Sunday, February 11th, 2018 is a day Paul Mitsos will not likely forget.

That afternoon, he won his first Wally, the trophy presented to the winner of each racing class at every NHRA drag racing event.

Paul is one of our company’s three Vice Presidents and a co-owner of Mountain View Tire and Auto Service. In his spare time, though, he likes to drive fast. And that’s certainly what he did during the Lucas Oil Winternationals in Pomona, California.

"To win at a national event, at our home track, in front of my family and friends and so many of our employees was absolutely a dream come true," said Paul. "It was just phenomenal!"

Paul races in the Top Sportsman category. Don Meziere, his opponent in the final round, jumped the gun and was disqualified with a red-light foul start. Still, Paul took his Mountain View Racing Dodge Stratus down the track in 7.098 seconds, hitting a top speed of 191.21 miles per hour, and winning what we hope is the first of many Wallys.

Read more about this great story on the NHRA website

Paul Mitsos Wally Win Pomona 2018

Tim Squires Mountain View Tire and Auto Service
With 20 years as our Director of Fixed Assets, Safety and Compliance, Tim Squires knows what he’s doing - and why it’s important.

“I research new equipment, set up repairs on equipment, help with developing our new stores…” said Tim. He also works to make sure our facilities and the tools we use are safe for you and our employees. That includes helping us meet all laws about hazardous materials and the Americans with Disabilities Act. “I visit each of our locations at least once a month to ensure we’re compliant, and then provide coaching and counseling when necessary.”

“Our customers expect and deserve a clean and safe environment,” said Tim. “And MVT employees deserve state-of-the-art equipment, so they can deliver the perfect customer experience.”

Tim said that “MVT provides exceptional customer service and the best repair experience in the industry. Many customers visit our locations just to stop in and say hi. That's when you know you’re going in the right direction. When fathers send their daughters, sons, mothers and wives to us - knowing they’ll be treated like family - that’s pretty good. When you serve Fishthree generations of the same family as we often do, that’s really good.”

Tim’s favorite aspect of his work is helping others. “I like seeing the development of our associates, knowing that I had a small part of their growth.”

And after 20 years with Mountain View Tire and Auto Service, Tim says he has not just one, but “thousands of favorite stories” about our customers and the people he works with. “I have favorite stories every day!”

When Tim’s not working, he’s on the water. “I fish the entire Pacific coast, Alaska to Cabo. Fish fear me! And I love spending time with my 9-year-old grandson, Ethan. I fear  him!”

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Travis Krebs

It's a pretty big deal to be named an ASE Master Technician

So when our own Travis Krebs earned his Master Tech certificate, we were incredibly proud.

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence sets the standards and oversees the testing process for all technicians seeking certification. In order to be known as a Master Technician, candidates must pass eight tests - a total of 375 questions - and have at least two years of relevant hands-on work experience. Then, they must prove themselves worthy of the title every five years by becoming re-certified.

An automotive technician at our Murrieta store since November 2006, Travis prepared for the ASE testing process primarily by honing his skills on the job over many years. He then earned his Master Technician status in November of 2017.

That means that Travis is proficient in engine repair, automatic transmissions and transaxles, manual drive train and axles, suspension and steering, brakes, electrical and electronic systems, heating and air conditioning, and engine performance. 

"The best part of my work is actually fixing complicated problems," said Travis, "especially when a customer has already been to several other shops. Not only is that rewarding, but I might help MVT earn a customer for life."

Goodyears Wingfoot 2

Cheri Bednersh is a customer of our Palm Desert - Town Center store. Before she and her husband Wayne celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary recently, she "thought long and hard about an appropriate gift,” he said.

Then, Cheri had an idea.

For decades, Wayne had wanted to take a ride in the Goodyear blimp. Cheri knew that if she could arrange the trip, it would be the thrill of a lifetime for her husband.

That's when Cheri approached us. She spoke with our vice president Mike Mitsos, who recognized the opportunity to make a dream come true for a couple of customers.

So, Mike put the wheels in motion. He was able to secure two invitations and, in early November, Cheri and Wayne went for a spin in Wingfoot 2, the newest airship in Goodyear's fleet.

“It was very nice inside,” wrote Wayne. “A really great experience. The ride was very stable and the motion was similar to riding in a bus as we cruised around 1,500 feet. Everything on the ground is quite clear at this level and the height provides a unique perspective.”

We're glad we were able to play a role in making this very special gift happen. Congratulations, Cheri and Wayne, on your 50th anniversary.

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Shop Small Fontana

Take a guess: how many small businesses are there in California?

A few hundred thousand? Half a million maybe?

Try 3,800,000!

And small businesses employ more than 49% of our state’s working people. So, clearly, they are tremendously important to California.

That’s why we urge you to Shop Small on Saturday, November 25th.

Small Business Saturday is an annual effort to remind people to buy as often as they can from area stores and service providers in order to support local employers and stimulate local economies.

And this is the perfect time of year to Shop Small. With just a little thought and legwork, you can find all sorts of holiday gifts for friends and family members from local sources. Such as:

• Massages or personal styling from a neighborhood spa.
• A painting, photograph or sculpture from an area artist.
• Reservations at your town’s newest restaurant.
• A house concert from a local band or musician.
• Season tickets for your city’s theatre or dance company.
• Memberships to a nearby museum.
• A selection of local jams, wines or craft beers.
• Custom clothing from an area tailor.
• Enrollment in an adult education class at a nearby college.
• And yes, even gift certificates for vehicle detailing and car care.

When you Shop Small, you can often find gifts that are more unique, and you’ll invest in the economic health of your town and your neighbors. Happy SMALL-idays

Brakes Mountain View Tire

We love when we get to witness the best in human nature.

On the morning of September 25, 2017, two customers walked into the showroom of our Camarillo store within a few seconds of each other.

Our Retail Sales Manager, Tiffany, took care of customer #1, Sammie. Another one of our team members assisted customer #2, Andrea.

Andrea was very excited to share with us that her college financial aid was finally approved, and that she could now afford tires for her truck that she’d worked so hard to save for.

That sparked a conversation between our customers, Sammie and Andrea.

Not long after, we had to inform Andrea that her vehicle needed new brakes, and that the cost of the parts and labor would come to about $500.

We could tell immediately that Andrea was not prepared for the news, and that the cost would be a financial burden for her. So, she let us know that the new brakes would have to wait until she could save more money.

But Sammie overheard the entire conversation. And once Andrea left the showroom to get lunch, Sammie approached Tiffany and told her that she wanted to pay the $500 to have Andrea's brakes replaced.

Sammie saw how hard Andrea had worked to get where she is in life, and wanted to help her keep going. To top it off, Sammie asked us not to reveal to Andrea who had paid for her brakes. Sammie’s gesture was a touching act of kindness to everyone in the room.

When Andrea came back to our shop to pick up her vehicle, Tiffany had the pleasure of telling her that her tires were installed and that her brake work had been completed and paid for in full.

By that time, though, Sammie was long gone, having helped someone in need with no interest in re-payment or even a “thank you.”

As we said - the best in human nature.

MVT Wildomar

We’re very happy to announce that Mountain View Tire and Auto Service is expanding.

Our newest location will be opening in mid-fall 2017 at the new Wildomar Square shopping center.

Located at Interstate 15 and Clinton-Keith Road in Wildomar, the new complex will also be home to several restaurants, including The Habit Burger Grill, Robeks, Angelo’s Brick Oven Pizzeria and others. That means you can drop off your vehicle and enjoy an easy walk to a great meal.

We closed our Montclair location on August 20th, but our beautiful Upland store is only about 9 miles to the northeast. If you’re one of our many Montclair-area customers, we invite you to join us in Upland soon.

And here’s more good news: there will be at least four new Mountain View Tire and Auto Service stores opening in the next few years.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you and for making that growth possible.

(Photo from Google Earth.)

We’ve been telling a story for many years; a story about our employees and the way we serve others.

And because our customers have seen our people and principles in action, they’ve become storytellers, too.

They send us cards and letters and emails to tell us about the great experiences they’ve had at Mountain View stores.

They use Yelp to share their appreciation and regard for our automotive technicians who went above and beyond to help.

And they’ve told their friends and family members about the trust they have in us.

You can see a few of the stories that drivers have sent in on our Testimonials page and on our Yelp page.

The video above also includes kind words from a happy customer. It features audio from KPLM radio.

If you’re one of the thousands of people who has taken the time to spread the word about Mountain View Tire and Auto Service, thank you.

If you’ve never tried us before, please stop in. We’ll work hard to inspire you to share your own good news about us.

Driving for Pleasure
I love driving.

I mean weekend, windows-down, no-place-to-be kind of driving.

And lately, I’ve really enjoyed getting lost while I drive. Usually on Saturdays.

About 5 or 6 o’clock, I pour a big tumbler of iced tea, hop in the car, and set out to see what I can see; what I haven’t seen during my daily commute.

I turn down back roads and dirt roads and barely-a-road roads to explore the countryside, the fields and farms.

My drives have taken me past acres of wildflowers, abandoned cabins and old brick schoolhouses, small lakes, a waterfall, weather-worn barns, sheep and cows and deer. On the way, I’ve found myself surrounded by rolling green hills, powerful summer thunderstorms, and the all-encompassing glow of breathtaking sunsets.

Along with the scenery and the smell of the warm wind, it’s the freedom and the randomness of the experience that make this type of aimless travel so appealing. The journey is the destination. 

The idea for these trips came to me when I realized that I’d been driving only the same roads for years. It occurred to me how little of my own county I’d seen; that I didn’t know enough about what was just left or right of the highway.

In this life, there's a lot to take in. Everyday beauty. Simple adventures. And so many of those pleasures are where we choose to find them. Often only a short car trip away.

So now I'm making more time to take the roads less traveled.

And it’s been a wonderful ride.

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