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Goodyear TiresAlong with size and price, there are a few other things to consider when buying new tires, such as which type of vehicle you drive, the terrain you’ll be covering, even the prevailing weather where you drive.

Tires for Your Vehicle

Many car and crossover tires share some common ride and traction characteristics. Truck and pick-up tires, though, are designed to provide maximum off-road traction and on-road handling, while tires for an SUV deliver a comfortable ride on both wet and dry roads.

Tires for Your Weather

Here in the Los Angeles area, you don’t drive in the rain too often, but if your travels take you up the coast to wetter climates like Seattle, Oregon or even San Francisco, you may want to consider all-season tires. They grip the road well no matter what’s falling from the sky.

Of course, if you drive into colder parts of the country regularly, you should look into a set of winter tires.

Tires for Your Driving

Like to take on rougher ground now and then, as well as smooth highways? All-terrain tires might be for you.

Have a long commute? Consider fuel-efficient tires.

Want enhanced traction, handling and maneuverability? Then you need sport performance tires.

Tires are more complicated than they may seem, and, as the saying goes, there’s a lot riding on them. So whether you need just a couple or a whole new set, come into any of our 30 locations. We’ll be glad to talk over your options with you.

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