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Couple looking under hood of their carYour car will often give you signals when something is about to go wrong. If you know what some of those sounds, smells and other signs mean you may be able to prevent an unexpected breakdown and even a more expensive repair bill.

A Squeal or Whining Noise
Does it come from under the hood and get louder or higher-pitched the faster you drive? If so, it likely means that one of your belts is about to break. And since many newer vehicles use just one belt to drive the alternator, AC compressor, power steering and water pump, the car will pretty much shut down if that belt breaks.

Do you hear that high-pitched squeal when applying the brakes? If so, you may need new brake pads or shoes. The noise is intentional and is there to let you know that your brakes need attention.

A Sweet Smell
If you notice a sweet scent around your vehicle, you may have a cooling system leak. The smell comes from the ethylene glycol in the coolant. The problem could be a leaky hose or even a crack in your radiator. If you don't take care of the problem, your engine could overheat.

A Rotten Egg Smell
A dying battery may give off a gas that smells like sulfur or rotten eggs. Not only will a dead battery leave you stranded, but the escaping acid can also damage other parts within your engine compartment. So, have your smelly battery checked and/or replaced as soon as possible.

Fluids Under Your Vehicle
A reddish puddle under your vehicle can signal a leaky transmission. Brown or black spots under the engine suggest an oil leak. And a green puddle at the front of your car indicates a coolant leak. By the way, even a small amount of anti-freeze/coolant is lethal when ingested by pets and children, so it's especially important to remove it from your driveway or garage floor.

Tire and Wheel Sounds
Have you noticed a sound coming from one of your tires that seems especially loud at certain speeds? You might need a new wheel bearing.

What about a vibration or rumbling noise coming from one or more tires? It may be caused by the wear bars in your tires. They're there to let you know when a tire has reached the end of its service life.

Pull into any Mountain View Tire and Auto Service location and describe your vehicle's symptoms to us. We'll diagnose the problem and provide whatever type of care your car needs. You can also make an online appointment here.

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