., until today. My recent experience will have me coming back.

Thank you,
Sandy N.


Every time I walk into Mountain View Tire, I feel like a welcomed customer. I have been having my oil changed at this location for the past two years, but I have never purchased tires there before now.

After speaking to the courteous, helpful and dependable Brian at Mountain View Tire, I decided to give them a try. Brian was able to match the price of the tires I was looking for, and the entire transaction was completed with no problems whatsoever. When I came in to have the tires changed, Jake the manager knew exactly why I was there, and what service was to be performed. I have spoken to Jake in the past, and I was surprised to hear that he not only remembered my name, but my profession, and the school district I work for.

I really appreciated the level of customer service that the staff at the Winchester location provides. Please make certain that Jake and Brian receive the credit for my business now and in the future.

Thank you,
Robert Walden


Last month, on a very rainy day, I encountered a flat tire on my car...less than 24 hours after I had a flat tire fixed in the Lakewood store.

I was shocked and amazed when Ernest Selma, the service manager, called to say he would be right over to pick up my keys at home and go to where my car was sitting with a flat tire. He didn't just come to fix the flat, but brought me a full refund. Wow!

I felt terrible later when I found out that the tire actually had a flat because of a completely different reason, yet he wouldn't take my money back. My car was taken to the shop, had a new tire put on, and all in the course of the day.

Needless to say, I am a very happy customer who will continue to use your services for each of my three cars. Ernest Selma has what it takes in the customer service department! Thank you, thank you!!

Lisa Carter


Good evening Mr. Paul Mitsos,

I wanted to thank you and your brother Chris for taking care of the problem with my tires. The tires that were installed are performing just as you said. No shaking, and the ride is so smooth. I am very impressed with all your company [Corona] did for me. You definitely have me as your customer for both my cars.

Best Regards,
Ramiro Hernandez

Camarillo_Testimonial_Image(This testimonial was phoned into our corporate office. Our receptionist jotted down the basics.)


The customer had a great experience at the Camarillo store. Mountain View Tire technician Alex Gomez looked at the sliding door of her mini-van free of charge. He explained what had to be done in order to fix it, but she didn’t allow him to fix it. She felt bad that she had no money to pay for it, even though Alex said it was a simple fix and he would do it for free. The customer said that Alex is a great person and very kind-hearted. She said that Cory Todd is also a sweetheart. She gets all her tires and automotive work done at Mountain View Tire and will be a lifelong customer. She wanted to say thanks and tell us what great people they are.


Dear Bruce [Sims, Store Manager / Mountain Vire Tire Tustin],

I want to thank you for providing a ride for me to work today while the work on my car was completed. It was a big help to me and I appreciate your accommodation. Thank you for your quality service. I look forward to your continued service on my car. Thank you again to you and your staff.

Best Regards,
Lilly Walker


I just returned from the La Quinta location. I had the extreme pleasure of dealing with Leo. Give that man a raise! I arrived with a tire that had picked-up a screw; nothing too unusual in your business. Leo was very busy, yet he was polite, professional and incredibly accommodating when I explained I was in a time crunch. Twenty minutes later the tire was repaired, changed on the vehicle, and I was on my way. I've never walked out of an auto repair facility feeling better about the experience. That man is an exceptional representative of your business. My thanks to Leo!!!

Rob Nissen,
Campbell River, B.C., Canada


I went in for an oil change on 9-21-11 at your Lakewood, CA. store. My husband and I always have great service there, but yesterday it was fantastic! Ended up, much more work had to be done: shocks, struts and wheel bearings.

Douglas made sure the work would be done by closing so I would have a car to get to work the next [day]. Tom drove me home so I wouldn't have to walk two miles. Pete offered to find a locksmith I needed, and Matt offered me coffee and donuts. All this kindness was the highlight of my day, and I thought you should know.

Thank you for hiring such great people!

Robin Alexander-Wood


Just want to send a short note to say "Thank You" for the wonderful manager, Yuri Gonzalez at your Mountain View Tire shop in Duarte.

Yuri and his staff are just wonderful! I always feel so confident and secure when I take my cars to their shop. Yuri always does everything possible to give the best service, and the technical staff is amazing. I have recommended their shop to so many people and once my friends have had their cars serviced there, I always get raving reviews back.

It is so hard to find a good and HONEST place for car repair and service. Having a place like Mountain View Tire and the staff at this location in Duarte is such a blessing.

Thank you again, and kudos for having such a great staff!!

Diane Hart
Arcadia, CA.


My husband and I started taking our Hyundai to Mountain View Tire located in Palm Desert, CA. in January 2000. We stayed with them there and then [switched] to La Quinta, CA. several years later. My husband passed away in 2004, but I made sure the car always went into Mountain View Tire in La Quinta for regular and even emergency service.

My car is now 17 years old and running very well. It even looks like a new car. I feel very confident with the service work done on my car. I feel that's important for a 63 year old widow. I know I can trust the skilled technicians for my car's good running order.

Oh, and I always buy my tires there, too.

Patricia A. Prier
Indio, CA.

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