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La Quinta Testimonial PageI am a long-term regular customer of this shop [LaQuinta]. I take all my vehicles to this store. Now my daughter and several of my neighbors [do].

Had a nail removed this morning from one my new tires. Adam the manager had the tire repaired in 20 minutes, but would not accept payment. I fully expected to pay.

I want to let you know that I am proud to bring my business to Adam, and I continue to recommend this shop for their service and trustworthiness. Very satisfied customer.

Jim Wisener

La Quinta Testimonial PageDear Gus,

Just wanted to write you a quick note to say “thanks a million” for all your help and support yesterday in fixing my 2008 Chrysler Aspen on such short notice.

The level of service we received was truly world class and I am already a huge fan of your business and the great service you give your customers. The prompt and professional diagnosis and repair ensure that we will have a safe and worry-free trip back to the Bay Area, and that is priceless.

Please accept my sincere appreciation. I look forward to visiting you again in the future

Best Regards,
Paul Allam

La Quinta Testimonial PageI'd always taken my car to Mountain View Tire in Palm Desert and then to MVT in La Quinta after I moved to Indio. 
So when I heard some strange noises coming from the driver's side down low near the clutch, I talked to Adam Webb, the store manager, about it after stopping in one recent afternoon.
After we took the car for a test drive, Adam assured me he knew what the problem was. After I got out of the driver's seat, Adam grabbed the seat and wiggled it until I heard the strange noises I'd heard. I adjusted the seat back one notch and I haven't heard the noises since! 
Adam thought "outside the box" to troubleshoot the problem. Now, you know why I always take my 21-year old Hyundai to Adam and MVT to keep it in excellent running order. Always great service and great customer service!
Mrs. Patricia Prier
Indio, CA.

La Quinta Testimonial PageI found the team at your facility in La Quinta - headed by Robert Lee - [to be] professional, courteous and DETERMINED to resolve a difficult mechanical problem. You are fortunate to have them representing your company.

Warren Zimmer
Evergreen, Colorado

La Quinta Testimonial PageNot sure what I would do if you did not have Adam, Jim and Gus as your employees [at MVT La Quinta]. They are the very best in the industry. You are so fortunate to have them as employees.

Paul Labrecque 


La Quinta Testimonial Page

Hi guys,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you so much for fixing our van on Friday.

My friend and I are on holiday from Australia. We were on our way to the Coachella Music festival when the van we hired broke down. We were in a foreign place, eager to get to the festival, so we needed the van fixed quickly!

In normal circumstances, the van would not have been ready until the next morning, but Gus said they'd get it done for us! Kelly, the technician, worked hard and had us back on the road in no time.

Thanks to Gus, Kelly and the guys at Mountain View Tire & Service (La Quinta). They got our holiday back on track!


La Quinta Testimonial Page

Thanks Adam and Jim (Managers) and special thanks to Jim and the repair staff who did an excellent repair job on my 1999 Chrysler. All are a credit to Mountain View Tire.

Thank you,
William J. Greene

La Quinta Testimonial Page

You have a great team in La Quinta. I recently purchased new tires for my Audi A4 Cabriolet. Adam did a great job of presenting your products and services in a professional manner. I called other tire retailers for pricing and intended to call more, but Adam's efforts caused me to order the tires immediately.

Your team at the store efficiently made the change, aligned the car and got me on my way.

I have told friends of my experience and hope they'll buy from you as well.

Dennis Miller


I just returned from the La Quinta location. I had the extreme pleasure of dealing with Leo. Give that man a raise! I arrived with a tire that had picked-up a screw; nothing too unusual in your business. Leo was very busy, yet he was polite, professional and incredibly accommodating when I explained I was in a time crunch. Twenty minutes later the tire was repaired, changed on the vehicle, and I was on my way. I've never walked out of an auto repair facility feeling better about the experience. That man is an exceptional representative of your business. My thanks to Leo!!!

Rob Nissen,
Campbell River, B.C., Canada


My husband and I started taking our Hyundai to Mountain View Tire located in Palm Desert, CA. in January 2000. We stayed with them there and then [switched] to La Quinta, CA. several years later. My husband passed away in 2004, but I made sure the car always went into Mountain View Tire in La Quinta for regular and even emergency service.

My car is now 17 years old and running very well. It even looks like a new car. I feel very confident with the service work done on my car. I feel that's important for a 63 year old widow. I know I can trust the skilled technicians for my car's good running order.

Oh, and I always buy my tires there, too.

Patricia A. Prier
Indio, CA.


Leo Machuca (La Quinta store) is a cut above in getting to know his customers and is knowledgeable in tires and vehicle repairs and servicing. I bought Copper tires for my F350 crew cab in January and was very pleased with his customer service skills, something I think is a lost art and science.

At that time I had been a customer of a competitor. I felt I was getting the run-around and went in search of a replacement tire/service center. I found Leo and am delighted. Should I go back to Mountain View for tires and service it will be because of Leo and his great attitude.

Bob Rios
Indio, CA.


We have two Lexuses that are serviced at your La Quinta store and have spent several thousand dollars at this location.

We enjoyed working with Jim Mellin, who is no longer associated with you, and we wish him well in his new endeavor, but we would like to bring to your attention that you have two employees there that deserve to be recognized as outstanding employees. They are Leo [Machuca] and Gus [Mellado]. We have had nothing but a very positive experience when we go in for service. These mechanics know us by our first names, and I see a lot of customers coming and going while I am there.

Everyone there works hard and I am here to tell you that they need to be acknowledged for the effort they put into their work, and most importantly customer service. I have referred a lot of my neighbors and they all feel the same as we do.

I don’t need to tell you that we have a choice of so many shops here in the Coachella Valley but none [is] as efficient as this location.

Please convey my message to these guys as they well deserve it.

Paul Labrecque


To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is to let you know that Gustavo Mellado, your service manager at your La Quinta location, saved our weekend trip to Indio.

We had a mishap upon our arrival in Indio late Saturday night and had two flat tires and didn’t know what to do. After a sleepless night when everyone was telling us that nothing was open on Sunday, we found your ad in the Yellow Pages. I called “Gus” and he gave me two numbers for tow services and arranged an emergency appointment for us. (We had an event to attend on Sunday afternoon.)

He was so courteous and caring on the phone and assured us that he would check everything out and make sure we were able to make the 9-hour drive back to San Francisco. Gus’s great service and personal attention had us on our way to the event and back to San Francisco. We are writing this letter to let you know what a great employee Gus is. He went the extra mile for us and that’s the stuff that matters these days.

We appreciate him and we hope you do too.

Jim and Raine Vincent
San Francisco, CA.


Dear Owner of Mountain View Tire:

I am writing to you today to inform you of the exceptionally positive experience that I had with your management team and employees at Mountain View.

From the time that I called your company it was positive. I was looking for a Goodyear dealer in the Palm Springs area that could help me with a warranty adjustment [for the] defective sidewall of a G670 RV 275 X 70R - 22.5 tire on my motorhome. Prior to talking to Jim Mellin, I had contacted two other dealers who informed me that they could not do anything for me, as they only worked on autos and small trucks. When I told Jim what I had, he told me that normally they worked on auto and small truck tires, but he would do whatever he could to help me out.

He asked that I bring my motorhome by the shop and he would look at the tire and see what he could do. From that time he went right to work and arranged to get me a new tire and set an appointment with me to do the work. When I showed up at your business, everyone in the place knew what was going on and [was] the most cordial and nicest bunch of guys I had been around.

Lional was assigned to handle the work of changing out the tire. I couldn't believe how efficient, knowledgeable and pleasant he was to work with. I have traveled all over the U.S. and Canada and have never been treated as well as I was by the people at your dealership.

I know that you must be very proud of the job that Jim and his crew do for you. I usually spend time every winter in your area and you can bet that your dealership will have my business and any other business I can send your way. Please let your folks at the store know how happy I was with the professional manner with which they treated me.

Thank you and your team at Mountain View.

Tom Simon
Hermiston, OR.


(Webmaster's Note: This testimonial came to us in a hand-written card...with homemade cookies!)

Please enjoy these cookies. It’s a small gift from a single lady to show my appreciation for the honest service you have given me for many years now. Thank you so much. You guys are really great.

Just one happy customer,
Linda Burgin
La Quinta, CA.


A week ago, I notified you of our unhappiness with your La Quinta store failing to offer any fair solution to our tire problem, but instead was simply told to buy four new tires.

Jim Mellin contacted me early in the week and I went over to talk to him. After he listened and looked at our service history, he asked if he could inspect the car and tires. My wife took the car over the next afternoon after work. He was very courteous to her and thoroughly inspected the tires and car. He called me the next day and offered a substantial discount on new tires since we had done everything that had been asked of us since purchasing the tires from his store.

We just returned from the store after the tires were installed and we had asked him to [perform] a service check on the car. He called me mid-day to inform me of what they found in the service check, and I asked him to go ahead with his recommendation. It is such a relief to know that he is there and willing to give us great service without fear of being taken advantage of. Our loyalty to his store is now solid because of [his]listening and offering fantastic customer service. He apologized to us for the previous incident and thanked us for sending the original email. We will not only not hesitate to come back, but we will make sure all our friends and co-workers are aware of Jim and Mountain View Tire.

Our thanks to him, and you should thank him, too.

Kind regards,
Jim and Pat Corey
Indio, CA.


Attention: Jim Mellin / Store Manager

Jim...I wanted to share with you that, since you balanced the tires on our 1998 Lexus, it has made all the difference in the world. There is no more vibration while driving on the freeways. Thanks for taking good care of us. And thanks to your mechanic, Lionel, for diagnosing the problem. You're all great to work with.

Paul & Joyce Labrecque


Dear Mountain View Tire,

Kudos to Jim Mellin and his [La Quinta] team for performing such outstanding work. I love seeing all of the employees having so much energy and enthusiasm whenever I go into their shop.

Paul Labrecque


Dear Mountain View Tire,

Please accept my sincere thank you for the outstanding service from your shop in La Quinta, especially the young man, Leo Machuca. He has terrific customer skills and is very knowledgeable. Moreover, the manager, Jim Mellin, is very good. He runs a great shop. I have all three of my vehicles worked on there, plus I have directed several neighbors to this shop because of the fine customer service. Please pass my comments onto the management team, as well as Leo and Jim at the shop.

Jim Wisener


Hello Mountain View Tire,

I was telling Leo Machuca this morning at your La Quinta location that I am relocating to the Washington DC area and I will miss your store greatly. Thank you for the 20 months of great service, and honesty as well. Everyone I dealt with at that location was great. I will miss your service, and can only hope that I find as great a team in DC as I did with you gentlemen. Happy New Year to you all.

Best wishes,
Rodney N.

La_Quinta_Testimonial_PageDear Mountain View Tire,

I want to compliment your service team at the La Quinta facility at Highway 111 for the service that I received today.&;From the moment I called (Gus), to the time I arrived (Jim), and until my repair was complete, I received professional and courteous service. I was pleasantly surprised. Although all I needed were minor tire repairs, I was impressed with the level of service I received.

As I sat in the reception room, I was observing the interaction of other customers with your representatives. At all times, your representatives were courteous and helpful. As a new resident in the desert from upstate New York this was my first visit to your facility. I will definitely be using Mountain View Tire for my future auto needs.

Keep up the good work.

Mark Chalachan
Palm Desert, CA

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