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Transmission maintenance


The transmission is your vehicle’s most complex system, which means it also can be the most difficult and costly to fix. As with most other types of car problems, the sooner you have your transmission symptoms diagnosed and repaired, the better the chances you can limit any damage and the cost of repairing it.

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Know the signs of transmission trouble

Your transmission is made up of hundreds of components, which is why transmission trouble shows up in many different ways. If you see fluid leaking from your car, detect a burning smell under the hood, hear a clunking sound during shifting or notice difficulty shifting gears, it’s time to bring your car in.

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Manual or automatic? We service both!

No matter what type of transmission your vehicle has, we’re ready to service it here at Mountain View. If you suspect something is wrong with your transmission, don’t wait to bring it in.

Need transmission repairs? Just make an online appointment or pull up to any Mountain View Tire & Auto Service location.
Protect your car’s transmission for the long run
A few simple habits can prevent transmission problems down the road. Here are a few ways you can protect your transmission and avoid the hassle of repairs.

Check your transmission fluid regularly for leaks and unusual colors and odors

If your car is automatic, don’t shift into gear before your vehicle is fully stopped

For automatic transmissions, don’t downshift to slow down—use the brake instead

Don’t drive with your foot on the brake pedal (“riding the brake”)

Use your emergency brake when parking on an incline

Keep your car engine accurately tuned

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