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Happy_MVT_CustomersWe're so pleased that so many of our customers take the time to write to us about their Mountain View Tire & Auto Service experience. That confirms for us that we're doing something right.

If you ever have any feedback - good or bad - that you'd like to share with us, please write to us at Mountain View Tire & Auto Service, 8548 Utica Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Here is a small sampling of some of the letters / emails we've received. The more recent testimonials are near the top of the page.

Burbank Testimonial ImageThank you for your extraordinary [Burbank] staff who solved a very serious problem I was having with my car.

You might notice that I've written to you before. Basically, this is more of the same. Today was a little more dramatic than last time. My crisis happened in the middle of the afternoon on a cold rainy day when your bays were full, there was only one parking space left and everyone was already very busy.

Efrain was so patient and professional. He managed to make sense of my garbled description of the problem and found the perfect person (Ray) to diagnose and fix it. (Thank you, Ray!) Chris made sure that I got my car back long before I ever thought it could be ready.

Honestly, I didn't even expect it back on the same day. The problem seemed so pervasive and your mechanics were so busy. Somehow, despite the cold and the rain, they took care of everyone, not just me.

I hope you understand how great your employees are. Their customers do, but I want to make sure that you do, too.

Carole Unter

Burbank Testimonial ImageI was so grateful for the gentleman at the counter who courteously listened attentively to my car problem. He assured me that they could fix it in a couple of hours.

I gave him the undercover panel from the front of the car that had come loose. I waited at the spacious lobby for my car, and 20 minutes later the work had been completed. I reached for my credit card to pay and he said "No charge. Have a merry Christmas."

I recommend this establishment [Mountain View Burbank] and its staff with all of my grateful heart! Maybe not all car problems will be fixed for free, but what matters most is the wonderful people who work there!

Debrah M.

(This review originally appeared on Yelp.)

Lakewood Testimonial ImageThis place [Mountain View Lakewood] is very female-friendly, and all of the employees are very professional. They are efficient and give great prices. They helped me out with a flat and had me out of there in less than 30 minutes. I will be back for sure.

Kudu K.

(This review originally appeared on Yelp.)

Burbank Testimonial ImageOnce again, I had a tire pressure issue and I returned to Mountain View Tire [Burbank]. Chris and Gabriel helped me with the utmost customer service. Gabriel also showed me how to do a calibration for the tire pressure to reset the notification in the car.

I always return for great service and I truly recommend you try them out if you're in the area. Happy customer! Thanks again!

Sandra T.

(This review originally appeared on Yelp.)

Wildomar Testimonial ImageSo, we were on our way home Sunday afternoon to Orange County and our run-flat tire blew out (with no spare tire). I quickly and desperately started Googling for a tire store!

We pulled up to your Wildomar store. It was five minutes 'til closing time. Charlie Basilan, the service manager, was amazing! Even though the store did not carry our tires at the time, he and his crew scrambled to figure out a way to get us home. And that they did!

Charlie, John Canty and the rest of the crew working that day gave us the most extraordinary service humanly possible. These guys are a group of the most kind and helpful people. Thank you all!

David VanDiep
Lake Forest, California

North Hollywood Testimonial ImageMy name's Robert, and you guys serviced me on December 11th [at North Hollywood]. Unfortunately, I didn't quite catch the name of the manager, but I just wanted to say I havent seen such a display of professionalism and customer service at any business I have visited in at least a few years.

That man performs his job like he owns the business. He is a truly exceptional manager, and I just hope this email reaches ownership so that they know what upstanding management they have.

I will return for all my tire business to this location from now on!

Rob L.

Murrieta Testimonial ImageJust wanted to thank the guys at Mountian View Murrieta!

Steve, TJ and Juan - you guys are awesome! Thank you for making my Sonata feel like new again.


Palm Desert Town Center Testimonial ImageWe drove our Jeep TJ out from South Orange County to stay overnight in Palm Desert and then off road in Joshua Tree in the morning.

Once we pulled off the highway, we started to see smoke coming out from under the car. We made it to the hotel and then saw transmission fluid all under the car.

We got to Mountain View (Palm Desert-Monterey) just before they closed, and the staff took the time to help us out. Given that it was 110 degrees and close to closing, many places would have just turned us away.

A transfer case gasket had torn which leaked out all the fluid. Since the part would take days to get, we decided to just top off the fluid and risk it to make the two-hour trek back home.

The staff was very helpful and also directed us to the nearest auto parts store so that we could get additional fluid, with the plan that we would stop half way to top off again. We made it without even stopping.

Mountain View helped without charging us anything. While we were there, we saw them interact with several other customers and they were very patient and understanding with everyone. Stay cool, my friends.

Michael Koscal

Palm Desert Town Center Testimonial ImageI highly recommend the guys at the Monterey store. They went above and beyond in repairing a two-year-old popping noise that no one else could diagnose. Very professional, friendly and helpful.

Thank you, guys.

James Glenn

Granada Hills Testimonial ImageI wish to compliment Mike and Harry (Granada Hills) for the service they do. Have gone to their store for over 22 years. Mike has gone out of his way to help me when necessary. They do all of my tire, brake, balance and alignment for me. I wanted you to know how much I appreciate their work.

Tom Nelson

Rancho CucamongaHello - My name is John Therrien. My wife and I take our cars to Henry and Mike at the Rancho Cucamonga store. I cannot express enough how satisfied we are with the service that they give us! Throughout the years, they've proven themselves to be true to their word. The quality of work they do is outstanding! I've never been disappointed.

They have always taken care of us with the utmost concern for quality and safety. I know that no matter what it takes, they will make sure that the job is done right! I trust them with complete confidence!

I find it amazing the Henry (the manager) will call me himself to go over the repairs needed. Not many managers will take that personal step to satisfy their customers. Mike also does an outstanding job of going over repairs and suggesting parts needed!

My wife and I will always go to Mountain View Tire in Rancho Cucamonga for all out auto needs because we know that we'll get truthful, honest and reliable service from Henry and Mike.

Keep up the good work, guys!

John Therrien

Huntington Beach Testimonial ImageI dropped in on these guys (Huntington Beach) this morning while Pep Boys was doing an advertised inspection on a car I was thinking of buying that also needed new tires.

They helped me determine some alternative compatible tires that would work for me, AND told me they do FREE "used car, pre-purchase" inspections! Live and learn.

Pep Boys said, "don't buy the car." So, I brought it to Mountain View for a second opinion, and they explained why the problem was to be expected in "old age," not horrific, and helped me understand why buying the car could still be a great decision. And they made exactly ZERO dollars during these conversations.

This is why people develop brand loyalty. GREAT JOB, GUYS! I won't forget it.

Karl S.

Burbank Testimonial ImageThank you again for having Efrain and Juliana there [in Burbank] to take care of me.

I had an emergency yesterday, a day when I needed to help my elderly mother. The whole team came together to work miracles. They got my car running safely in time for me to do what I had to do. Each one of them is amazing, and they all deserve every compliment I can give.

I'd also like to thank the mechanic who saw that my license plate bulb had burned out, thus saving me a potentially expensive citation.

I hope you treasure your wonderful and competent staff as much as we, their customers, do.

Carole Unter

Eastvale Testimonial ImageThank you so much to Mountain View Tire [Eastvale] for their awesome customer service, even to a non-customer!

I picked up a razor blade in one of my tires, and an employee of Mountain View was coming out of Chase Bank. He noticed I was looking at my tires and got tools to help me out.

Thank you so much. I had over 150 more miles to drive and that could have turned out very badly had it not been for you.

Jenifer Luchsinger

Tustin Testimonial ImageI have used this auto service team for about 7 years now. This past week, I brought my 2015 car in with an electronics issue, but, unfortunately, the guys had to send me back to the dealership due to the issue being [about] proprietary software. It was going to be my first visit to the dealership, and I can tell you after comparing services, it will hopefully be my last.

I never want to use a mechanic that isn't from the Mountain View Tustin. I have been so spoiled working with Mountain View Tire! I dropped my car off at the dealership days ago and I still haven't been called. Mountain View is always able to see me the same day or the next, calls as soon as they find the issue, and they fix it after approval shortly afterwards.

I hope if I ever have another car issue I don't have to go back to the dealership. I can hardly stand the difference in service. Mountain View has always made me feel like family, and that's just not an experience that you can get anywhere else. I just had to go somewhere else to realize it.

Anastasia N.

Newhall Testimonial ImageLeo was extremely helpful and went above and beyond to get the estimate to a workable amount for me.

My car died in my own driveway on a Sunday, blocking the garage. I had a friend come and try to jump it, but it would not hold a charge. I had to have it towed so that we could get to the other car in the garage.

Mountain View (Newhall) was open, so I called and spoke with Leo. When he called me back he said the alternator needed to be replaced, as well as my old battery and the serpentine belt. I am on disability and did not have that much money on hand. He understood, and looked for ways to help me lower the cost. He managed to find a coupon to apply to each of the services and managed to bring the amount down.

I have been to Mountain View before and knew that they do good work, but from now on this will be my only auto repair shop.

Thank you, Leo, for going above and beyond to help me.

Denise Guth

Lakewood Testimonial ImageMountain View Tire and Auto Service (Lakewood) fixed my Nissan Sentra from pulling to the left, even though the alignment was well within specification prior to service. The Service Manager, Bruce, is knowledgeable with tires and vehicle maintenance. Mountain View services all my cars and I trust them above the car dealerships.

Mike O’Connor

When the tires on my Ford truck wore out, I went to Mountain View (Lakewood) for the first time. I tow a trailer and got the nitrogen package. I have been there many times to load my tires and they always give me great service. I plan on gettting air shocks for the rear tires soon. Great place, great location and great service.

Frank Johnson

Newhall Testimonial ImageOn December 6, I got notice at 4pm that I was under mandatory evacuation due to the close proximity of the Santa Clarita fire. My family and I had little time to decide where we could temporarily move to. We knew we had to get out of the Santa Clarita Valley, so we opted to pack up our stuff and head out to my parents' place in Pasadena.

A day before this mandatory evacuation, my wife had run over a nail and flattened her tire. We put on the spare tire, but we knew we had to get the original fixed. My wife had gone to one local tire store in the morning, but there was nobody around who could fix it.

That afternoon we got word of the evacuation and we were looking at a hefty trek to Pasadena on a spare tire. We needed to leave to Pasadena, but we wouldn't attempt to without getting the original tire fixed and placed on the car.

Mountain View Tire Auto Service Newhall, located right off of Lyons, helped us out in a pinch.

The store officially close at 6pm, and we got there right at 6. Rather than turning us away, the manager and crew welcomed us in.

The damage to the original tire was extensive enough that I would have had no qualms about purchasing a brand new tire right there on the spot. However, the manager thought the original tire was possibly salvageable and wanted to try patching it.

The patch worked and I saved at least $100. I was impressed by the honesty of the manager and his crew. They could have easily sold me a brand new tire in my desperate situation, but they only wanted to do what was right in that situation.

When I asked how much I owed for the patch on the tire, the manager just waved it off and asked if we could write a positive review about their business.

From now on, any time I have an issue with tires, I am going to Mountain View. They earned my trust and loyalty. They are the best tire store in the valley.

Ben Z.
Valencia, CA

(This review originally appeared on Yelp.)

Burbank Testimonial ImageI brought my car to the Mountain View Tire on Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank today for what I thought was just an oil change, but turned out to be much, much more.

I want to commend both Nicole and Efrain for taking the time to explain all the necessary repairs, both before and after the work was done. They were professional, efficient and very patient - which I especially appreciated since I had no idea that my car needed so much work. Their expertise was enormously helpful and reassuring.

I'd also like to thank the wonderful mechanics who stayed late on a holiday to make sure it all got done.

Mountain View Tire has been my [shop] of choice for more than a decade because of the excellence of your staff. I always recommend them to my friends and family.

Carole Unter

Newhall Testimonial ImageThis place rocks. I only go to Tom, Ray or Ed to get any work done on my car. Brian is awesome and keeps me updated with how long my car will take to be done.

Great communication, [as] opposed to other independent shops I go to.

I took my car to 3 shops to find out the problem with my check engine light and no one could figure it out until I brought it to Tom. Great place. Great management. Highly recommended.

Jessie M.
Granada Hills, CA.

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