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Recent experience at Moutain View
Took in a vehicle due to a flat on a tire I had purchased there several years before. Tire had hole on the side. Sam, a service manager there, told me the tire was not repairable because of the hole. While I was standing there, he called a serviceman and told him to put on a new tire. I asked if they could rotate tires and he said that would take time. I told him I could leave the car.

About an hour later Sam called telling me the car is ready. When signing the paperwork, I see that there is a charge for the new tire. I advised the gentleman helping me that it would have been nice to have been informed ahead of time that there would be a charge. I was actually expecting a charge but was surprised that no one had mentioned one previously. Sam chimed in and said he had told me about a charge but I know without a doubt that he didn't.

The tire cost $117 but I only paid about $90 due to the rebate on the prorated old tire. I also paid $10 for the road hazard insurance.

When I got home I noticed that the wrong type of tire had been put on. My tires are Goodyear Fuel Max tires. The one put on was a Goodyear All Season. I checked their site and the All Season tires were $92 and not the $117 that appeared on my bill. I called Sam and told him about the wrong tire. He said he put that tire on because the Fuel Max were being discontinued and didn't have any is stock. He called me back and said he had found a place that had the right tire and he'd go pick it up. I asked if there would be a charge for the right tire and he said no because both Fuel Max and All Season tires cost the same. On their site a Fuel Max is shown as $121. All Season is $92.00.

Took in the car the next day and had the tire replaced. When picking up the car, Sam once again said the Fuel Max were no longer available and were being replaced with the All Season. I later contacted Goodyear directly and they said they had no plans to discontinue the Fuel Max tire.

Overall, the people at Mountain View are pretty pleasant to deal with but I will have to be on my toes when I deal with them. This is due to the inconsistencies in what they have told me and the prices I have been charged.

Fontana Mountain View
I have been going to the Fontana store for the last 8 years or so. I take my company car and my wife's car. Now my daughters and their husbands also go there. I just wanted to say how great it is to have a trusted service center to take these vehicles to.

I would just like to also recognize Sam as one the best service people I have ever met in my last 40 years of driving and having to have service on my automobiles. Sam has always been responsive and trustworthy. He in particular is why I take my vehicles to that station. All he does is appreciated.

Larry Shinkle

Memorial Day Save
I needed an oil change today and I thought that I would roll the dice and see if they would do it 10 minutes before they closed. They said that it was too late, so I inquired about tires knowing my car was in dire need of them. The Service Manager at the counter, Robert Lopez, was very helpful and discovered that my tires weren't just bald, but actually shredding. He wouldn't let me drive back home in that condition and did all he could to find tires that were the correct size, even giving me brand new tires that were supposed to go on someone else's car! He literally was a life saver!

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