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Don't Believe What They Say!
I was very disappointed with the service I had when I took my 2002 Chevy Tahoe for service. Before I took my SVU, I called to see how much it was going to cost. When I called, I asked them how much it would cost to replace a fuel pump on a 2002 Chevy Tahoe. I wanted to know what the worst case scenario would be to fix the problem. The person I spoke (Mike?) told me it would cost between $400 - $600.

The reason I wanted to know is because I had made a few calls and wanted to make sure I was getting the best deal. I had to tow my SUV to the shop so I wanted to make sure it was a fair price.

A few hours later they called me to tell me it would cost $800ish and some dollars to fix the problems. I was completely in shock when he told me the price. When I told him the price they quoted me when I called, they told me that was only an estimate. This really ticked me off because I specifically asked what was would be the worst case scenario for a fuel pump. I specifically told him the issue and the type of car.

I absolutely feel that I had a bait and switch done to me. I towed my car knowing what it was going to cost to get my car fix. I've seen plenty of reports on services doing the bait and switch but I would never thought it would happen to me.

I will never take my car there again. They lied to me and I felt like I didn't have any choice but to get my car fixed. I had to tow it and didn't want to have it towed again to another service station. When I confronted Mike, he told he didn't remember me asking him the specific service. It is such bull and I will never recommend this shop to anyone.

I caution anyone that takes the car this service facility with the integrity and whether you really need a certain service they recommend.

A very disappointed customer that will be back or recommend to a single soul.
Owner's reply

We quoted the price of $400 to $600 over the phone for the fuel pump. We also quoted an additional price to replace the fuel filter for a total of $939. When our customer said that it was too high, we explained the cost was due to the quality of the part. After that explanation, the customer and our representative Caleb came to an agreement of $835 with tax. That included the fuel filter and installation. We're still not sure why our customer left a negative review. Our District Manager Louie Zele has emailed him and left four phone messages, but we haven't received a reply. - Chris Mitsos, Vice President / Mountain View Tire and Auto Service


Push, push. push. That is what I got at Mountain View Tires in Camarillo. I have been A commision only salesman for 31 yeats and I do not use the hard sell tactics that you 2 salesmen used on me. They kepi comingh back with things that were wrong with my car. I'm 71 years old and I don't need the agrivation. They got me for over a $1,000 and wanted me to prepay it yesterday even though I was coming back today to finish the job. Ricardo was on duty today and I listened to the way he treated customers and you need more employees like him because he is very professional and is not pushy at all like his other 2 co-workers were yesterday. It's too bad he is moving to another store. I think he would be a good manager. This was my second time (and my last time) to buy tires from Mountain View and I wasn't treated badly the first time ether.

Front Tire in a Ditch
Mountain View gave me a great deal on tires and it was smooth for 5,000 miles. Then I turned into a 2.5 foot ditch and after that my steering wheel had a bad case of the jitters. I made it to Mountain View Tire in Camarillo about 3:00 PM on a Saturday and told my sad story to Christopher at the front desk, and he checked with Joseph. It was late and they were short-staffed; however, they dropped me off at my home. They changed my oil, rotated my tires, fixed my alignment, changed my air fiter, replaced my wiper blade, picked me up at home before 5:30 PM, and were so friendly they made my day and weekend. Wow! Sincerely, Tim Webber

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