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Burbank Testimonial ImageI really like Mountain View's customer service. My husband and I have been going here [Burbank] for a few years.

This establishment has changed managers a couple of times, but we continue to patronize this place because (a) the shop's mechanics are knowledgeable; (b) the women who oversee the front counter are friendly and personal; and (c) they have fast, reliable and affordable tire services and products.

I will continue to go to Mountain View because I simply LIKE this place. It's well-run. They're quick and efficient to diagnose the problem and get the job done. Also, if you have any issues after you leave, they're also quick to remedy your tire concerns. They get an A+ in my book.

Patricia N.

Burbank Testimonial ImageWe drive across country every year to visit our daughter in Burbank. Last year, we got a flat. I went to a local service station, but they don't fix flats and recommended we go to Mountain View Tire in Burbank. They were terrific.

This year, our daughter's car needed new tires. Mountain View offered the best prices and the best options, and they gave us an oil/filter change because we bought four tires.

The service here is fantastic. We have dealt with Mae a few times now. She is a star. Very helpful, very polite, very friendly. In fact, it is because of her helpfulness and winsome personality that I brought my Impala in for an oil/filter change today. I have always used the Chevrolet dealerships for service, but I came here because of the way Mae treated us last week when we bought the new tires for my daughter.

Frank Shults


Burbank Testimonial ImageThank you for your extraordinary [Burbank] staff who solved a very serious problem I was having with my car.

You might notice that I've written to you before. Basically, this is more of the same. Today was a little more dramatic than last time. My crisis happened in the middle of the afternoon on a cold rainy day when your bays were full, there was only one parking space left and everyone was already very busy.

Efrain was so patient and professional. He managed to make sense of my garbled description of the problem and found the perfect person (Ray) to diagnose and fix it. (Thank you, Ray!) Chris made sure that I got my car back long before I ever thought it could be ready.

Honestly, I didn't even expect it back on the same day. The problem seemed so pervasive and your mechanics were so busy. Somehow, despite the cold and the rain, they took care of everyone, not just me.

I hope you understand how great your employees are. Their customers do, but I want to make sure that you do, too.

Carole Unter

Burbank Testimonial ImageI was so grateful for the gentleman at the counter who courteously listened attentively to my car problem. He assured me that they could fix it in a couple of hours.

I gave him the undercover panel from the front of the car that had come loose. I waited at the spacious lobby for my car, and 20 minutes later the work had been completed. I reached for my credit card to pay and he said "No charge. Have a merry Christmas."

I recommend this establishment [Mountain View Burbank] and its staff with all of my grateful heart! Maybe not all car problems will be fixed for free, but what matters most is the wonderful people who work there!

Debrah M.

(This review originally appeared on Yelp.)

Burbank Testimonial ImageOnce again, I had a tire pressure issue and I returned to Mountain View Tire [Burbank]. Chris and Gabriel helped me with the utmost customer service. Gabriel also showed me how to do a calibration for the tire pressure to reset the notification in the car.

I always return for great service and I truly recommend you try them out if you're in the area. Happy customer! Thanks again!

Sandra T.

(This review originally appeared on Yelp.)

Burbank Testimonial ImageThank you again for having Efrain and Juliana there [in Burbank] to take care of me.

I had an emergency yesterday, a day when I needed to help my elderly mother. The whole team came together to work miracles. They got my car running safely in time for me to do what I had to do. Each one of them is amazing, and they all deserve every compliment I can give.

I'd also like to thank the mechanic who saw that my license plate bulb had burned out, thus saving me a potentially expensive citation.

I hope you treasure your wonderful and competent staff as much as we, their customers, do.

Carole Unter

Burbank Testimonial ImageI brought my car to the Mountain View Tire on Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank today for what I thought was just an oil change, but turned out to be much, much more.

I want to commend both Nicole and Efrain for taking the time to explain all the necessary repairs, both before and after the work was done. They were professional, efficient and very patient - which I especially appreciated since I had no idea that my car needed so much work. Their expertise was enormously helpful and reassuring.

I'd also like to thank the wonderful mechanics who stayed late on a holiday to make sure it all got done.

Mountain View Tire has been my [shop] of choice for more than a decade because of the excellence of your staff. I always recommend them to my friends and family.

Carole Unter

Burbank Testimonial ImageTo The General Manager,

I'm contacting you to inform you of the excellent service I received at your Goodyear Tire store at 2901 Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank, July 2nd 2014.

My Ford car dealer recommended for me to replace all 4 tires on my car. I did not buy the tires from them because I felt they were giving not as good quality tires.

I went to a place call Discount Tire. They were rude and unprofessional to me, the quote was expensive, the store was dirty, and I did not trust the place with my car.

Then, a friend recommended to go to your store in Burbank, close to my house.  

It was my first time ever walking into your store. I was greeted by 2 beautiful girls, Nicole and Yeana. Not only were they pretty, but very friendly, smart and professional. Very efficient! They quickly gave me a very reasonable quote, but offered me different options on very good quality tires. The store looked very clean and was air conditioned.

They replaced my 4 tires very quickly and called me right away as soon as the tires were done. I am so happy with my new tires! They also offered to do "steering fluid" exchange and the" "brake fluid" exchange. The price was a lot lower than it would have been at the Glendale Ford dealer. 

I just wanted someone in charge know that you have a very good team of people working at your store, and that they are really doing a good job. They are professional and efficient. 

I will definitely recommend to other people and for sure be back whenever I need something done in my car. 

Have a good day,
Victor Martinez

Burbank Testimonial Image

We are from Las Vegas. We were in Burbank the weekend of 9/15 and were in the process of getting ready to drive home. As I started down the road my low tire pressure light came on.

I immediately went to my navigation system which directed me to a tire store nearby. It was a Sunday so that shop was closed.

I returned to the navigation system and found your store. I called to see if you were open and, thank goodness, you were. I drove there and was greeted by Yuliana. She took my car in right away, found a nail in the tire and repaired the hole - all done at NO CHARGE.

We were back on our way in less than an hour. Yuliana was exceptional! She understood the importance of making sure my tires were safe for a long drive home, and for that I am greatly thankful!

Laurie Stapleton
Henderson, Nevada


Sarkis in the Burbank store provided me with excellent customer service on April 30, 2012. He and his team answered all my dumb questions and are extremely courteous and very professional. I was treated fairly and with respect. This was not my first trip for tires, balancing, etc. to the store, and you can see why I keep coming back

Well done, Mountain View!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dawson Mays


I woke up in FREEZING weather to a tire so flat that the rim was touching the ground. I tried my best to get the jack out of my car (I didn't know how so I had to refer to the manual in the glove compartment), then I wasn't strong enough to get the lug nuts off. I couldn't feel my fingers because it was so cold (and I had also just washed my hair while getting ready for work. Are you getting the picture?) Then I was horrified to realize I was starting to cry (lame girl move) and figured I'd call a gas station to come help me get the lug nuts off. A guy came out and charged me $55, which I guess was okay, but he didn't even put any of my stuff back, so I had to try and reassemble the cargo floor of my SUV while he drove off waving the check out the window.

So, my undersized little temporary tire [and I] limped over to [your] Magnolia [store in Burbank] where I remember you quoting me a price on some touring "Coopers." I stumbled into [Mountain View Tire] babbling for "Hutch," but some angel named Leville told me not to worry and that he would take care of everything. Not only did I get 4 new tires (and a lecture on nitrogen vs. air! Ha ha), but I got to sip coffee while guys kept coming and going, showing me head counts on lug nut covers and stem valve caps, etc. They were super conscientious. Leville even did the work because he said, otherwise, I would have been waiting too long. (He didn't even know that I work at the Superior Court in Simi and they were already tapping their toes wanting me back at work.) One guy even walked by and said "Your car is almost ready" with a big smile. Suddenly, I couldn't remember what I was so stressed out about.

I will be a customer of yours FOREVER because you and your crew took care of me above and beyond the call of duty, even though I was at my most vulnerable. I hate feeling helpless, and dealing with auto guys is even worse because I know they could tell me almost anything and I'd have to take their word for it. Yours is an industry where trust and reputation is key. Thanks for being a shining example. I'll be back. With donuts next time!

Thanks to you and all your gentlemen. They are a chivalrous bunch. You raised them well.

Cindy Calabro


To Whom It May Concern,

I wanted to make it known that I received exceptional service beyond anything I could have ever expected from your [store] in Burbank, California.

I was heading to Lebec, California and blew out my tire just north of Burbank. I called the Magnolia location and spoke with Leville Slayton. He dispatched Jacob Pomaville to my location where he retrieved the tire from my vehicle, brought it back to the store, replaced the tire, and repaired the wheel.

Amid this stressful situation, Jacob had a cold drink ready for me and, beyond that, actually purchased two jack stands from a nearby auto parts store, as neither one of us had them.

I wanted to share this story with you as it is a rarity, especially in the Los Angeles area. They have secured me as a new customer with their exceptional service and care. They should be recognized for their dedication. It is obvious they are the creme of the crop in their field.

Van Heerling


Greg...I just wanted to let you know that I took advantage of the oil change offer that we are [advertising] on KFI. I have to say, it was the best experience ever. I was used to paying between $80 and $100 every 3 months at the dealership for the same services (oil, filter, top-off of fluids and tire rotation) that I paid $12.95 for at Mountain View Tire in Burbank this morning. Even more, they were pleasant, professional, and had my car ready within half an hour. In fact, I will be returning in the next few weeks to have them change out my rear brakes, and have decided to take my car there from now on for all my automotive needs. Just thought you'd like to know!

Sarah C.
KFI / Executive Sales Assistant


Dear Mountain View Tire [Burbank],

We want you to know how much we appreciate everything you did to help us get our truck, camper, and horses back on the road for our New Year camping trip to San Diego.

You went out of your way to get the parts needed and installed. We feel blessed to have your shop and your help just down the street. Your honesty, fairness, and customer service are exemplary. We hope you'll enjoy these sweet treats!

With sincere thanks,
Dan and Barb Diaz

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