Tire RotationDon't get me wrong: your tires need to be rotated regularly. It's just that you shouldn't do the job yourself. Here's why...

  1. Unless you have a professional lift that can keep all four tires in the air at the same time the job is next to impossible. Using a standard car jack to change one tire can be dangerous enough. We don't recommend using one or more jacks to rotate all four tires.
  2. Jacking up your car improperly or mounting a tire incorrectly can cause wheel, tire or suspension damage, which may lead to an expensive repair or an accident down the road. We have the tools and know-how to do the job right and ensure your vehicle's safety.
  3. Your tires may have to be rotated in a specific pattern based on the type of tires you own and the vehicle you drive. If the pattern isn't correct, your tires may not reap all the benefits of rotation.
  4. Simply by looking at your tires, we can often spot signs of premature wear, alignment issues or other mechanical problems.
  5. This may be the best reason of all not to rotate your own tires: we'll do it for you free of charge! Just click here to access our coupon for a "Free Tire Rotation and Tire Pressure Check."

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