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Rancho CucamongaHello - My name is John Therrien. My wife and I take our cars to Henry and Mike at the Rancho Cucamonga store. I cannot express enough how satisfied we are with the service that they give us! Throughout the years, they've proven themselves to be true to their word. The quality of work they do is outstanding! I've never been disappointed.

They have always taken care of us with the utmost concern for quality and safety. I know that no matter what it takes, they will make sure that the job is done right! I trust them with complete confidence!

I find it amazing the Henry (the manager) will call me himself to go over the repairs needed. Not many managers will take that personal step to satisfy their customers. Mike also does an outstanding job of going over repairs and suggesting parts needed!

My wife and I will always go to Mountain View Tire in Rancho Cucamonga for all out auto needs because we know that we'll get truthful, honest and reliable service from Henry and Mike.

Keep up the good work, guys!

John Therrien


I had a tire come off my trailer on the freeway. I found the rim finally and was referred across the street by your competitor to get a 13" tire. That's when your employee "Cat" took over. He immediately called your driver to pick up a tire, and they put it on in an hour!

The shop was busy. I told him how the tire separated from the lugs and ruined them. He said if I got the hub off he'd look at it. I brought it in and he pressed out the studs and replaced them. This is above and beyond good service. I will now get the other tire here and come back in the future.

I live in Riverside and I will drive! This man deserves any promotion or other form of compensation you could give. Despite the level of volume at the store that day, Cat came through. I must also tell you that he referred me to a place that had the rare square u-bolt size to fix my axle! I, as well as my friend, witnessed the level of service and will refer this shop to anybody.

Mike Shiffer
Riverside, CA.


Dear Chris,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for these tires that I received today. I am very happy my car is driving smoothly.

I just wanted to let you know what a remarkable and competent employee you have in Henry. He greeted me with the utmost respect and professionalism, and exceeded my expectations in the quality of customer service that he provided. I am so impressed by your company [that] I will definitely be recommending your services to all my family and friends.

With much appreciation, thanks again, and happy holidays to you and yours,
Bridget Leon

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