Shocks and StrutsWe understand. If you have any kind of life at all, it's tough to invest a lot of thought in your car's shocks and struts. But worn shocks and struts can affect your driving and your wallet, so they're worth thinking about now and then.

As your shocks, struts and other suspension parts age, they become less effective.

No surprise there.

(Save $25 on new shocks and struts.)

What you may not know though is that your tires can wear unevenly and prematurely as a result. And that will cost you real money.

Because shocks and struts typically break down very gradually, you may not notice the slow decline in ride comfort, but you need to know that worn shocks and struts can lead to very real safety problems, including:

  1. Excessive body roll when turning. That can affect your ability to steer the vehicle safely.
  2. A lack of stability. That sway and bounce you may feel can make it more difficult to maintain control of your car.
  3. Increased stopping distance. When your shocks and struts are on their way out, they can allow too much weight to transfer to the front of your vehicle after you apply the brakes. That affects your ability to stop quickly.

Vehicle manufacturers typically recommend having your steering and suspension system checked every 50,000 miles, but please pull into a Mountain View Tire and Auto Service location sooner if you notice any of these symptoms:

  • A crooked steering wheel
  • Unexplained noises when driving over bumps
  • An uncomfortable ride
  • Bouncing or body rolling
  • Increased stopping distance
  • Early or uneven tire wear

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