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North Hollywood Testimonial ImageThis has been my go-to shop in the valley since I moved here in 2015. Excellent, friendly service.

Highly recommend this location [North Hollywood], especially since you can eat breakfast next door while you wait for your car to be done.

Their customer service is outstanding and they actually bring you into the garage to show you your car and the work that needs to be done.

Thanks, Mountain View!

Sally S.

North Hollywood Testimonial ImageI got a nail in my tire on Memorial Day and for starters, I’m so grateful you guys were open! Lucky me!

The usual spot I go to was closed, so I Googled other tire shops near by [North Hollywood]. When I arrived, Ruben helped me with my client profile and quickly took my car in to get the nail out. They were very busy and in great spirits. Javier did a great job respiring my tire.

There was such a positive vibe to the place and Ruben was so incredibly helpful. He answered all my questions and even showed me my car as it was up on the lifting platform.

It really made getting a nail in my tire quite an enjoyable experience. You definitely have my business because of your all-star employee Ruben and the rest of the guys at that location! I’ll be telling all my friends and family about your quality service! 

Lauren Moreno

North Hollywood Testimonial ImageMy name's Robert, and you guys serviced me on December 11th [at North Hollywood]. Unfortunately, I didn't quite catch the name of the manager, but I just wanted to say I havent seen such a display of professionalism and customer service at any business I have visited in at least a few years.

That man performs his job like he owns the business. He is a truly exceptional manager, and I just hope this email reaches ownership so that they know what upstanding management they have.

I will return for all my tire business to this location from now on!

Rob L.

North Hollywood Testimonial ImageI want to inform you of the outstanding, loving, caring, crew you have at MVT North Hollywood. I hope and pray this crew stays in North Hollywood.

Ray is not only fantastic at being an over-the-top mechanic, he is also excellent at customer service, taking care of veheicles and people.

Rick is absolutely the best manager with his caring, loving sensitivity he has with the people who come in. He is so patient and listens to our concerns, and does his best to comfort us. He sees that our vehicles get the best care possible.

Julie and Alex are wonderful and an additional asset to North Hollywood. They are always cheereful and wanting to help.

Debby Brown
North Hollywood

North Hollywood Testimonial ImageI needed repair work for my truck. I pass by this place all the time. Looked up Mountain View (North Hollywood) on the web. Liked the reviews. I also looked at and they came up as the very first one with 5 stars.

Efrian and his crew are the best. Can't stop talking about them. When my daughter needed tires I told her to go there. She was so impressed that she posted on Yelp. Efrain and his crew are #1 in my book.

Debby Brown
North Hollywood

North Hollywood Testimonial ImageGood Afternoon,

I was at a [Mountain View Tire and] Auto Service Center in North Hollywood, CA. on Monday, January 20, 2014.

We received the most outstanding customer service. I am drawing a blank on the name of the gentleman that helped us. He was very professional, honest and caring with us. We had gone in because the sensor light went on in my daughter-in-law's vehicle. It turned out that it had a nail in it and the tire was going bald.

We were on our way home to Arizona. We had our tires checked before we left AZ and the guy at Discount Tire shop had told us all was okay. I'm glad that we got the nail stuck in the tire because we could have had a blow out on the freeway home because of the bald tire.

I really wanted to extend some gratitude on the treatment given to us. From my experience, some mechanics try to take advantage of women when it comes to tires or anything that has to do with the car. That did not happen at all.

We also found out none of the valves had covers and they replaced them for us. Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service. It was very much appreciated.

Jazmin Carpio


Car repairs make me nostalgic for my Boston subway days, but the guys at Mountain View Tire & Service in North Hollywood tried to make the process as simple and painless as possible. I needed new tires and struts to smooth out what was becoming an increasingly rough ride.

Enrique at the front desk and the mechanic, Carlos, helped me to prioritize what could be done now and what could wait. They were mindful of my budget and shopped around to order me the most competitively priced parts. I had done a bit of the same before coming in (and of course called my car-savvy brother and dad!) so I had an idea of what to expect for some of the work. I found the entire staff to be helpful, informative and not pushy, and the work was quick and efficient.

It was a weekday morning and the shop was relatively quiet, so Carlos, Jack and Lee all worked on my car and, including the oil change, alignment and installation of new parts, I was in and out in a couple of hours. My car is much happier and my ride much smoother! I will definitely be back again and not just because my car is getting old.

Be sure to check their website before you go in. They have multiple coupons available online that can save you on everything from your oil change to your transmission.

Joyce M.
Los Angeles, CA.

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When I first moved to Los Angeles a few years ago, this was the first place [North Hollywood] I went for an oil change as it was only a few miles away. Since then, I have gone to this place for both vehicles I have owned, and have never had any issues.

The guys at the front are always very helpful and honest people. I appreciate this, as in the past I used to go to Toyota dealerships and always had to deal with saying, "No, I don't need that... No, I don't need this."

I have gotten to know the people who take care of my vehicle, and have grown to trust them as well. I usually schedule a same-day appointment and when I get there say, "Hey, I just need an oil change. Let me know if anything REALLY needs changed" and they make honest suggestions.

I may not be a car guy, but I know if I am being sold something unnecessary. They have never done this to me.

I recommend this place highly: 20-30 minute oil changes, friendly staff and, most importantly, they offer very competitive prices.

Mark O.
North Hollywood, CA.

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I have been having my car serviced here [North Hollywood] for over a year now and I can't give anything but positive feedback. Everyone from the guys at the front desk to the guys in the shop are knowledgeable, helpful and honest. I am not very knowledgeable myself when it comes to cars, so it's great to have people I can trust.

A couple of times I've asked them to check something minor for me - just to be safe - and they did it free of charge. Now that's what I call service!

Oh, and the prices - extremely competitive! I recently needed a new water pump and found out later that another service center wanted about $250 more - just for the part. Need I say more?

So, if you're looking for a great place to have your car serviced - look no further. This is it!!

Ed B.
North Hollywood, CA.

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I've been going to Mountain View Tire [North Hollywood] for service / maintenance on my car since I've moved out here almost two years ago. The guys have always been so nice. They always explain everything to me and work with what's most important to do right away and what can wait. They have also cut me a deal here and there on labor costs.

I've talked with Beto and Gus and they are both so nice, knowledgeable and helpful. Today they were pretty busy, but my headlight was out. Beto had one of his guys fix it right away with no charge. (I, of course, tipped the guy for his help.)

They once offered me a ride home (even with my huge, hairy dog) and a rental car when the job couldn't be done in the timeframe they originally quoted. I didn't take them up on their offer because they said the car would be fixed [by] early afternoon the next day, I didn't have to work and I didn't live very far. No need to waste anyone's time or money when they are such helpful people.

I don't have much experience with other places out here in the Valley and I'm not sure they are the cheapest, but I'd recommend Mountain View Tire to anyone looking for a reputable place to get work done on their vehicle.

Laurie L.
North Hollywood, CA.

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