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Keeping your vehicle in top condition will help you stay safe, save money and enjoy your car or truck for miles and miles to come. Every vehicle is different, so be sure to refer to your owner’s manual for the recommended maintenance schedule for all components.

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TRUST THE EXPERTS AT Mountainview Tire & Auto

Thanks to our decades of experience, we know scheduled maintenance inside and out. We’ll stay on top of your vehicle’s maintenance milestones to tackle any areas of concern before they become a problem.

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We offer fast, convenient service seven days a week. That means we fit scheduled maintenance into your schedule, not the other way around. And to make sure your vehicle is on track, we’ll send you service reminders when it’s time for your next appointment.

Visit a Mountain View Tire & Auto Service location near you to learn more about how you can improve the performance and safety of your vehicle.


Every vehicle has its own individual service schedule. Staying up to date with your warranty service schedule ensures that your vehicle stays at its peak safety and performance levels—plus, it can save you from having to make more expensive repairs down the road. Here’s what you can expect from your scheduled maintenance appointment.

Oil Changes: Your vehicle will last longer when you protect your engine with regular oil changes. We’ll make sure you’re up to date and using the right grade of oil

Engine Care: Regular tune-ups are important to make sure your vehicle stays safe on the road for as long as possible

Tre Maintenance: You can improve you gas mileage by keeping your tires in good condition. We’ll inspect for tire pressure and tread depth

Safety Checks: Every service schedule includes important safety inspections and maintenance measures

Performance Checks: Your vehicle will be more responsive and deliver a smoother ride if you follow the schedule for oil changes, lubrication, filter and parts replacement, and system and fluid level checks

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