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Thank you!!!!
Since I started doing business with this location, my mind is at ease. I feel that the manager, Elio, is so trustworthy and honest. I have never gotten anything less than excellent customer service from him. I thank you and your staff for being such a great business establishment.

2002 V6 Xterra Exhaust Manifold
My 2002 V6 Xterra had a cracked exhaust manifold, and Travis pointed out that it was affecting my fuel mixture and making my engine ping. Steve and Elijo instructed me to bring the truck in the night before. They soaked the bolts on the exhaust so that they would not break anything. They finished the job in 4 hours and it cost me less than half of what the dealership wanted. The truck runs perfectly again and I have my gas mileage back. I could not be happier. A loyal customer forever, Steve

Concerned Parent
My daughter-in-law was having problems with her 2011 Nissan Sentra not starting. She had the vehicle towed to your place. Her not knowing anything other than the vehicle would not start she asked for a diagnosis. Crazy enough you came back with it was the throttle body and that it needed to replaced and it would cost $975. First off this part is approx a $175-200 part for the whole thing. So $775 labor? For a 40 minute job? Wow I am in the wrong business. Unfortunately living out of state I did not have the ability to have hands on help. But from the description of what was going on, it sounded more like a battery issue. Amazingly enough after she had her car towed from your place back to her residence and replaced just the battery - the car started and had 0 issues related to a throttle body. No rough idle, stalling, shifting - 0.
Now I ask you - did you just see a 20 something young girl walk in and decide you might be able to make up for a little lost quota for the day?

Shame on you!
Pops in Vegas
Owner's reply

I am sorry to hear that you think we tried to take advantage of your daughter-in-law. That could not be further from the truth. We are a very reputable auto repair establishment and our record speaks for itself.

I understand your concerns and I would like to explain the situation as it was explained to your daughter-in-law.

The vehicle was towed in and we were asked to check the "no start" situation. The vehicle showed signs of having a dead battery. We tried to jump start the vehicle using a jump box, but the battery was too far gone and would not accept a charge.

While trying to jump start the vehicle, the technician noticed the check engine light was illuminated. We hooked up our Snap-On Scan Tool and obtained a P2101 trouble code - "Pertaining to Throttle Body". Our technician then disconnected the throttle body cover, exposing the electronic throttle body and saw it in a stuck position. Whenever electronic throttle bodies start to stick, they set a trouble code and we suggest having it replaced at that time. The Nissan dealer sells that part for $767.42, and the labor that is called for is 0.8 hours. At $120 labor rate, the labor was $96. Plus, there would have been a reprogramming fee of $60 for the ECM.

Again, I am sorry for any misunderstanding. However, we still stand behind what we suggested for your daughter-in-law's vehicle. To show you our good faith, please ask your daughter-in-law to come back to us. We will clear the check engine light. If it comes back on, we will diagnose it again for free without any obligation. If we find the same problem, we will report it as such. If we do not find any problems with the throttle body, I will admit our fault, apologize and try to make it up to you in some fashion.

Mike Mitsos
Owner/Vice President

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