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Tustin Testimonial Image[My] second visit was to get the brakes done on my daughter's car. [The car dealer] told us six months ago that all four brakes needed to be replaced. I had my doubts based on my own visual inspection of the pads.

My service advisor [at Mountain View Tire Tustin] was Pete. He was patient, polite and professional. I asked Pete if there were any [specials] and he was quick to offer a $25 coupon.

After the initial inspection, I got a call from Pete to let me know that the front pads did not need replacing. I have never had a shop call to tell me that a service I requested is not needed! This is remarkable honesty, and it's earned my family's trust and unequivocal recommendation. Not only did they save us a lot by not doing unnecessary work, the rear brakes that they did work on were considerably less expensive than the quote from [the car dealer].

Ricardo M.

Tustin Testimonial ImageI have used this auto service team for about 7 years now. This past week, I brought my 2015 car in with an electronics issue, but, unfortunately, the guys had to send me back to the dealership due to the issue being [about] proprietary software. It was going to be my first visit to the dealership, and I can tell you after comparing services, it will hopefully be my last.

I never want to use a mechanic that isn't from the Mountain View Tustin. I have been so spoiled working with Mountain View Tire! I dropped my car off at the dealership days ago and I still haven't been called. Mountain View is always able to see me the same day or the next, calls as soon as they find the issue, and they fix it after approval shortly afterwards.

I hope if I ever have another car issue I don't have to go back to the dealership. I can hardly stand the difference in service. Mountain View has always made me feel like family, and that's just not an experience that you can get anywhere else. I just had to go somewhere else to realize it.

Anastasia N.

Tustin Testimonial ImageThis review is to give an A++ to Pete at the Tustin store!

I first met Pete when I just dropped in to get nitrogen in my tires. I had no idea he was the manager, and he filled my tires with a big smile and friendly attitude.

Soon it was clear that I truly needed 4 new tires - filling them was just a stop-gap - and I called the store to set up an appointment. That was when I officially met Pete. He was with a customer at the time, but took the time to connect with me, took my phone number, and soon called me back. Within minutes, I had a quote, an appointment, and peace of mind.

Today I brought my car to Pete, who treated me with the utmost patience and respect.

I completely trusted that he would do right by me, and that is exactly what happened. My car drives like a new vehicle, the price was good, and the warranty is comprehensive - and Pete walked me through all the details of the receipt and the warranty, still with his patience and warm smile.

I have been coming to the Mountain View Tire in Tustin for many, many years and recommend it to my friends and family. Pete is an excellent manager and valuable asset to Mountain View Tire who should be commended for his professionalism, his courtesy, and his friendly manner.

Thanks for listening!
Denise Davis

Tustin Testimonial ImageI got into an accident yesterday and came to the Tustin Mountain View Tire & Auto Servicer to see if anyone could help. I'm not from the area and really had no idea who I'd be dealing with.

The service was unbelievable. I was not only taken care of upon arrival, I was informed within 10 minutes what my options would be. I can't thank everyone enough for the help. It's intimidating as a female when you have to go to an auto repair facility. Everyone there made me feel comfortable and informed.

Pamela Gremmels

Tustin Testimonial Image

Dear Mountain View Corporate:

My name is Ron Nilson, and I am now one of your satisfied customers.

I'm writing to compliment one of your store managers, Steven Benedetto.

While en route to the Tustin Post Office on August 6th, I took my vehicle to your center to ask if a tire could be repaired. Steve was working at your customer service counter and was happy to check my tire to see what could be done.

To my surprise, Steve pointed out some serious damage that was on the interior sidewall of that particular tire. All of my tires were getting close to replacement, and thanks to Steve's overall discussion, he convinced me that it was time for all 4 tires to be replaced. Potentially, he saved me from a possible serious auto accident.

I had asked him to comment on a variety of my options, and he was pleased to do so. And, as a result of his knowledge about tires, I had agreed to his recommendations and had all of my vehicle's tires replaced; plus, thanks to another of Steve's recommendations, I also had my vehicle's front end alignment done by your center as well.

Over the years, as an entrepreneur, I had averaged over 400 employees annually, running various companies that I owned and operated for more than 30 years. Therefore, it is easy for me to spot a winner as one of a company's team players. Plus, besides Steve, I had the opportunity to say hello to a couple of your other staff members at this center and was most impressed with them as well.

From curiosity, I had asked Steve more about Mountain View. He was happy to share his enthusiasm about the wonderful, "family-owned company" that Mountain View [is], stating how proud he was to be one of the staff as well!

Of course, I had gone online to see how your prices compared to the industry, and as Steve suggested, yes, Mountain View's prices are competitive.

And, thanks once again to Steve's knowledge, this time regarding "run-flat" tires, your center will probably be installing 4 very expensive "run-flats" on my fiancée's high-performance Corvette.

In closing, please be sure to thank Steve for his great services thus far! Hopefully, he is recognized as the wonderful staff member that he is, representing your company as well as he does.

Because of the winning attitude that he offers a customer, I will be anxious to recommend Mountain View's overall services to my friends and colleagues as well!

Respectfully yours,

Ronald Nilson, President and CEO
Sea View Enterprises, Inc.

Tustin Testimonial Image

I have been going to the Tustin (Prospect/Main) Mountain View Tire for years. Recently, a co-worker asked for a recommendation about where to take her car for squeaking brakes. I gave her your name. She apparently went to your shop and was happy with the outcome. She said everything went well, and she didn't need new brakes.

I knew from the past that the guys at the Mountain View Tire store would treat my female co-worker right. Thanks for making it a pleasant outcome, so I looked good, too.

Best regards,
Paul Curran


I just wanted to let you know that I received outstanding service today from Jack Nunez and Rudy Escobedo [Tustin location].

Jack was very efficient and friendly in the front office, even though he was very busy. I was only getting a single tire repaired, [but] Rudy went the extra mile in making sure that all of my tires were filled properly. Most importantly, he made several attempts to make sure that my spare was lifted into place properly.

Even though I would have no idea if the spare was in place securely, he made extra sure that it had a tight and secure fit. I'd hire either of those two guys for my team in a heartbeat. I've bought several sets of tires from your company, but have recently leased newer cars and haven't had to buy a new set of tires for a while, so unfortunately I've been dropped from your database.

Jack and Rudy have converted me from returning customer to raving fan. Nice work in training and keeping good people. I know how hard that can be.

Best Regards,
Tom Hunt


Dear Bruce [Sims, Store Manager / Mountain Vire Tire Tustin],

I want to thank you for providing a ride for me to work today while the work on my car was completed. It was a big help to me and I appreciate your accommodation. Thank you for your quality service. I look forward to your continued service on my car. Thank you again to you and your staff.

Best Regards,
Lilly Walker


To Whom It May Concern,

I have been a customer of Mountain View Tire for the past eight years. I have noticed a much higher standard of service and professionalism since Steve Benedetto [began] working at your Tustin, California store. He is the reason I've referred six friends of mine to this location, and all of them have expressed satisfaction for the cordial and prompt service they received. They all continue to take their vehicles to him and they refer him to their friends.

Ron Shahbandi
Tustin, CA.

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