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Happy_MVT_CustomersWe're so pleased that so many of our customers take the time to write to us about their Mountain View Tire & Auto Service experience. That confirms for us that we're doing something right.

If you ever have any feedback - good or bad - that you'd like to share with us, please write to us at Mountain View Tire & Auto Service, 8548 Utica Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Here is a small sampling of some of the letters / emails we've received. The more recent testimonials are near the top of the page.


Al and Tommy (Tarzana store) were wonderful. Tommy got the best tires for me at the best price. Then Al treated me like gold when I came in to get the tires. Now I'm going back to get my car serviced and have my tires rotated. And I will be back again!

Mindy Reed
Woodland Hills, CA.


Today I went to Mountain View Tire [on] Vineyard (Oxnard) and was very pleased with their service. This was my first time at Mountain View Tire. Not only did I get an oil change but I decided to buy a full set of tires for my Explorer. I really appreciated Lou's and Jose's customer service. Keep providing your customers with great deals and service. Thanks again.

Nahum Munoz
Oxnard, CA.


I would like to let you know that Earnest Selma (Culver City) is an asset to Mountain View Tire. He quickly acknowledges customers, always has a smile on his face, is accurate in timing, and never says "no" to any request.

Loy Conley
Los Angeles, CA.


I was assisted by Earnest at the Culver City location and I was pleased that he was knowledgeable, considerate, and patient. My vehicle is in need of major repair and Earnest showed me the problems, gave me estimates, and categorized the extensive repairs [from the] highest priority items to the [lowest]. This was very helpful. I had to come back for more service to my vehicle and his attitude was the same...Great!. When I first came, my driver side door was screeching every time I opened it, and when I was given back my car, I immediately noticed that it was fixed. It made my week. I did not even ask for that to be addressed. That's what I call customer service. Good job!!

Erin Banks
Los Angeles, CA.


Dear Mountain View Tire,

Just a quick note about your team in the Tarzana location. Robert Crosswhite is professional, friendly, and helpful. He gave my four year old son a balloon. My two year old was throwing a tantrum and Robert promptly put on a cartoon. He saw to it that my vehicle was serviced quickly and thoroughly, and he was very efficient. He deserves his face on the award wall, right next to Al Habers. I sincerely hope I see him up there the next time I come in. Thank you so much for hiring such wonderful people.

Maria M.
Tarzana, CA.


To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to say that Al Haber from your Tarzana location is a great employee. He was the only person in the entire San Fernando Valley who was willing to go the extra mile (no pun intended) to find snow tires for my Volvo back in December of 2009. Al has the intuition to know what the customer needs and the perseverance to get it done.

Thank you kindly,
C. Hundert
Encino, CA.


To Whom It May Concern:

I live in Sun City (near Temecula in Riverside County). For the last few weeks I noticed that my van [had been] shimmying when I would drive fast, and then start to apply my brakes. A relative told me last weekend that I might need to have an alignment. He advised me to go to a tire store to get this checked out. On Monday (April 26), I drove north for a doctor's appointment in Burbank. Since I arrived in the area about 90 minutes early, I got off the freeway and drove down San Fernando Road in search of a tire shop. I spotted the Goodyear store and pulled in.

I was nervous to try to take care of this problem on my own. As an older woman who lacks technical savvy, I am always afraid that I will be ripped off, either in pricing, or in buying unnecessary services. However, I was greeted by Fred, who put me at ease right away. I described the "shimmy problem," and emphasized that I am on a retirement / fixed income, AND that I had a limited amount of time. Fred suspected that my problem had to do with my brakes. He offered to check things out, at no cost, and I agreed to this. Fred was right about my needing new brakes. I was distressed by the looming costs of all that needed to be done, but Fred went out of his way to help me, offering coupons and other discounts.

One of the mechanics, Le, did a wonderful job of assessing, and then working on my car. To give him enough time to do all of the work, Le drove me to my appointment in Burbank. Two hours later, Raz brought my van to pick me up at the doctor's office. To my delight, on the way back to the shop, Raz suggested that we stop at a gas station, so that he could pump my gas for me before I started my long drive home. That was so kind of him. I am handicapped, and it is very difficult for me to get out of a car to pump gas myself.

Back at the shop, Fred was very informative and clear as he explained what (and why) things on my van need to be serviced. The $500 total bill is a large dip into my budget, but I know that everything was necessary, and now not only will it be safer for me, but, also, my vehicle will last longer. And, of course, ALL of this would have cost me so much more money if it weren't for the kindness of Fred.

About 20 minutes into my drive home, I called Fred on the phone to thank him for everything. My van was running much smoother, and it made the whole driving experience less stressful.

Sometimes just saying "thank you" isn't enough. So tonight I took the time to put my appreciation into a letter to the corporate office. Kudos to Fred, Le, and Raz for all that you did for me. Kudos to your shop for your expert service, prices, and management. Even though I live several hours away, I will definitely think of having my car servicing done in your Glendale store when I am in that area.

In sincere appreciation,
Mrs. Shelly Fletcher


Attention: Jim Mellin / Store Manager

Jim...I wanted to share with you that, since you balanced the tires on our 1998 Lexus, it has made all the difference in the world. There is no more vibration while driving on the freeways. Thanks for taking good care of us. And thanks to your mechanic, Lionel, for diagnosing the problem. You're all great to work with.

Paul & Joyce Labrecque


Greg...I just wanted to let you know that I took advantage of the oil change offer that we are [advertising] on KFI. I have to say, it was the best experience ever. I was used to paying between $80 and $100 every 3 months at the dealership for the same services (oil, filter, top-off of fluids and tire rotation) that I paid $12.95 for at Mountain View Tire in Burbank this morning. Even more, they were pleasant, professional, and had my car ready within half an hour. In fact, I will be returning in the next few weeks to have them change out my rear brakes, and have decided to take my car there from now on for all my automotive needs. Just thought you'd like to know!

Sarah C.
KFI / Executive Sales Assistant


Dear Mountain View Tire,

Kudos to Jim Mellin and his [La Quinta] team for performing such outstanding work. I love seeing all of the employees having so much energy and enthusiasm whenever I go into their shop.

Paul Labrecque


Dear Mountain View Tire,

I have been going to Mountain View Tire in Newhall on Lyons Road for a couple of years now. Troy and his crew are wonderful. They are my good luck charm. I had problems with my rack and pinion steering and, with the help of Troy, I was able to get a Goodyear credit card and have the work done.

Also, a couple of months back, I was in a car accident and I hit a kid's car which popped out my headlights. I called Troy in tears and told him what happened and that I was trying to zip tie my headlights back into the mounts of the truck. I was unsuccessful in doing so. He sent a couple of guys over to me, and they were able to do a quick repair on my headlights. Because of all of their hard work and willingness to help me, I will always go to this particular store to have the maintenance done on my car, no matter where I live. It will be well worth the drive.

Jolyn Bailey


To Who It May Concern,

Today I called looking for pricing to repair a flat tire. I called your location in Long Beach on Bellflower Boulevard and spoke to Earnest Selma. He informed me that he could fix my tire free of charge. I arrived at your store for the repair and, after assessing the situation, Earnest delivered the bad news. The damaged tire was unrepairable and the other rear tire had a nail and also needed repair.

Furthermore, there was considerable wear on my front tires. (He actually showed me the problems too, and I could see them.) I gave poor Earnest a difficult time. I did not want to believe what he was telling me. I was recently laid off, like so many hard-working, innocent people, and I had no money to spare for this.

I was upset to the point of tears, not knowing what to do. Earnest could not have been more kind and in control of the situation. He assured me that his only agenda was for my safety and he would do what he could to help. Earnest provided me with a good used tire. He repaired the other tire and asked only that I come back to him to purchase the tires as soon as I am able. He didn't have to ask because I wouldn't feel good about going anywhere else.

Ernest Selma is a fine representation of caring, kindness, and customer service. I could not be more grateful to him for his calm handling, generous help, and understanding at my time of frustration and need. Mountain View Tire is fortunate to have Earnest Selma as a part of your team. He is the only person I will be buying new tires from in the future.

Most sincerely,
Cheryl P. Foley


Dear Mountain View Tire,

I have always been happy with past services I received on my vehicles. Today, I received exceptional services for an emergency window replacement on my wife's 1990 Toyota Camry. I just wanted to thank you all. I visited the San Fernando Road location in Glendale.

Thank you,
Ken Huber


Dear Mountain View Tire [Burbank],

We want you to know how much we appreciate everything you did to help us get our truck, camper, and horses back on the road for our New Year camping trip to San Diego.

You went out of your way to get the parts needed and installed. We feel blessed to have your shop and your help just down the street. Your honesty, fairness, and customer service are exemplary. We hope you'll enjoy these sweet treats!

With sincere thanks,
Dan and Barb Diaz


Dear Mountain View Tire,

Please accept my sincere thank you for the outstanding service from your shop in La Quinta, especially the young man, Leo Machuca. He has terrific customer skills and is very knowledgeable. Moreover, the manager, Jim Mellin, is very good. He runs a great shop. I have all three of my vehicles worked on there, plus I have directed several neighbors to this shop because of the fine customer service. Please pass my comments onto the management team, as well as Leo and Jim at the shop.

Jim Wisener


Hello Mountain View Tire,

I was telling Leo Machuca this morning at your La Quinta location that I am relocating to the Washington DC area and I will miss your store greatly. Thank you for the 20 months of great service, and honesty as well. Everyone I dealt with at that location was great. I will miss your service, and can only hope that I find as great a team in DC as I did with you gentlemen. Happy New Year to you all.

Best wishes,
Rodney N.


To whom it may concern,

I do not usually take the time out to commend someone. However, I would like to point out the excellent service Fernando Meza gave me today at the Montclair store at the Montclair mall.

In a time when good service is hard to find, it is refreshing to have someone who takes extra effort to make sure the work he has done is explained and done correctly. Fernando should be noted for this.

Gregory Wright

Duarte_Testimonial_ImageHello Chris,

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help with getting me the right tires and service for my car. Sam and the entire crew at the Duarte location ROCK! They were so great to me. They took care of me and even fixed that weird noise that my dad swore was in my head.

They were the most professional, polite, and service-oriented auto specialists I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Not only did I get really nice tires, but I also ended up needing both front brakes replaced, the backs cleaned, an alignment, etc.

The service was great. Thanks again for all your help, and please send my thanks to Sam and the Duarte crew.

Mikki McCartney
West Los Angeles


I love the Goodyear Auto Shop located on Town Center Drive in Palm Desert, Ca. I just had a problem with my car and took it there this last Monday around 5pm. I was greeted with a smile by Richard. He took a look at my car, popped something back on, and that was it. He was so friendly and nice, but most of all, trustworthy. I will never go anywhere else. Thank you for hiring this caliber of employees.

Charisse Elliott


I wanted to be certain to express how pleased I was with the service and professionalism of ALL your Montebello location personnel. Eddie Reyes was very knowledgeable and pleasant to interact with. He's a "compliment" to the Mountain View operation.

James W. Geyser

I have been a client of your store in Rowland Heights since 1994. Their service is prompt, courteous, and caring. Managers like Sam Kim stand out. He is ready to do work for you when needed. Gabriel just waits to jump when you come in and get your work finished.

I have recommended your services to several of my friends. My spouse was particularly impressed one day, when we had an appointment and 4 or 5 guys jumped forward and serviced the car quickly. My spouse is handicapped.

Thanks for your fine service.

Thomas Kardos

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