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I called your Newhall store yesterday and spoke with Enrique. I told him that my vehicle was being towed to his location, and I would be there within 20 minutes. My "check engine" light had come on and I was afraid to drive the vehicle. When I arrived at the Newhall store, I was immediately greeted by Ray, and he opened the door to the reception area and told me that Enrique was expecting me. I felt like a VIP!!

Ray ran a diagnostic and discovered the problem. He did a temporary fix, but wasn't sure that it would last. Enrique said that if the "check engine" light came on again, I could still drive my car, but I should take it in for the necessary repairs. I know Enrique from the North Hollywood store. He is there part of the time, and at the Newhall store part of the time. He was mentioned in my first testimonial sent to Mountain View a few months ago, along with everyone from both the Newhall store and the North Hollywood store. I work in North Hollywood and live in Canyon Country. I usually take my vehicle to the North Hollywood store and they drive me to and from my office.

Both Ray and Enrique were wonderful. Enrique did not charge me for the diagnostic, as he knows that I am a very good customer. I tried to give Ray a little something for his efforts, but he would not accept anything from me. He was so gracious.

My experience with Mountain View Tire is that the service is exemplary. From the customer service reps to the mechanics to anyone in-between, the Mountain View employees are top notch. In fact, my company has all of our trucks (20) serviced by Mountain View Tire because of me.

Robin Swerdlow

Used Oil Collection Center
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