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Excellent Service from Sam
I have been a customer with this shop the last 15 plus years and I have been satisfied with service from Sam. He is knowledgeable and kind to explain the problem, and he always provides perfect service.

Tire Service and more
Manager Sam and his team have always been helpful with my car needs. They take the time to get it right

Quick service, Damaged Wheel.
I generally don't go out of my way to leave an online review. Although todays visit just did it for me. I generally have done business with Goodyear dealers in Northern Nevada. Although this is my first visit and last to this location. All over a simple patch job on my wives new Suv.

My first thought upon finding a nail in the tire was i better find a decent tire shop to do the job so they don't damage the wheel, since it's a new car. Going online you would think this place is great bunch of stars.

Upon arrival to the location service was quick which is why i give the fair rating, I pulled the suv around back right way. Although i got worried when i saw them in the process of doing a repair on another cars tire. I could tell the tire machine and equipment were old and dirty. The worker himself even said it was to top it off. They finally get around to dismount my wheel throw it on the tire machine and watch him use the metal pry bar on my wheel to dismount the tire, how do you not damage a wheel with that thing. After he does the patch he goes to mount the wheel back on, the wheel was filthy mind you it was perfectly clean before i showed up. Bunch of black rubber all over the wheel making it hard to see any scrapes or nicks. I get home and pull out the quick detail spray and under all the dirt and rubber i found my scrapes and nicks that i was worried as hell were there.

I know for a fact there are better methods to mount and dismount tires. I have seen better equipment at other tire facilities. You would think this being mainly a tire shop they would have nice equipment and be able to handle any car. Although the only thing they could get away with is a better with crap rims which you would never notice any damage.

While this was a small job this could have led to more business although first impressions are big.

Don't bring your car here if you have nice wheels or a newer car.

Thank you for reading.
Owner's reply

We spoke with Mr. Franco about his wheel. He said that he appreciated our follow-up and that he would make time after Thanksgiving to bring in his vehicle so we can address the problem. - Chris Mitsos, Vice President / Mountain View Tire

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