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Don't want us to touch your steering wheel? You may be able to drive your car into the service bay yourself. Click here for details.'s easy to understand why automotive service centers are often considered "intimidating environments" by anyone who doesn't know a lot about cars. 

  • A customer may be presented with unfamiliar concepts or technical jargon.
  • A customer may feel as if he or she is "at the mercy" of the technician with no choice but to replace expensive parts.
  • A customer may feel self-pressure to "do whatever it takes" to get back on the road and avoid further inconvenience.

Add to those reasons the fact that most auto service center employees are men and you can see why women, especially, might rank having their car repaired just below going to the dentist for a root canal.

But at Mountain View Tire, we're working to change all that. We've always focused on providing "the WOW experience" to each customer, but now we've taken specific steps to make sure every one of our stores is a female-friendly environment.

Our entire staff has been specially trained by the team at, an organization that's dedicated to improving the car buying / maintenence / repair experience for women. More than ever, you can trust Mountain View Tire for honest and accurate evaluations, upfront estimates, and friendly customer service that you'll want to tell your family and friends about.


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