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Camarillo Testimonial ImageMountain View is the place to go!

I've been using this location [Camarillo] for years. Even though I moved away from Camarillo, I always make the drive to have my car serviced here. Tony is the only one I trust with my car. Over the years, he has become a part of my family. Tony always goes above and beyond to make sure my car stays in good shape.

If you care about your car as much as I do mine, you'll be glad you let Tony and the staff handle your ride!

Keeya L.

Camarillo Testimonial ImageTheir prices and customer service cannot be beat. Robert, the manager, was very professional and he made the whole process (new tires and alignment) an absolute breeze.

He had my run-flat tires in stock and he kept me informed during the entire service. Great service! 

Mountain View Tire and Auto Service [Camarillo] is my new "go-to" place for my car needs.

Anthony C.
Camarillo, CA. 

Camarillo Testimonial ImageMountain View Tire embodies customer service.

I came in initially with my fiancée to get our '05 Dodge Stratus looked at after having it die on us in the middle of a rainstorm. It was on a Sunday, which made the timing even worse due to the limited repair shops open. We towed it over to Mountain View [Camarillo] where we were greeted by Tony. He was very courteous and helpful.

The fix was going to be expensive due to the timing belt snapping and causing valve damage, so we decided to get rid of it. Although we opted out for the repair, they allowed us to keep the car parked there for several days until we could afford to have it towed away. 

The second visit was for my car: an '05 Volvo S60. I called Tony at Mountain View because I remembered how friendly he was and knew he would be able to help me out with my flat tire. He offered to fix it within the hour for an affordable rate.

Bottom line is, I've had a great experience using this repair shop and would highly recommend to anyone. Tony is a great asset to the business and I will return for future repairs.

Cheyenne D.
Camarillo, CA.

Camarillo Testimonial ImageMountain View Tire [Camarillo] really cares about their customers. Tony, Cory, and Tim were very kind, respectful, honest and knowledgeable.
I brought my VW Jetta in due to my catalytic converter [being] bad and needing to be replaced. It was going to cost me $1,500. But they called around to get better prices and what they did was actually better! They asked the VW dealership if my car was still under the emissions warranty, and it was!
Thanks to them I saved $1,500 and had my catalytic converter replaced at VW with no money out of my pocket. I also had my Toyota Sienna serviced here fast and at a great price! This is the only place I trust my car at and will continue to keep coming here.
Sherene J.
Thousand Oaks, CA.

Camarillo Testimonial ImageI got stuck in Camarillo Saturday night and towed my car to a friend's. I have been to this location one time before for a tire. Sunday morning, I spoke to Gerardo and told him I needed a starter, according to AAA. He gave me a price and said "bring it in." He said he would order the part and have it before I got there. My car was there for less than 2 hours and fixed. Gerardo went out of his way to help me fix my car. He wanted me to come in and wasn't pushy for the sale. I would drive the 40 miles from my apartment just so Gerardo can service my car.

Howard Staszower
Encino, California

Camarillo Testimonial ImageI left my car at your Camarillo store. I would like to thank Joe Garcia and his mechanic, Jim.

I brought our car in because twice the car was at a red light and when it turned green the gas pedal acted as if the engine had shut down.

I was concerned that there was a transmission problem. I left the car. Jim found that the problem was low transmission fluid and, because Joe maintains our cars, there was no charge.

I must compliment Joe Garcia for his honesty and integrity. It's employees like Joe and Jim that will build your business.

Thank you,
Marvin Short

Camarillo Testimonial Image

Joe Garcia, Camarillo store manager, restored my trust in Mountain View! I am very pleased with his efforts to save me money and still make my daughter's car safe to drive. He is a credit to your organization.

Thank you.
Ray Komar

Camarillo_Testimonial_Image(This testimonial was phoned into our corporate office. Our receptionist jotted down the basics.)


The customer had a great experience at the Camarillo store. Mountain View Tire technician Alex Gomez looked at the sliding door of her mini-van free of charge. He explained what had to be done in order to fix it, but she didn’t allow him to fix it. She felt bad that she had no money to pay for it, even though Alex said it was a simple fix and he would do it for free. The customer said that Alex is a great person and very kind-hearted. She said that Cory Todd is also a sweetheart. She gets all her tires and automotive work done at Mountain View Tire and will be a lifelong customer. She wanted to say thanks and tell us what great people they are.


This morning's service appointment was among the best customer service I've EVER experienced at any store - automotive or otherwise. Superb courtesy, unbeatable pricing, great staff. You have just made me a loyal customer. Bravo. Joseph and the team have restored my faith in the belief that the fundamentals of business - courtesy, quality, pricing - are still alive and well. Thanks for a GREAT customer experience.

Marc Parmet
Camarillo, CA.

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