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Palm Desert Town Center Testimonial ImageAs a woman, it has been a great relief to find a mechanic and [shop] that provide service to my car that's fairly priced, well done, and uncomplicated. Jim at Mountain View Tire and Auto Service [Palm Desert Monterey] does that. He gives excellent service without complications.

Thank you, Jim!

Maria Louisa Avendano

Palm Desert Town Center Testimonial ImagePrompt service, no gimmicks and staff are professional. 
I would like to commend Mike Flores [Palm Desert Monterey] for his super leadership in the shop. He was courteous, kind and very customer oriented. I wish all service [providers] in the Valley [could be] like him. Mountain View should be very proud to have him. I do recommend talking to him before going anywhere else. 
Dan Manaloto
Enterprise Ride Share Coordinator (Fleet)


Palm Desert Town Center Testimonial ImageWe drove our Jeep TJ out from South Orange County to stay overnight in Palm Desert and then off road in Joshua Tree in the morning.

Once we pulled off the highway, we started to see smoke coming out from under the car. We made it to the hotel and then saw transmission fluid all under the car.

We got to Mountain View (Palm Desert-Monterey) just before they closed, and the staff took the time to help us out. Given that it was 110 degrees and close to closing, many places would have just turned us away.

A transfer case gasket had torn which leaked out all the fluid. Since the part would take days to get, we decided to just top off the fluid and risk it to make the two-hour trek back home.

The staff was very helpful and also directed us to the nearest auto parts store so that we could get additional fluid, with the plan that we would stop half way to top off again. We made it without even stopping.

Mountain View helped without charging us anything. While we were there, we saw them interact with several other customers and they were very patient and understanding with everyone. Stay cool, my friends.

Michael Koscal

Palm Desert Town Center Testimonial ImageI highly recommend the guys at the Monterey store. They went above and beyond in repairing a two-year-old popping noise that no one else could diagnose. Very professional, friendly and helpful.

Thank you, guys.

James Glenn

Palm Desert Town Center Testimonial ImageDear Mountain View Tire Management:

I just had to take the time to let you know that it's been another positive experience for me at your Palm Desert - Monterey location. I'm happy to share the details of my visit, and wanted to thank you again for making sure you've got the right people working at your business.

My Lexus needed it's 150,000 mile service. I was prepared for some major service work. However, because Leo took the time to verify if certain items were previously serviced, I was able to save a substantial amount of money on work the was not necessary. Leo took the time to actually call my previous mechanic, and get the service records to help determine exactly what my car needed.

I can't tell you how much it means to me, especially because I am not knowledgable about many things pertaining to my car.

The technicians at your Monterey location have been fair and honest with me since I started bringing my cars there. I have a high regard for what they advise because I have a huge amount of trust in what they tell me. They always take the time to explain things to me in a sensible way so that I can understand the process.

As someone who has limited understanding of the mechanical details of my car, I'm confident that whatever is suggested to me regarding my car will be a knowledgable and trusted advisement.

Mountain View Tire has earned my respect and loyalty. Thanks again, Leo!

Carol Carmel
Desert Hot Springs, California


I've been bringing my vehicles to your store since the new location opened last year on Monterey Avenue.

Car expenses and repairs can be very stressful. However, I wanted to let you know about one of your employees that has gone above and beyond trying to save me money by making me aware of coupons and rebates that I did not know were available to me.

Raising two boys by myself can be costly, too. So, when George at your Palm Desert location told me about additional rebates and coupons I qualified for, I was very happy.

He is very professional, and an excellent representative for your company. I really appreciate the extra effort he made to make the disappointment of car repairs and maintenance much easier to swallow.

George deserves some recognition for his job performance in my opinion. He is an asset to your company. I know he will go far with the great commitment to your customers. Thanks again, George!

Ms. Carol Carmel
Palm Springs

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