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Dear Mr. Mitsos,

On this last Sunday, February 7, my wife and I were headed from Beaumont, CA to Santa Paula, CA for a family reunion. As we neared the city of Duarte on the 210 freeway, the driver next to me began honking his horn and pointing to my rear tire. I acknowledged him, made my way over to the side of the freeway and pulled over. My rear tire was half way down. We took the Mount Olive off-ramp and pulled into a parking lot. After checking the tire, I saw that there was no puncture, but I noticed the valve stem was leaking.

I really started to get worried when I realized, here we are - on a Sunday - when most tire stores or garages are closed, and we are in a city we're not familiar with. We used our mobile GPS and looked for a tire shop. The first two we passed were closed, but the next one was open, and that was the Mountain View Tire store on Huntington Drive in Duarte.

We pulled in and, as I was getting out of my truck, I was met in the parking lot by your store manager, Sam Aslanian. I explained my problem to him, where I had come from and where I was going, and Sam jumped into action. He asked me to pull around by the open stall and he had my tire off and valve stem replaced in a matter of minutes it seemed.

I told my wife I had never seen anyone respond so quickly and friendly to help someone. I went in to settle up at the counter and he informed me there was no charge; that he was glad he could help us so we could get back on the road to get to our family reunion. Mr. Mitsos, our problem may have been a minor problem, but it was a big deal to us and we cannot thank your staff in Duarte enough for what they did and how we were treated.

Gary & Kathleen Dunn

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