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Granada_Hills_Testimonial_ImageEveryone has a story or two about an automotive repair shop! I have many. It's hard to find one that can be trusted to do the work right and do it with integrity. I'm a long-time customer of Mountain View Tire's Granada Hills store (for about 20 years). Last year, I met the owners on site while I was getting my car serviced and had a conversation about the terrific service I have rec'd over the many years at that particular store.

This email is a follow-up on those comments. Mike and Kyle, and the rest of the crew for that matter, have always treated me with respect. They have been friendly, kind and honest in their dealings with me. Mountain View Tire has always done the work and done it right the first time. They're fair and honest and I feel I can trust them unequivocally. I don't have to check up on them to see if they're doing the work I paid for. They don't make up repairs that don't need to be done. Although Mountain View doesn't always have the best prices, it's worth knowing the work is going to be done right, the first time, by competent mechanics.

I would like to pass on a quick story. My daughter (18 yrs old) was going to take our boat to Castaic Lake to go waterskiing with her girlfriends many years ago. After hooking up the boat, I noticed the tires were low on the boat, so I took the boat over to the Granada Hills store. While air was being put in the tires, Kyle noticed that the nuts that went on the u-bolts to hold the axle to the springs were "missing." I had a flash of the trailer coming apart on the freeway, and the entire carload of girls killed in an accident that could have been prevented. Kyle took the time to repair the trailer, right then and there, while I waited. Hence, the girls had a good trip. But the moral of the story is Mountain View had prevented a tragedy from happening.

I share this story to show how the "guys" at the store take care of their customers. They are professionals who do a good job with lots of integrity. I will always do business with Mountain View's Granada Hills store. Thank you, Mike and Kyle, for taking care of my cars all these years!!

Jim Davis
Granada Hills, CA.

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