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Knight in Shining Armor
Thank you so much to Mountain View Tire for their awesome customer service, even to a non-customer!

Picked up a razor blade in one of my tires and an employee of Mountain View was coming out of Chase Bank. He noticed I was looking at my tires and got tools to help me out.

Thank you so much. I have over 150 more miles to drive today and that could have turned out very badly had it not been for you.

I came yesterday for a flat tire repair and got to the shop 4 minutes before closing. The guys didn't hesitate and fixed it for me in less than 10 minutes and the manager didn't even charge me. These guys are awesome! They had a great attitude, were friendly, and got me in and out. They didn't act like it was a bother to help me so close to closing. I will definitely be back!!

Customer Service
Some people here complain about the wait time but it is not like the guys in the back are just standing around.

I believe the manager name is Mike. Very hospitable. I come in to check my tires. A few oil changes. Never had any issue with them.

Living here in Eastvale for over 10 years, I am glad we have a reputable tire shop to serve our community.

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